Best Sphere Fountains in 2021: Spice up Your Garden

Today, everyone wants a nice fountain in their garden. And, it’s not hard to see why. A good fountain turns any garden into a place that is quite magical and splendid, when it comes to the sensations that the garden, and the fountain, evoke, and the type of ambience that it helps to create.

Fountains are lovely things. On a purely aesthetic level, fountains are beautiful and they add an entire layer of elegance and beauty to a garden. Most people purchase fountains, for their gardens, due to the lovely aesthetic that these fountains create. And, as a result of the popularity of fountains, more and more fountains are being created every year, and there are new fountain aesthetics being created on a very regular basis.

Today, you can find all kinds of different fountains, and many of these fountains are exceptional, when it comes to their aesthetic beauty and the rich and lush ambience that they create.

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Sphere Fountain | Bestseller

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Today, we’re going to be talking all about fountains. Not just any fountain, though, we’re going to be talking about sphere fountains. Sphere fountains are a type of fountain that many people have, sadly, ignored, for quite some time. That’s really a shame, because these are some of the most beautiful fountains around, as well as some of the most unique. Out of all of the different fountains that are available, sphere fountains are definitely some of the most unique and aesthetically creative fountains out there.

You can find these types of fountains in many places, all over the world, because they are often used as tourist attractions and small icons, for various places around the world. They tend to be quite large, as well, and many people don’t know that they make smaller versions of these fountains, that you can use in your garden.

We’re going to be talking about sphere fountains in this buying guide, and you’re going to learn all about them. You are going to learn about their unique attributes and traits, and what separates them from regular fountains. You are also going to learn all about how you can find the best sphere fountain for yourself. There are quite a few out there, so we won’t look at individual fountains, but instead, at the general traits and qualities that define a good sphere fountain, and how you can find one that fulfills your needs and specifications.

What Is A Sphere Fountain?

Let’s get this out of the way, the proper name for this type of fountain is actually “kugel fountain”, and the term kugel fountain has a very precise meaning.

When people talk about kugel fountains, they are talking about a type of sculpture where a sphere sits within a a fitted hollow, and this hollow is located in a pedestal. This pedestal is held up on a thin layer of water, and then within this kugel fountain, pressure is created, and this allows the fountain to be formed, and water to flow in and out of the fountain, just as a regular fountain would do.

You can find these kugel fountains all across the world, in places like Germany, Italy, and France. And they are very popular, due to their aesthetic beauty, and unique design.

Kugel fountains vary in size. You can find kugel fountains that are very large and wide, taking up a large amount of space and holding a significant amount of water. And then, there are also a lot of kugel fountains that are much smaller, and some of them are incredibly small. For the kugel fountains that have been designed for gardens, they tend to be on the smaller side. And the same goes for the kugel fountains that have been designed for indoor usage, as well.

Ultimately, a kugel fountain is a fountain, of any size, that is in the shape of a sphere, and is held up by a pedestal – and, it’s important to note, that this pedestal comes in many shapes and sizes, it all depends on the fountain that you purchase – and from this set up, water is able to flow through the fountain continuously.

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider

When looking for the best kugel fountain – we’re going to be alternating between the two terms – you need to look for a couple of things. Each one of the traits we are going to cover in this section of the buying guide has to do with the overall quality of the fountain itself, and if you find a good fountain that has the traits we are going to discuss, you have found a good fountain. But, we’re also going to be talking about the more subjective traits that go into the buying experience, as well.

What Is The Fountain Made Out Of?

When searching for the best kugel fountain, you need to be aware of the materials that the fountain is made out of. Some materials are significantly more durable than other materials, and if you end up purchasing a fountain that is made out of weak materials, you might find that the fountain doesn’t last for very long, and that you need to buy a new one relatively soon, which is never a good thing.

Some of the best materials for kugel fountains are materials such as stone, cement, and steel. Other materials work well, but those are the best materials, due to their strength and durability. And, many of these materials are great, as well, because they can endure the intensity that the elements can, on occasion, bring.

Ultimately, the best materials are stone, cement, and steel. With stone and cement, the fountain will last a very long time, due to the fact that these materials are weather-resistant, and with steel, as long as it has been coated with some type of weather protection, you shouldn’t have to deal with any problems regarding damage.

How Big Is The Fountain?

There are three things you must consider, when asking this question. And, one of the first considerations is the question itself, which is the question of “How big is the fountain?” You will find kugel fountains of all different sizes, and depending on your garden, some of these fountains may be better choices for you, simply due to their size.

If you want a really big fountain, you won’t have trouble finding one, but it is important to note that the bigger the fountain, the more expensive it will be, usually. And, if you want a smaller fountain, the smaller the fountain is, the cheaper it will be, usually.

The second consideration has to do with where you will be putting the fountain. With a small fountain, you have plenty of options. But, with a bigger fountain, you have significantly fewer options. It’s important that you have an idea, at the very least, of where you will be putting the fountain, before you actually buy it. Especially if it’s a bigger fountain.

Finally, the last thing you need to consider is the amount of water that it can hold. Naturally, the bigger the fountain, the more water it is able to hold, and if you want to buy a really big fountain, it should hold at least eighty-gallons of water, preferably more.

What Type Of Design And Aesthetic Does The Sphere Fountain Offer?

When you buy a fountain like this, the aesthetic, and overall design, is very important. For many people, it is actually the sole reason to purchase a fountain such as this one.

This being the case, it is very important that you take the time to look at all of the different fountains that are available, and that you look at the aesthetics and designs that those fountains offer. You will find a lot of them to be quite similar, but you will also find that many of them are a little different, with small details that add something to the general sense of the fountain, and the ambience that it creates.

In the end, the design and style that you find preferable is completely subjective, and it really does depend on the kinds of things that you like and want to see in your garden.

What Kinds Of Settings Does The Pump Offer?

Last on our list, is the consideration of what the pump offers you, when it comes to being able to control the flow of the water. This is very important, because there are a lot of kugel fountains that don’t actually allow you to control the flow of the water, or any of the other factors that comprise that, and as a result, you don’t have a lot of control over the fountain.

When you buy a kugel fountain, make sure the pump gives you, at the bare minimum, the ability to control the water flow.


Sphere fountains are exceptionally beautiful, and they really do spice up your garden. By using this guide, you will be able to find the best sphere fountain for your garden!

Sphere Fountain | Bestseller

Classic Home and Garden 11006-VG Dorset Water...
Fiberglass reinforced concrete; Weatherproof and UV protected.; Easy to assemble; no plumbing needed. Holds 6L/1.6gal.

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