Robotic pool cleaners are one of the most convenient inventions in modern history, but with a wide selection of automatic pool cleaner options, finding the best robot is more of a challenge then ever before. The best place to start your search is by checking out what the market leader has in store, and in this case, it’s Maytronics.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Review

Maytronics makes some of the best and most convenient robotic pool cleaners, and in this review, we’re going to see what the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is packing. Take our word for it: this robotic pool cleaner delivers high-quality cleaning performance and convenience unmatched by most of its competitors.

Twin Motors, Triple-Action Scrubbing

It’s not everyday that we come across robotic pool cleaners sporting more than one motor so it’s definitely worth celebrating. The Supreme’s twin motors serve two very different tasks—one for movement and circulating up to 4,500 gallons of pool water every hour, and the other to power the brushes.

Notice how we said brushes and not brush. This robot goes the extra-extra mile by having three brushrolls that actively scrub while the robot moves, dislodging more grit and grime from your pool’s lining and sending larger quantities of debris into the suction inlet.

Flawless Movement

Robotic pool cleaners typically use either wheels or grippy tracks to get around. The Supreme comes with grippy tracks that keep its belly on your pool’s base without swishing and swooshing all over the place.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme

Nautilus CC Supreme

In addition, water that passes through the robot shoots out of the back to propel it vertically while the tracks keep it stuck onto your pool’s walls. Working together, this allows the robot to stay afloat for minutes at a time to scrub the waterline, making your pool look visually stunning from above.

Zero-Radius Turning

When cleaning corners or making turns, this Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner doesn’t need to go into reverse before turning, but instead, its two tracks spin in opposite directions to make it turn on a dime. This advanced movement tech doesn’t just save time cleaning underwater but also allows it to clean any pool of any shape, from boxy rectangles to kidney shaped pools.

On top of that, the Supreme’s anti-tangle power cord supports free movement in pools of up to 50 feet in length. There’s hardly a backyard swimming pool that the Supreme isn’t designed to clean thoroughly.

No Booster Pump Needed

The biggest advantage the Supreme and other robotic pool cleaners have over side-pressure pool cleaners is that they don’t require booster pumps to move around. They do not rely on high-pressure waterflow to get around but instead draw power from electricity to activate their motors and wheels.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Robot Pool Cleaner

Nautilus CC Supreme

This ultimately means less guesswork is needed to set the robot up since there are no pressure valves to tweak. Additionally, by Maytronics’ estimates, running this robot costs a mere five cents per hour. How many hundreds or even thousands of hours could you get of cleaning for the cost of a booster pump?

MyDolphin Plus App

What happens when you’re coming back from work and decide to throw an impromptu pool partyYou can’t just tell your guests to wait more than three hours on the Supreme to complete its cleaning cycle. The good news is you won’t have to!

As long as the Supreme is online and you’ve downloaded the MyDolphin Plus app on your smartphone, you can send instructions to the robot from anywhere in the world. The app also grants you access to the customizable weekly scheduler.

The one feature that everyone should try at least once is manual steering. This lets you take control of the robot’s movement by using your phone as the remote control. However, the controls are awkward and the lag is unbearable.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Robot Pool Cleaner

Nautilus CC Supreme

3 Cleaning Modes

The three available cleaning modes are quick-clean, standard, and enhanced-clean. Quick-clean mode keeps the Supreme on the base of your pool while it lightly scrubs to remove most dirt and debris for 1.5 hours. On standard mode, the robot works for 2.5 hours straight, scrubbing the floor, walls, and waterline.

And finally, we have enhanced-clean mode where the Supreme stays submerged for 3.5 hours while scrubbing harder and filtering more water than the previous modes. This heavy-duty cleaning cycle only needs to be activated once every week or so depending on how grimy your pool gets.

Twin XL Filter Baskets

More often than not, you’ll find robots with a single filter basket used to trap both fine and large debris. This isn’t the case with the Dolphin Supreme; it comes with two top-loaded XL filter baskets that separate fine from large to prevent clogging and prolong optimal cleaning performance during each cleaning cycle.

Checking on the condition of the filter doesn’t require pulling the robot out and opening its filter cartridge latches. On the control module, a blue light will shine to alert users that the baskets need to be emptied.

Because the baskets are found on top, taking and cleaning them out is pretty straightforward. Pull the robot out of your pool, dismantle the basket and filter, spray them with a garden hose, and reinstall. The filters need to be replaced once every three to four months.

Nautilus CC Supreme Robot Pool Cleaner

Nautilus CC Supreme

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs. Nautilus CC Plus

In appearance the Nautilus CC Supreme and CC Plus look almost identical, but it’s what’s under the hood that counts.

The CC Plus is the simpler of the two robots. Though it comes with the same anti-tangle power cord, reach of up to 50 feet, and amazing 4,500-GPH suction ability, it uses only two active brushrolls to get the job done. With a missing central high-speed brush, it doesn’t fare as well around drains, and waterline cleaning is completely out of the question.

