Best Snow Blower with Cab: Buyer’s Guide

The winter snows will be here before you know it, for some that means sledding, ice skating, and snowmen. For others it means hours of work, removing that dreaded white stuff, whether you are shoveling it, blowing it, or throwing it, those silly little flakes falling from the sky still mean one thing, hard work. To make matters worse, you know that every time you step outside to remove the snow, the wind suddenly picks up and starts whipping it against your face. Now, you are working hard, cold, wet and even more miserable!

Best Snow Blower with Cab

Snow Blower with Cab | Bestsellers

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It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

You can take at least one of those discomforts away by using a Snow Blower with a Cab. Usually, these cabs are optional, being made of a clear heavy-duty plastic, that resists tearing, freezing, and cracking. So, if you must clear snow during blizzard-like conditions, which will happen more times than not, you will be able to see what you are doing, and it will protect you from that driving, pounding, icy precipitation blowing into your face. No more frozen eyebrows.

Not as Hard as You Think

Choosing the correct cab is not rocket science if you keep a few general rules in mind. Number one might seem like a no-brainer, purchase a cab from the same manufacturer as your blower or thrower. They will know best what the dimensions of your particular model are, how to fasten it to your machine, and the best way to maintain the cab so it will serve you well for years. Depending on your model there might already be indentions, bracket holders, or screw holes in place to accommodate the cab. They will also be able to assist you better during the assembly, the installation and will certainly be able to answer any questions you may have regarding any issues that arise.

Snow Blower with Cab

Just Too Pricey

Let’s say the manufacturer has priced their cabs a tad out of reach and that amount of money is just not something you can swing right now, but you really would like to have one for the coming winter. Never fear, there is an entire market of universal cabs out there. They tend to be much more affordable and are designed to fit many different models by different manufacturers. You will want to ask as many questions as you can before purchasing one of these, the most obvious being, will it fit your model. Make sure you also ask if there are any adaptors, special parts or tools needed, and if it doesn’t fit, what the return policy is.

Other Considerations

If your snowblower has a headlight feature, this will be another reason to go with your same manufacturer’s cabs; they will have taken that into account in designing the cab for your model. If the headlight gets covered in snow and ice, is it worth havingBeing tucked away in the cab with you, and it has its own little window, will allow it to operate at a much higher efficiency.

universal snow blower cab

There are two different styles of cabs; there are the ones for a walk-behind blower/thrower and ones for the tractor type. Cabs that are attached to a walk-behind type snow blower typically cover the control board as well as your head, shoulders and hands, that way your hands are free and dry to operate the controls. However, you should be aware that many cabs are not compatible with single-stage snow thrower units, or they are not advisable due to causing a balance issue in high winds.

The tractor cabs will give you the most protection from the elements. They fit over the seat and steering column and are more of a complete enclosure. Some of these can even be used during the summer as a sunshade, giving you two seasons of usefulness.

craftsman snow blower cab

Final Thoughts

You probably spent a lot of time debating on whether to even get a snow blower or not, you were tired of shoveling and of being wet/cold and miserable, so you made the investment and got a nice model. The first snowfall after you got your machine you were excited to test it out, only to find the wind was blowing it back into your face even worse than when you were doing it by hand! Your non-frozen eyelashes will thank you immensely if you go ahead and get the added feature of a snow cab or at least get one of the universal models.

Snow Blower with Cab | Bestsellers

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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