Best Garden Cart for Seniors in 2021: Buyer’s Guide

There are many reasons why people tend to their own gardens. It’s relaxing, you have control over how your vegetables are grown, and it keeps us busy during the long, lazy summer afternoons. However, taking care of a garden can be quite demanding, and the biggest challenge that any person faces, young or old, is lugging around heavy gardening equipment and plants.

Best Garden Cart for Seniors

Carrying heavy items isn’t something that the elderly should do too often, so to help them with their gardening hobbies, they can rely on garden carts to do the heavy lifting for them.

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Our Recommended Garden Cart for Seniors in 2021

5) Kinsunny Garden Cart

Garden Stool Cart Rolling Work Seat Outdoor...
  • 360-degree adjustable seat and handle: Our steerable garden cart handle is adjustable for convenient using....
  • Durable material: Heavy duty and high durability metal construction with up to 310-lb weight capacity, powder...
  • Non-slip wheels: 4 rubber wheels for easy movement. Each wheel is 10 inches in diameter and the surface...

4) Sunnydaze Garden Cart

To start this guide, we have the Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart Scooter. The garden cart scooter weighs a total of 29 pounds. It’s 34.5-inches long, 18-inches wide, and 22-inches high. That’s a pretty good size, and it can hold a total capacity of 300 pounds.

Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart Scooter

You can adjust the height of the seat. By doing this, you’ll be able to make the seat more comfortable for you, and you’ll also be able to work in your garden with more ease. What’s also really nice is that you can swivel the chair by 360-degrees.

Right underneath the seat, there’s a storage container. Behind the seat, there’s a wire basket. These are spaces that you can use to store garden tools and any equipment that you’ll need, when working on your garden. It’s a nice, convenient storage solution.

What makes the Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart Scooter a great garden cart is the fact that it’s made from powder coated steel. Powder coated steel is exceptionally durable material, and since this garden cart is made out of that material, it lasts a very long time.

Along with that, though, the wheels are incredibly strong and durable. They’re able to move across all kinds of different terrain with ease. Having access to these wheels gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to what you do and where you work.

Sunnydaze Rolling Gardening Chair Cart with Wheels...
  • Overall dimensions: 34.5 inches long x 18 inches wide x 22 inches high, weighs 29 pounds, 300-pound weight...
  • Versatile functions: Applicable inside or outside; Use in the yard, lawn, farm, garage, shed, warehouse, or...
  • Durable design: Made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel; Solid metal axles and pneumatic wheels ensure this...

3) KARMAS Garden Cart

The KARMAS PRODUCT Steerable Garden Stool Cart isn’t the most comfortable garden cart. It’s not uncomfortable, but if you sit on it for more than an hour or two, you might be sore afterwards.

KARMAS PRODUCT Steerable Garden Stool Cart

Made of powder-coated steel, the KARMAS PRODUCT Steerable Garden Stool Cart is a very strong and durable garden cart. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. While it isn’t always that comfortable to sit on, it’s certainly well-made, and it will last you for a long time. And, you can adjust the height of the seat, so that it’s easier to work in certain areas of your garden.

Right behind the seat there’s a wire basket. Underneath the seat, there’s a storage area. Having access to these storage spaces is very nice because you’re able to store all of your tools and equipment in places that are very easy to access.

The KARMAS PRODUCT Steerable Garden Stool Cart uses four rubber wheels to move around. These rubber wheels are ten-inches in size, and they’re easy to steer. But, since they’re made of rubber, they aren’t always as durable as they could be, so you may have some difficulty moving them across certain kinds of terrain. For the most part, though, the rubber wheels won’t give you any problems, and you’ll have an easy and enjoyable experience using them.

While this isn’t the most comfortable garden cart, it’s not uncomfortable. And, it’s very inexpensive, while providing a very nice and pleasant experience, so make sure to keep that in mind.

KARMAS PRODUCT Steerable Garden Stool Cart with...
  • Durable Structure: Garden scooter is built with a heavy-duty steel frame, constructed of powder coated finish,...
  • Large Storage Capacity: Basket and carton can store your most commonly used tools and accessories,so you get...
  • Four 10 inch Pneumatic Tires: The 10 inch rubber wheels are sturdy and pneumatic, which allow you to steer the...

2) Kinbor Garden Cart

The Kinbor Garden Cart is a lot like the previous two garden carts. But, what makes this garden cart quite special, is the fact that it’s designed with comfort in mind. When you’re sitting down on the Kinbor Garden Cart, it feels very good. Things feel good, and it’s easy for you to adjust your body and to swivel the seat, so that you feel as comfortable as you want.

Kinbor Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat

As for what the Kinbor Garden Cart is made out of, it’s made out of powder-coated steel. It can hold around 300 pounds. For a garden cart, it’s very durable, and you’ll be able to use it for quite some time, due to its durability.

On the bottom of the cart, there are four wheels. Each wheel is made of rubber, and ten-inches in size. For the most part, these wheels work very well. Even on terrain that’s more rugged and rocky, they remain strong and sturdy. On hills, however, things can be a little tricky, so make sure to keep that in mind.

Underneath the seat, there’s a storage container. Right behind the seat, there is also a wire basket. As you have probably figured out, most garden carts have this particular storage set up, and that’s because it’s convenient and it works.

In the end, the defining feature of the Kinbor Garden Cart is the fact that it’s comfortable. It’s comfortable and it feels good to use!

Kinbor Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat with Wheels...
  • -Equipped with four 10 inch wheels for easy rolling
  • -Includes utility basket that can be used to hold gardening tools
  • -Constructed of a powder coated steel frame with a 300 lbs. weight capacity

1) Peach Tree Garden Cart

To end this guide, we have the Peach Tree Garden Cart. This garden cart is exceptionally durable and able to hold a capacity of 300 pounds. It’s durable, due to the powder-coated steel that it’s made out of, and it’s also rust-resistant and waterproof.

