Having a pool comes with great benefits. During a hot sunny day, it acts as your personal refreshing oasis, and it can help host incredible gatherings. However, its traditional form of upkeep can be quite tiring and demanding – reasons for which robotic pool cleaners may be the best option for you.

Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Safe?

On the other hand, before investing, one of the elements you may be wondering about is whether robotic cleaners are safe at all. In short, the answer is yes; but this guide will explain in detail how you can use robotic cleaner safely, and what it can do for you.

What do pool cleaners do?

What pool cleaners can do depends on their model and brand. However, they all have the same objective: to avoid you having to handle the machine fully or even go underwater to clean the pool yourself.

They work by crawling on the walls and stairs of the pool until they reach every sign of dirt they can find; from the deepest of corners to surface areas in an entirely automated fashion.

Since they do not require intricate plug-ins or connections to hoses or filtering system, all you would have to do is drop it in the pool, and it will be set safely to go on its journey.

What is the best robotic pool cleaner?

How do they work?

Although robotic pool cleaners need to be plugged into some outlet, you won’t need to worry about any risks occurring involving electric shocks when getting in contact with water. Because they use such a low voltage, they are safe to immerse in the water without danger or electrocution.

Like it was said above, these cleaners can do all kinds of things, depending on their level of intricacy and advanced technology. However, the majority offers you the opportunity to program their cycles according to a range of options such as scheduling or cleaning intensity levels.

In the end, you will be happy to see incredible results from a machine that will be sure never to disappoint.

How long should a pool cleaner last?

Advantages of Robotic Pool Cleaners

The fact that it uses such a low voltage does not only mean that it reduces any chance of electrocution, but also that it is incredibly friendly for the environment. As a secondary effect, the low consumption of energy means that a robotic pool cleaner is also kind to your wallet.

Traditional forms of pool cleaning would most likely involve strong and toxic chemicals that are harmful to you and your family. By using a robot pool cleaner, you would be avoiding these health hazards to a great extent. Robot cleaners have incredibly advanced technology in that by just using their brushes and scrubbing ability; they can get rid of an impressive number of bacteria and algae at proven better rates than when using chemicals.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of having this type of pool cleaner is how incredibly simple it is for you to use it. The assembling process is indeed very uncomplicated, and to make it do its job, all there needs to be done is to push a button and dip it in the water.

How long should you run your pool vacuum?

How to increase their performance potential?

To ensure the maximum efficiency of your robot, there are several things you can do. First off, you must make sure to keep a close eye on the cleaner bag. It is not necessary to dispose of the bag after each use.

Another good tip would be to check the conditions of the wheels. Sometimes, the wheels are unable to function properly; your robot will only move around in a circle; failing to clean the entire pool. This could result in you wasting electricity and time. Therefore, it is important to check the state and functionality of the wheels before putting the robot in the pool.

Since the robot’s ability to suction is the machine’s most important function, checking its ability to do so is perhaps the most vital maintenance check. This can be done by placing your hand under the machine as it’s working. If the suction power feels weak, it is probably due to something clogging it.

Hopefully, this guide has given you the necessary information for you to have the best experience with your robotic pool cleaner.

Which pool cleaner is best?

Overall Recommended Robotic Pool Cleaners
Best of the Best! "Budget" Pick Also Great
DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner- The Next Generation of Pool Cleaning with WiFi for Control from Anywhere, Ideal for Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Easy to Clean Large Top Load Filter Cartridges and Tangle-Free Swivel Cord, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet. DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner with Bluetooth Control for Stress Free Pool Cleaning, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet.
Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Dolphin Oasis Z5i
 • In-ground Swimming Pools
 • Pool Size: Up to 50 ft.
 • 1,5 | 2,5 | 3,5 hrs Cleaning Time
 • WIFI Connectivity
 • Twin Cartridges - Extra Large
 • In-ground Swimming Pools
 • Pool Size: Up to 50 ft.
 • 2 hr Cleaning Time
 • -
 • Twin Cartridges - Large
 • In-ground Swimming Pools
 • Pool Size: Up to 50 ft.
 • 2,5 hr Cleaning Time
 • Bluetooth Connectivity
 • Twin Cartridges - Extra Large

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