Best Snow Blower under 300 Dollars: Buyer’s Guide

In many parts of the country, snow is going to fall, and you will need to remove it. You can do it cheaply with a shovel, but that is hard back-breaking work. You need a snow blower to get it done quick and easy. The better the equipment, the less trouble you will have with it. Of course, the better the equipment, the bigger the price tag. Here is a list of the best snow blowers you can get for under three hundred dollars. Just as a side note, the terms snow blower, and snow thrower many times are used interchangeably, they are two different machines, though they do act similarly.

Best Snow Blower under 300 Dollars

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Electric Throwers

When looking for electric throwers, the single-stage electric snow blowers are best if you have a short, level driveway or sidewalk. As long as the snow levels are less than 6 inches. These machines are about the size of a small push lawnmower. The single-stage electric throwers are the lighter, quieter, and are considered the easiest models to use.

The principal is easy, the plastic auger pulls the snow in and throws it out the chute, all in one step. The thing to keep in mind is, it can also pick up and throw pebbles and gravel. Keeping people and your pets safe should be a priority.

Having an electric motor keeps you from having to use fuel and the engine maintenance is minimal. If you have a long distance to clear, the length of the extension cord will limit you and your maneuverability. Twenty inches wide is the typical size, it can mean clearing the path will require multiple passes, if you can find one that is wider, go for that one.

Best Snow Blower under $300

Cordless Throwers

Like their plug-in electric snow thrower brethren, single-stage battery-powered snow throwers trade power for ease of use. They do start instantly, and there is no need for gas, oil, or major engine maintenance. They just don’t have enough power for deep snow. Some say they can clear seven-inch-deep snow; they tend to get bogged down though. These machines are better suited for that light dusting on decks and walkways. Depending on how long you will need it to last, finding a long life battery or having one in reserve is always a good idea.

Gas Powered Throwers

Gas powered throwers come in single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage models. The single-stage gas snow throwers are a good choice to stay under the three-hundred-dollar benchmark. They are ideal for level, mid-sized, concrete driveways or walkways and when you only have snow levels of up to nine inches.

Best Snow Blower

These throwers eliminate the need for an extension cord or having to remember to charge a battery. They usually cost far less than the two-stage and three-stage machines. They are lighter and easier to handle. They do not take up much space, maybe as much as a typical mower. The single-stage clears a larger path per pass. Many models come with an electric starter.

These gas engines are four-cycle, meaning they only need straight gasoline and no oil mixed with it. Very much like the electric throwers, they’re not so great on gravel driveways. If you have steep slopes, these tend to veer sideways, so keep that in mind if your yard is not level.

Best and Worst Snow Blowers

Two-stage and three-stage gas powered throwers are best if you have a long and/or wide driveway. These machines can handle snow levels of up to 16 inches and will clear a path up to 30 inches wide. Having power driven wheels, they can handle rougher terrain and inclines. However, the two and three stage snow throwers typically fall out of the under $300 price range.


Winter will be coming; there is no stopping it. If you have issues with snow removal, consider getting a snow thrower. If you don’t have a huge driveway or sidewalk made of gravel, you can stop breaking your back by having to shovel it, and your bank account will still be intact. A good snow thrower should be comfortable to use, have single-lever chute control that will send snow in any direction you want. Make sure the model you are looking at is right for you, ask questions and if possible, see if you can get a test drive.

The Best Snow Blowers

Snow Blower | Bestsellers

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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