Best Pool Paint Options in 2021: Buying Guide

Swimming pools are great. If you love to swim, then owning your swimming pool is a fantastic choice, and it is preferable to constantly having to drive, back and forth, to the gym or the public pool. This is especially true if you are training to be a swimming athlete, or if swimming is a vital part of your daily routine.

When you own a swimming pool, though, there are all kinds of different considerations and factors that go into the process of owning a swimming pool, and taking care of that swimming pool. Things like making sure the filters are working, that the pool is cleaned regularly, and, one of the other factors that many people ignore/forget about it, is how your pool is painted, and the color of that paint, as well as the quality of that paint.

You see, the paint that you use for your pool is going to affect a couple of different things in your pool. The most obvious of which is the color of the pool, which is important if you want your pool to look a certain way, and to give off a certain type of aesthetic. Most of the time, though, you’re not going to be finding too many different pool paint colors – white, and various shades of blue, seem to be the norm – but it is still important to determine the aesthetic that you want your pool to embody.

Along with that, the pool paint that you choose will affect your experience swimming in your pool. You see, if you choose inferior pool paint that chips and falls apart, you’re going to be swimming in a pool that is rather dirty and messy, which isn’t something that you want, because some of these paints may release nasty chemicals. And, well, it’s annoying to have to clean up paint chips and other types of debris.

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Most people aren’t aware of the different options that are available when it comes to pool paint. But, along with that, most people aren’t sure of how to find the best pool paint for their pool, and what to consider and look for, when searching for the best pool paint.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be solving that problem, by taking an in-depth look at pool paint, as well as the myriad of different factors and variables that go into finding the best pool paint for your pool, and what you need to consider and think about, during the buying process.

However, before we dive into this, we’re going to define what pool paint is, and why it is advantageous to spend some extra money on a really good pool paint.

What Is Pool Paint?

Pool paint is a type of paint that has been designed for pools. Pools are, obviously, wet, and pool paint has been designed to accommodate that particular aspect of pools. But, along with that, they tend to be a bit more durable, in general, to prevent the paint from chipping and falling away, as time passes.

When you look at the different types of pool paint, you’ll find that there are many different colors to choose from, but the easiest colors to find are white, and, as mentioned earlier, many different shades of blue. These are the most common, and they also tend to be the cheapest.

There are three main types of pool paint. Water-based acrylic pool paint. Acrylic pool paint. And, epoxy pool paint.

So, with water-based acrylic pool paint, you have a type of pool paint that is quite versatile, because it can be used on many different types of materials. Materials such as concrete and plaster. And, this type of paint can dry very quickly. Within three or four days, an entire pool – a big pool, it must be said – will be dried. For indoor pools, it might take an extra day or two.

However, the thing about water-based acrylic pool paint is that it isn’t the most long-lasting pool paint. If you choose to use water-based acrylic pool paint, you’re going to need to repaint that pool every year. You will also need to repair it every so often because it isn’t uncommon for the pool paint to crack and chip a little bit, as time passes.

One other thing to note is that you can only find this type of pool paint in one color: white. That’s all there is, and if you don’t mind that, and if you don’t mind the lack of longevity, then this is a great choice of pool paint.

With acrylic pool paint, you have a stronger pool paint that is also able to dry very quickly, within five days or less. This pool paint is, in comparison to water-based acrylic pool paint, much more long-lasting, and you can go four years without having to repaint the pool. But, it is important to note that you can’t use this type of paint with fiberglass. It just doesn’t work, and will only damage the paint, and the fiberglass.

Finally, out of all of the different pool paints, epoxy pool paint is the most popular, and the most durable. It is also the pool paint that gives you the most options when it comes to colors.

Using epoxy pool paint, you won’t need to repaint your pool for around eight-years. And, in the past, this type of pool paint was known for being a bit vulnerable, when it comes to UV damage. But, today, most of the epoxy pool paints on the market have been designed to protect against those types of things, which is a very nice advantage.

What Are The Advantages Of Using the Best Pool Paint, Rather Than An “Okay” One?

With a great pool paint, there are three main advantages. The first of which is the fact that great pool paint is going to make your pool look wonderful! That’s one of the biggest reasons to be meticulous and careful when looking for pool paint.

The second reason is that a great pool paint will last a lot longer, and it will continue to make your pool look lovely, while also ensuring that there won’t be chipping, which would cause a bit of damage and the need for extra maintenance in your pool.

Finally, the third reason is that the best pool paint ensures you don’t need to be maintaining your pool constantly. Instead, a great pool paint takes care of itself.

What Do I Need To Look For?

Ultimately, searching for the best pool paint is a pretty simple process. There are only three things that you must look for, to find the very best pool paint, and we’re going to talking about those three things in this part of the guide.

What Type Of Paint Is The Pool Paint?

So, this is less of a specific feature to look for, and more of a general consideration. If you want a pool paint that is strong and durable, while also being colorful and versatile, when it comes to the type of aesthetic that it offers, then you can’t go wrong with an epoxy pool paint. Epoxy pool paint is the very best pool paint on the market.

If you want something that is meant for light retouches but isn’t that strong or durable, then water-based acrylic paint is a great choice. And, for a pool paint that is more durable, but not particularly colorful, acrylic pool paint is a great choice, too.

Within this category, it’s also important to consider whether it is designed for in-ground or above-ground pools, as well as things like the color of the paint.

How Long Does It Take For The Pool Paint To Dry?

The next thing to consider is the length of time it takes for the pool paint to dry. And, this is dependent on the type of pool paint you buy, as well as your needs. If you want something that dries quickly because you’re doing a light retouch, then water-based acrylic paint is a good choice, and many of them dry within a few hours.

If you want to do a full repaint of your pool, then you’ll probably end up with a type of pool paint that will take a few days to dry fully.

Ultimately, though, it’s easy to find information on how long the paint takes to dry, and it’s important to consider the length of time that is ideal for you.

How Many Square Feet Can You Cover?

When searching for the best pool paint, make sure that you are aware of how many square feet you can cover, with a single gallon of the pool paint. Some pool paints are far better in this regard because you can cover more with a gallon. While others aren’t as good, and they require many coats, and they have difficulty covering a lot of space.

Make sure to consider this, and your budget for buying that paint, and how many gallons you can buy.


If you own a pool or are building one, then good pool paint is an absolute necessity. Fortunately, finding the best one is a simple process, and using this guide, you will have no problem doing just that!

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INSL-X WR102309A-01 Waterborne, Semi-Gloss Pool...
Ocean Blue Waterborne acrylic emulsion swimming pool paint.; Use with fresh or saltwater swimming pools.

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