Peach Tree Garden Cart

Sitting on the cart isn’t as comfortable as it could be, unfortunately. It isn’t the most comfortable garden cart. But, you can swivel the seat by 360-degrees, and you’re able to adjust the height of the seat. So, you have some mobility with the seat, and this mobility is very useful if you’re a senior and needing to work in certain areas of your garden.

As is convention with most garden carts, there is a storage space right underneath the seat. This storage space is easy to access, and great for storing larger tools. But, just as there is a storage space right underneath the seat, there’s also one behind the seat. You can use that storage space for some of the smaller tools and debris that you would like to get rid of.

Mobility is the key attribute that makes the Peach Tree Garden Cart great. It’s an incredibly mobile garden cart that works well on all kinds of terrain and many different surfaces. If you need a strong, durable, and flexible garden cart, then the Peach Tree Garden Cart is a great choice.

Peach Tree Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat with Tool...
  • Durable structure: Peachtree garden scooter is built with a heavy-duty steel frame, constructed of powder...
  • Full rotation & easy mobility: The rolling tractor garden chair is of 360 degree rotation to satisfy your...
  • Trouble eliminator: The garden cart seat is height adjustable to help you with different garden projects with...

What is a Garden Cart?

Essentially, a garden cart is a cart that sits atop four wheels. The cart is made of durable materials in order to carry heavy loads and transport them from place to place. They come with large beds for carrying numerous items – from shovels to garden hoses to pots and plants – so fewer trips are required to bring everything you need from your shed to your garden and back.

Garden Cart for Seniors Buying Guide

In this section, we’ll describe the various features to pay attention to when looking for a garden cart for seniors. Even though no garden cart is actually marketed for the elderly, there are a few things to consider if you’re looking to gift one of these to a senior.

Types of Garden Carts

There are four types of garden carts to choose from – utility wagons, dump carts, foldable, and flatbed.

Utility wagons are wagons with four metal sides that can be opened or removed for cleaning. A utility wagon is maneuvered by pulling on a long handle. This is the best type of cart if you need to transport heavy plants, bags of fertilizer, and mounds of dirt.

Dump carts look similar to wheelbarrows, but the biggest distinguishing feature is that the bed can be tipped to dump its contents out. The load capacity varies from model to model, but most dump carts are designed to carry fertilizer, soil, and even bundles of firewood. This cart really helps with unloading heavy materials quickly.

Garden Cart for Seniors

Foldable carts have sides made of fabric and metal frames which can be collapsed to save storage space. The sides of a foldable cart aren’t removable so loading and unloading can be a difficult task, especially if you’re lifting heavy bags of fertilizer or chips. However, the overall weight of the unit is much lighter compared to the previous types of garden carts since it doesn’t have thick, heavy sheets of metal for sides.

A flatbed garden cart is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a cart with a flatbed on wheels. There aren’t any sides to this cart so even though loading and unloading is easier, maintaining the items’ balance can be a challenge. This unit is meant to transport heavy items across flat terrain.

Bed Construction

The material used to make the bed is an important consideration. If possible, find a model that comes with a steel bed since it offers the most durability against bumps and heavy loads. Even though steel beds are preferable to composite beds, you need to be careful when transporting acidic items like animal waste since it can cause rapid deterioration.

Composite beds are another viable material for garden carts since they are more resistance toward scratches and dents. They also require less maintenance since damp environments like the garage won’t leave long-lasting damage. Another benefit of composite beds is that they’re lighter than steel. However, lightweight, in this case, means a greater risk of becoming cracked.


There are two types of wheels that are used to carry and move garden carts. The first type is pneumatic tires which are tires made of durable rubber. Like the tires on your car, these tires need to be pumped every once and a while or whenever they begin losing pressure. If reaching your garden requires traveling over rocky or bumpy terrain, then pneumatic tires are the way to go.

If you don’t have an air compressor or don’t need to travel bumpy roads to reach your garden, then consider plastic tires instead. They can come with threads or without, so if you need extra traction then get threaded tires. The best thing about plastic tires is that running over sharp rocks or hidden nails won’t puncture the tires.

Garden Cart for Seniors Guide

Load Capacity

The size of the garden cart varies depending on how heavy-duty of a cart you need. Some can be around 40 x 20 inches while others can be 60 x 20 inches. Obviously, larger beds can handle heavier loads – up to 1,200 pounds in some cases – but for our parents and grandparents, perhaps something smaller with a moderate load capacity of around 200 pounds or so can serve them well.

User’s Strength

In addition to looking at how heavy a garden cart is, you also need to consider the strength of the person using it. This means considering all of these factors at once.

Having a large garden cart can make transporting several items at once easier to do, but only if you have the strength to pull a large cart laden with heavy materials and equipment. Most of the time, our folks are just looking for a cart that’ll transport a maximum of 100 pounds unless they’re some hardcore gardening aficionados.

In this case, if they have a lawn tractor, then consider purchasing a garden cart with a 1,000-pound load capacity that can attach to the vehicle.

Final Remarks

Growing older doesn’t mean we can’t stay active, and tending to a garden can be one of the most rewarding things, regardless of age. Having a garden cart can make growing crops and caring for flowers much more enjoyable, especially if you don’t enjoy carrying heavy items under the scorching-hot sun.

If you’re looking to purchase a garden cart or gift one to an older loved one, then make sure that they have the strength or means to lug around a heavy, large-capacity cart. Otherwise, consider giving them something that’s light-duty, easy to store, and can withstand long storage times.

Garden Cart

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