Best Snow Blower with Heated Handles: Buyer’s Guide

Best Snow Blower with Heated Handles: Buyer’s Guide

Brrr! It is so cold out there!!!
And guess what; a nice cold front is going to be dropping a good six inches of fresh powder on your front walk and driveway. One day, you’ll walk out your front door, and instead of the suburbs, you’ll have stepped out into a winter wonderland complete with double black diamond slopes angling towards your car.

You’re going to have to heed Neighbor Marv’s advice and pick up a new snowblower before the winter sets in. Of course, just like with your good hedge trimmers, he borrowed that too. Thanks a lot Marv!!!

Snow Blower with Heated Handles | Bestsellers

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What to doWell, the answer is obvious. You’ve got to buy a new one… again… to get a good snowblower. And not just any snowblower; you need one with heated grips, so your hands don’t freeze to the controls.

While most blowers with heated hand grips run on the larger size – and are thus a bit more expensive – the comfort is definitely worth it when you’re out there subzero, inclement weather so cold even a yeti wouldn’t dare go outside. The question is: “which one should I buy?”

Are the Heated Grips Worth It?

The smart money says yes. If its thirty below zero and you need to maintain control of your equipment to get out of the cold as quickly and efficiently as possible, those grips are going to be important.

I Have the Power…

When you research the different types of blowers, you need to know the equipment that is available. There are two main versions that you can go with: electric and gas-powered. Electric is pretty good if the snowfall is light, but if you’re dealing with anything thicker than 12 inches, you’re going to want a gas powered snow blower.

Electric snowblowers – despite the lack of power – are incredibly lightweight which makes them easier to move around should you need to. They are also perfect for using on decks in the event you have one on your property and don’t want it getting too weathered during the winter.

If gas is your mainstay and you don’t mind going to the pump for a fill-up or the routine maintenance of an oil change, there are three options for you:

· Single Stage – these are easily started and make quick work of lighter snowfalls but don’t plan on them being as effective if the snowpack is higher than a foot.

· Two-Stage – These are the heavier duty in the way they function with their auger (stage 1) picking up the snow and impeller (stage 2) shredding it.

· Three-Stage – These are the most powerful and most efficient… but they can also be the most expensive between the initial cost and the upkeep. But it can easily take care of more than 20 inches of snow and some small blocks of ice, and the larger capacity means you can be done faster and out of the cold with a brew in your hand far faster.

It also can be a little safer as well given the fact that gas-powered snowblowers don’t have any cords that you have to worry about getting worn out or frayed over time, but the trade-off is the upkeep on an internal combustion engine.

Size Matters

As stated above, the size of the bucket is going to be important because that’s going to determine how much work you can get done at any one time. If the space you work in isn’t very big, a smaller sized blower, like an electric of a single-stage gas snowblower might be the path for you. The electric will be beneficial because the quicker energy source means the grips heat up faster.

If you have a much larger work area, like a driveway that fits a fleet of cars, then you’re going to want something that has a much larger capacity. It might be heavier and more cumbersome to deal with, but the added benefit is that the work will move faster.

A two-stage or three-stage with a large enough bucket can tackle just about anything you throw at it including dry and wet snow with a clearing width of 20-45 inches, paved, and gravel terrain, hilly areas, and they can throw all of that snow up to fifty feet away. Maybe some of that snow will land on Marv.

Your Choice

If you need a new snowblower and you’re partial to heated hand grips, make sure you do your research on the types and sizes before making a decision.

Snow Blower with Heated Handles | Bestsellers

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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