Best Small Patio Tables With Umbrella Hole in 2021: Buying Guide

Choosing the perfect patio table can be a challenging task. There are lots to consider and keep in mind. Different tables have different details that can add value to your outdoor space, and when you first start to search for a patio table, you’ll soon realize that there are thousands of reviews stating which ones are best.

To make your search easier, we compiled this article listing some things to consider when choosing a patio table. Read on below for some much-needed guidance!

How to Choose the Right Patio Table

Determine Your Needs
First and foremost, you need to determine your needs. If you simply need a space to sit out in the sun and read, a chair or two with a small table will do. If you need an outdoor office corner, your table will have to be the right height and big enough to hold your laptop and a notebook.

For entertainment purposes, like music and drinks, you’ll need a larger table that can easily hold plates and glasses and chair groupings of two or more where guests can sit comfortably.

If you plan to wine and dine outside, an eating-height table will be your best choice with enough chairs to accommodate the number of guests you get most often.

Glass or white tables work great if you have aesthetics on your mind. If you need your table to simply be an additional décor piece that can occasionally hold a few things, a medium-sized one will do depending on your available space.

Layout Your Space
Planning your layout will help you determine how to use your outdoor space efficiently. Getting exact measurements is vital to know what will fit your available space, especially when your square footage is limited. 

You need to draw your layout, ideally on graph paper, for a more precise result. Your design needs to be comfortable and allow for easy movement between furniture and décor. 

Furniture that folds or stacks are handy if you need to save space since you’ll be able to move them out of your movement way quickly and reassemble them for use once guests come over.

 If your area is large, you can assemble your area more permanently.

Shop Around
Once you have your layout drawn and a vision in place, it’s time to shop around. Shopping around instead of picking the first best piece you spot will help you create the perfect outdoor setting.

As you shop, you can add to your drawing to see how everything fits. This step will help you determine if you have any free space available. If you choose a narrow sofa and place it against a wall, you might be able to fit in an additional chair or side table.

Shopping around and laying out a virtual space will enable you to create the best flow for your specific area.

Things to Keep in Mind

While planning out your area and shopping around, there are some things you need to keep in mind when looking at patio table options.

Safety: Whether you have kids, older people, or pets in your house, it’s important to keep them and their needs in mind when choosing a patio table. Glass tables might easily get cracked or broken when small children are around, and they don’t do well with sharp edges either. Older people might find a lower table uncomfortable when they need to put their drinks down, and cats will find a table to scratch delightful.

Aesthetic: Even if you’re not big on this, it’s important to keep it somewhat in mind. You might not have a particular vision planned out, but keeping to the same colors and design will make your outdoor space look flowier. White works ideal, but if you prefer darker colors, go with a table in a slightly lighter shade than your chairs for a better fit.

Materials: The type of materials that your chosen table should be made from will depend on your specific needs. From glass and metal to resin, there are lots of options to choose from. You need to consider factors such as frequency of use, any weather conditions that are common in your area, and how long you’d like your chosen table to last.

Some Great Options!

With all the available options out there, you have to consider each’s pros and cons when making your decision. It might seem like an easy task when you start, but choosing the wrong table can cause headaches later on. Below, two great table options are listed to help you out.

Garden Treasures Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Patio Table
This one is a favorite amongst buyers, and they have almost nothing to complain about. Considered a problem-free option, this table has a very sturdy body and provides ample space.

Giantex Patio Rattan Wicker Umbrella Side Table
If you have an eco-friendly table on your mind, this should be it. With an umbrella for added shade, this environmentally-friendly table is a great option, especially with today’s climate, where being eco-friendly is a significant thing to do.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas and insight into the process you need to follow when purchasing a patio table. Remember to shop around, look at prices and select something that fits all your needs!

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