When to Buy a Snow Blower: Buyer’s Guide

Intuitively one might think that the perfect time to buy a snow blower is after the snow has started falling down and perhaps only after one finds it frustrating to clear it by hand.

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The problem with waiting this long, however, is that is precisely when everyone has the same idea to buy a snow blower. What ends up happening is that stores are bombarded by hordes of customers all looking to buy snow blowers and as a result, the prices are raised and the stock more limited. Let’s explore some of the different considerations for when to buy snow a blower based on the time of the year, whether buying online vs. in-store and if you’re looking for the best deal.

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Time of the Year

The perfect time of the year to buy a snow blower is going to be primarily based on the average prices of snow blowers and the selection offered. If you wait until the last minute there won’t be any selection available as many retail stores struggle to even keep snow blowers in stock due to all of the demand during winter.

If you try to wait until Summer to buy a snow blower thinking you’ll get the best deal, there won’t be any selection at all and the price offered is unlikely to be as good of a deal as you think. Retail stores are simply more likely to stop stocking snow blowers during this time of the year. Industry experts advise that the best time for when to buy snow a blower is just before the snowy season starts from August to October.

Of course, the timing will vary slightly depending on the region. If snow starts falling in October, you’ll want to time your buying at least a month before that for optimal selection. You really won’t get as much of a selection the rest of the year. In fact, the manufacturing is done around June and most retail stores keep stock low on purpose, such that they can avoid being stuck with stock during the off-season. You also won’t be able to find a single snow blower at Lowe’s or Home Depot during the off-season as they don’t keep stock.

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Selection Matters

Lack of selection will really hinder your purchasing options as instead of being able to choose between the type of snow blower and price range you’ll likely be stuck with what’s available. Snow blowers, especially, have a lot of variance in selection.

There are electric snow blowers, gas snow blowers, single-stage, two-stage, and even three-stage snow blowers. The price range can vary as much as from $100 all the way up to $3000. It’s really important to do your research and determine what type of snow blower you’re looking for prior to going into a store as you might end up getting stuck with a snow blower that is either outside of your price range or has either too much power or not enough power.

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Bargain Hunting

If a deal is your primary concern over the selection then it may make sense to wait until the end of the winter season. Most companies will start their clearance sales in February and March when the snow starts to stop.

One of the problems with bargain hunting, however, is that you won’t be able to immediately test the functionality of your snow blower and take it back for a refund if you find it unsatisfactory. Just make sure to save the receipt and boxing in case you find it doesn’t work when you do finally get a chance to use it.

Luckily most retail snow blowers come with a 2-year warranty so you should be fine regardless of the timing of your purchase. The other main problem being that the selection is going to be limited to the snow blowers that were the worst selling models that year, maybe they end up being fine or maybe there’s a reason why the retailer wasn’t able to sell them.

When to Buy Snow a Blower?

The Gist

This article seeks to answer the question “When to Buy a Snow Blower?” and hopefully is successful in giving you some food for thought prior to making your purchase. Ultimately, the takeaway is that if you’re looking for a combination between the best prices and the most availability the seasons to look for are around August and September.

If you’re bargain hunting the best prices are going to be just after the snow falling season starts to dwindle when most major retailers are trying to push their last remaining stocks. The cons of waiting for a deal, however, is that you’re going to be stuck with whatever one or two models happen to have been the worst selling.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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