Best Patio Umbrella Bases: Buying Guide

For a number of decades, patios have been a fixture of American homes. Everyone wants their home to have a nice patio that allows them to sit outside, gazing at the sun, while having a nice meal, or cooking their own on an outdoor stove that is housed on that exact same patio.

Patios are very nice, and it’s no surprise that people want to have a nice patio, and that people enjoy setting up their patio in a beautiful and elegant manner that allows them to sit down and relax outdoors, while enjoying the basic creature comforts that a nice house, which the patio is attached to, provides.

However, patios can be rather complex. More specifically, the individual components of a good patio can be rather complex, because there are a lot of different elements that comprise a patio. And one of the most important of these elements is that of a good patio umbrella. You can’t have a good patio without a good umbrella that is able to shield you from the sun and the rain, along with any other intense weather.

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But, there is another element that comprises a good patio umbrella. And that element is a patio umbrella base, which is used to hold the patio umbrella in place, ensuring that it doesn’t flop around or fly away, or become damaged due to the wind. Those are the main reasons, but there are other reasons why owning a patio umbrella base is very important, and we’re going to be talking about those other reasons later in this buying guide.

In this buying guide, you’re going to learn all about patio umbrella bases. You’re going to learn all about the best patio umbrella bases. Instead of looking at specific patio umbrella bases, though, we’re going to be diving into the individual elements and features that the best patio umbrella bases have. You will also learn all about the individual factors that you need to think about and consider, when searching for the best patio umbrella base for your patio.

It’s important to note that patio umbrella bases are pretty simple devices. There isn’t really that much that you need to consider or take note of, but, however, patio umbrella bases do possess a couple of individual elements that are somewhat unique, and we’re going to dive deep into those unique elements, along with how the patio umbrella base itself affects the umbrella, and, in turn, the entirety of your patio and your experience using your patio.

Before we dive into the buying guide, we’re going to define what a patio umbrella is, and then what a patio umbrella base is, and how these two things will affect the entirety of your patio.

What Is A Patio Umbrella?

A patio umbrella is an umbrella that has been specifically designed for a patio. In many ways, they are quite similar to the types of umbrellas you see at the beach, but they tend to be a bit larger than those umbrellas, since they are designed to encompass a larger space. Many patio umbrellas are also attached to patio tables, covering the entirety of that table.

With a patio umbrella, the intention is to cover and shade a large portion of space, so that the weather doesn’t affect that particular space. For example, if it’s hot outside, then the umbrella is able to block the sun from closing in on that particular space, ensuring that you don’t get too hot. Or, if it’s raining, the same thing applies, and the umbrella prevents the patio from being rained on, and prevents you from getting rained on, as well.

Most patio umbrellas are designed to be stationary. And, some of them are designed to be significantly more mobile, allowing you to move them from one part of the patio, to another part, easily.

What Is A Patio Umbrella Base?

A patio umbrella base is a base that is used to hold the patio umbrella up. The reason why owning a good patio umbrella base is so important, is because a good patio umbrella base is able to prevent the patio umbrella from falling down, flailing in the wind, or simply becoming damaged due to not being held up in a proper manner.

Ultimately, the purpose of a patio umbrella base is just to keep the umbrella standing, and to ensure that the umbrella doesn’t fall around or fly away. There isn’t a lot to a good patio umbrella base, but they serve a very important function. By using a good patio umbrella base, your patio umbrella will last a lot longer than it would without one.

What Do I Need To Think About And Consider?

Here, in this buying guide, you’re going to learn about the main features that the best patio umbrella bases possess, and you’re also going to learn about the main things that you need to think about, when it comes to actually buying the patio umbrella base.

How Thick Is The Pole Of Your Umbrella?

When you’re looking at all of the different patio umbrella bases, you’ll notice pretty quickly that a lot of them talk about the maximum amount of thickness that the umbrella base can actually hold, when it comes to the overall size of the patio umbrella itself. Many of them can support some pretty thick poles, but others can only support poles that are relatively thin, and lacking in density.

Here’s the thing, though, these measurements will be very exact – things like “1 and ⅜ thickness” – and if you don’t know how thick the pole of your patio umbrella is, you should figure that out before you buy the patio umbrella base.

Most of the time, if you know the name of the patio umbrella, or have the box or some kind of manual, you can find this information. And, it’s very important that you do that, because if you don’t, you’ll end up with a patio umbrella base that you can’t actually use, and that would not be very enjoyable, having to deal with that.

How Large Is The Canopy Of The Patio Umbrella?

The size of the patio umbrellas canopy is another factor that must be considered. It isn’t as important as the factor we talked about above, though, but it is important.

You see, if the patio umbrella base is rather small, in comparison to the canopy of the patio umbrella, this could lead to the canopy of the umbrella not being held in place properly, or flailing around. Usually, if the diameter of the pole of the patio umbrella fits in with the patio umbrella base, this isn’t a problem. But, nevertheless, it must be considered, and you should find a patio umbrella base that has a similar size that can accommodate the size of the canopy of the patio umbrella.

How Big Is The Patio Umbrella Base?

Some patio umbrella bases are really big. Some of them are very small. Size does matter quite a bit, though, and for a couple of reasons.

First off, naturally, if you have a big patio umbrella, you’re going to need a big patio umbrella base, because this patio umbrella base will give you the necessary space to actually hold the patio umbrella.

Second off, if you have a larger patio, and a larger umbrella, then, obviously, you would want to purchase a larger patio umbrella base. If it’s a smaller patio, but a larger umbrella, you would need to purchase a patio umbrella base that isn’t too large, but large enough to hold the umbrella, and yet, small enough so that you can actually put it somewhere on your patio.

This brings us to the next consideration….

Where Will You Put This Patio Umbrella Base?

Before you buy your patio umbrella base, make sure that you know where, exactly, you’re going to be putting it. Make sure that you have a space in mind that you know the patio umbrella base will fit, and you know where that space is and how well it will cover the patio, and prevent the weather from overtaking your patio.

If you don’t already have an idea – just a basic idea – of the layout of the patio, then things might be a little more difficult.

How Much Does The Patio Umbrella Base Cost?

Prices vary quite a bit, between patio umbrella bases. However, you’ll be able to find really good patio umbrella bases that are designed for big umbrellas, for around $80. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. That is the average price, though. For smaller umbrellas, $40 is about the price that you should expect to pay. Anything more than that, and the patio umbrella base should be especially good.


Patio umbrella bases are essential for any patio umbrella. And, a patio umbrella is an essential item for any patio. By following this guide and considering what we’ve brought up, you won’t have any issues finding the best patio umbrella base for your patio umbrella!

Patio Umbrella Base | Bestsellers

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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