Power Brush Sweepers: Good for Snow Removal?

A power brush sweeper is a very versatile piece of machinery that can be used year-round to clean up debris from your driveway, sidewalk or any other hard surface. In the winter it can be used essentially as a snow blower with a brush attachment. In the summer and fall, it can sweep up leaves, mud, rocks, sand and grass clippings from your lawn and surrounding areas, keeping the outside of your home clean and tidy. Read on to find out which power brush sweeper is the best for you.

Power Brush Sweepers

Who should purchase a power brush sweeper?

A power brush sweeper can be used year-round in pretty much any climate area. There’s always a season to clean up debris from around your home. If you live in an area that receives snow, a power brush sweeper can often replace your snow blower. It also is great to use in the summer when dirt and grass can stick to pavement, creating a hard to remove gunk.

In fall leaves can make a mess of sidewalks and driveways, a power brush sweeper can easily sweep them all into neat piles for easy removal.

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What is a power brush sweeper

A power brush sweeper has a gasoline engine that comes in different sizes and speeds depending on the model. Generally, they are pretty hearty engines since they are built to withstand year-round weather conditions and have a tough job.

A large brush of rotating bristles is mounted to the front of the sweeper, followed by wheels to guide it and handlebars to steer. The brush is usually adjustable in height as well as angle. The wheels’ height is also adjustable. The advantage of that is being able to use it low to the ground on concrete or your driveway and also to set it higher if using it on turf. The angle you set on the brush determines which direction the debris is going to be pushed to.

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The problem with snow blowers

A traditional snow blower utilizes an auger to pick up snow and send into a chute where it is flung out, often at very high speeds. This can be dangerous to the operator and also any bystanders, especially if you inadvertently pick up rocks or even large chunks of ice. A snow blower also leaves a thin film of snow on the pavement, since the auger does not scrape the ground. This thin layer is often slippery or melts in the sun and refreezes into a sheet of ice when temperatures dip at night. A traditional snow blower is also a one trick pony – it only removes snow.

A power brush sweeper is better for snow removal
A power brush sweeper can be likened to a snow blower with a brush attachment in that it still grabs the snow and removes it for you. The main differences are that a power brush sweeper doesn’t fling snow and projectiles high into the air, it’s more of a gentle push to the side. Also, a power brush sweeper removes snow all the way down to the pavement; there is no thin ice film left for someone to slip and fall on later. Since the brush is adjustable, you can angle it to push the snow in whichever direction you like, clearing the snow with minimal physical labor.

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Limitations of a power brush sweeper in snow

If you live in an area where average snowfall in winter is feet at a time, a power brush sweeper may not be the best choice for you. They are limited by very deep snow and will become bogged down or inefficient. However, just like a traditional snow blower, when the snow is falling it is always better to go out multiple times to clear it as opposed to waiting until the storm has finished. That way your power brush sweeper won’t have to struggle with deep snow and your driveway and sidewalks will remain clear and safe.

Using a power brush sweeper to dethatch your lawn

A healthy lawn is something everyone strives for. When dead grass and leaves are left on your lawn, they eventually build up into a thick blanket that inhibits the growth of your grass and also blocks water and nutrients from getting into the dirt. A power brush sweeper is an efficient and easy way to remove all of the dead thatch choking out your grass in the springtime. The rotating bristles are strong enough to remove thatch, but not so harsh that you damage your healthy turf.

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