The CC Plus is also missing Wi-Fi connectivity so the controller module is your only means of controlling and configuring its weekly scheduler. Speaking of which, the frequency of programmable days is only once every day, every two days, and every three days.

Remember how the Nautilus CC Supreme has three different cleaning modesThe CC Plus only one: a standard two-hour cleaning cycle where, compared to the Supreme, may run out before having touched every square inch of your pool’s lining.

And finally, the CC Plus’ filter baskets are considerably smaller than the Supreme’s, meaning quicker filling and more frequent emptying. This isn’t the biggest of deals if you have 20- to 30-foot long pools, but if you’re pushing 40-plus feet, then this may be a minor inconvenience.

This isn’t to say that the Nautilus CC Plus is a bad robot. In fact, it’s one of the more reliable robotic pool cleaners on the market seeing as how it’s sporting the good Maytronics name. However, if you’re looking for a more high-end model, and you have the budget to support your search, then the Nautilus CC Supreme is the better of the two by a wide margin.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs. Nautilus CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs. Dolphin Premier

Despite their very different looks, the Dolphin Premier has quite a bit in common with the Supreme. They both pack twin motors that suction and filter up to 4,500 gallons of water by the hour, and they have the same advanced programmable weekly scheduler. It even has the same lackluster manual steering mode.

But the things that make them different are a lot more prominent. For starters, the Premier comes with CleverClean navigation technology which creates a digital layout of your pool which the robot uses to plan out the most efficient cleaning path. In the end, the Premier makes fewer repeated passes and does a better job at cleaning.

Also, the premier is missing Wi-Fi compatibility so all of its programmable features are done via the controller module, not the Dolphin smartphone app. This is far from being the worst thing to happen to a high-end robotic pool cleaner.

Finally, the Premier is the more customizable of the two. There are three different filter medias you can use: standard mesh, micro mesh, and oversized disposable debris bags. Swapping between filter media is as simple as replacing the filters in the Supreme.

We feel inclined to call the label the Dolphin Supreme as the more high-end model of the two in spite of its lack of internet connectivity, but with all programmable functions available on the controller module, you’re really not missing out on much. Plus, CleverClean technology completely sweeps the Supreme’s random navigation pattern in cleaning efficiency.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs. Dolphin Premier

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs. Polaris F9550 Sport

And finally, we have the Polaris F9550 Sport—a completely different robot from the rest in how it moves around on four wheels instead of two caterpillar tracks. Even though the grippy surface of tracks is generally the better option, the Sport’s 4WD allows it to scale walls and scrub the water line just as easily and thoroughly as the Supreme.

The Sport uses Vortex Vacuum Technology which supposedly keeps the debris suspended inside of the filter cartridges. The purpose is to keep the suction inlet as clog-free as possible to allow optimal cleaning performance for longer. However, we haven’t noticed a significant loss of suction power when either of these robots’ cartridges nears maximum capacity.

Like the previous robots, you can manually steer the Sport to spot-clean areas it may have missed, but the biggest difference is that it uses a motion-sensing handheld remote control. By turning the controller in the palm of your hand, you can guide to robot to all four corners of your pool. And the controls don’t feel clunky and awkward!

But there’s one area where the Sport falls short: maneuverability. The power cord swivels to allow the robot to twist and turn underwater without kinking the cord, but the Sport does tend to get tangled from time to time. You’ll need to fish the robot out every so often to untangle it—a problem if you plan on making use of the weekly scheduler when you’re not at home.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs. Polaris F9550 Sport

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme: Should I Get It?

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is an excellent robotic pool cleaner. Everything it does, it does to near-perfection thanks to its powerful twin motors, high waterflow filtration rate, and three active scrubbers.

The only significant downside we found was manual steering—even with a strong internet connection, it can be a pain to control underwater.

Compared to the other Maytronics robots we mentioned earlier, the only model we feel that gives the Supreme a run for its money is the Dolphin Premier. CleverClean technology is far from being 100% foolproof, but it does a good enough job that manually spot-cleaning is almost completely unnecessary.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Robot Pool Cleaner Review

Nautilus CC Supreme

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Highlight Video (By HouseholdMe)

Overall Recommended Robotic Pool Cleaners
Best of the Best! "Budget" Pick Also Great
DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner- The Next Generation of Pool Cleaning with WiFi for Control from Anywhere, Ideal for Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Easy to Clean Large Top Load Filter Cartridges and Tangle-Free Swivel Cord, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet. DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner with Bluetooth Control for Stress Free Pool Cleaning, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet.
Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Dolphin Oasis Z5i
 • In-ground Swimming Pools
 • Pool Size: Up to 50 ft.
 • 1,5 | 2,5 | 3,5 hrs Cleaning Time
 • WIFI Connectivity
 • Twin Cartridges - Extra Large
 • In-ground Swimming Pools
 • Pool Size: Up to 50 ft.
 • 2 hr Cleaning Time
 • -
 • Twin Cartridges - Large
 • In-ground Swimming Pools
 • Pool Size: Up to 50 ft.
 • 2,5 hr Cleaning Time
 • Bluetooth Connectivity
 • Twin Cartridges - Extra Large

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