Best Floodlight for the Backyard in 2021: Buying Guide

Outdoor floodlights are lights that are placed near roofs of homes and businesses to illuminate a wide area at night. Some of the floodlights automatically turn on when motion is detected. Businesses generally leave the floodlights on all night while the business is closed.

Best Floodlight for the Backyard

Floodlights are usually placed near the roof for more coverage. Garages, sheds, and entrances are a few of the most common places where you will find floodlights. Homeowners with backyards also tend to put floodlights behind the house, as well as the front. In some areas or neighborhoods, such as large cities, floodlights are impractical and unnecessary. However, they are quite common in the suburbs and country.

Many homeowners choose to install the floodlights themselves instead of hiring a contractor. The location of the power source greatly affects where the floodlights can be placed. Indoor floodlights are not recommended for outdoor use, partly because they aren’t made to be weather-resistant like outdoor floodlights are.

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Who Should Buy Backyard Floodlights?

Many businesses opt only for floodlights at the front of the building. Backyard floodlights are a great option for homeowners who have a large backyard, a pool or unsecured home access from the back of the house.

Floodlights can be particularly helpful if they have a fenced-in yard to allow their pets to run off-leash. Animals, such as coyotes, bears or mountain lions could potentially get in the yard and hurt the pets if the home is near mountains or forests. The backyard floodlight might scare the predatory animal away.

In many cases, one of the top reasons for using floodlights is to prevent criminals from entering a home or business. That is particularly helpful if your home has an entrance from the backyard. Dark backyards are a perfect cover for someone to enter your home without your knowledge. A floodlight in the back of the house would illuminate your backyard, making your home safer for you and your family.

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Do Outdoor Lights Deter Crime?

It’s been shown that outdoor lights do deter crime. Burglars generally avoid homes where people are home or seem to be home, as they prefer to avoid confrontations and being caught. Backyards can be an especially vulnerable area, as most people only turn lights on for the front entrance of the home.

Motion-detecting floodlights are a secure method of preventing a robbery because the lights turning on at any movement can startle the would-be robber and alert you and your family to potential danger. If you keep your garbage cans in the backyard, the floodlights can scare away raccoons and other troublesome animals.

Differences Between Floodlight and Spotlight

The main difference between floodlights and spotlights is the range of the light beam. Spotlights cover an area no wider than 45 degrees, whereas floodlights can cover a space of 120 degrees with the same wattage and output. Spotlights are great for highlighting artwork or landscape features, but not very useful in deterring crime or illuminating the path from the driveway to the front door.

Spotlights are typically used in stage productions, billboards and things of that nature. Floodlights are used for security purposes at homes or businesses.

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Benefits of Motion Detecting Floodlights

Motion-Detecting Floodlights offer many advantages to your home security system. Statistics show that a well-lit home is less of a target for crime than a dark home with no lights on.

Motion-detects turn on when they are triggered by a movement, which can give you time to alert the authorities. The technological advancements in recent years make it so that small animals, such as cats don’t trigger the motion-detectors.

If you have a pool in your backyard, motion-detecting floodlights can alert you to anyone using your pool without permission, or perhaps a child deciding to go for a night swim. Homes are more secure with floodlights in the front and back of the house.

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Solar-Powered Security Lights

Environmental footprints are becoming a concern for every aspect of life, including light sources. Solar-powered lights are lights that take their energy from the sun and turn on automatically when it becomes dark. If you choose to use backyard solar-powered lights, they would need to be placed in an area that has a direct line to sunlight.

Solar-powered lights don’t just help the environment; they help lower your energy bill. Leaving exterior lights on all night while you are sleeping is great for safety reasons, but it also costs you money. Research shows that lights left on cost 0.75 cents per hour. That can add up very quickly. Solar-powered lights are a great way to be environmentally friendly while saving money.

Backyard floodlights allow you and your family to go to sleep feeling safe in your own home.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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