Best Fire Pits for a Wooden Deck in 2021: Buying Guide

Wooden decks are popular these days, and that’s because decks are a lovely little addition to any home, and they add a sense of connecting to nature, to the outdoors, an aesthetic charm to the entirety of your home, while also serving as a lovely little space where you can spend time with your friends and family, while sitting on some chairs, maybe drinking beverages from an ice chest, and, perhaps, sitting right by a fire.

If you have a wooden deck, then you are probably well aware of the fact that having a fire pit is the best way to set up a fire, on a wooden deck. And, in truth, they are probably the best way to set up a fire for any type of deck, simply due to the practicality of a good fire pit, and the strong aesthetic qualities that they bring to the deck, as well as to the ambiance.

Here’s the thing, though fire pits are easy to find, it’s not always the easiest to find the right fire pit. And, by “right fire pit”, we are referring to a fire pit that not only fulfills the needs and desires that you have but one that is also designed to work well with wooden decks.

Wood is a very flammable material, and if you have a fire pit that hasn’t been designed with various protections in place, to protect that deck, then you have a wooden deck that is very much susceptible to fire.

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Since wooden decks are costly, and so are fire pits, it is especially important that you find a fire pit that has been designed to protect against these types of accidents.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the best fire pits for wooden decks. Only, we’re not going to look at the best individual fire pits, that have been designed for wooden decks. Everyone has their own needs and desires, so we’re just going to take a look at specific features and attributes that these fire pits have.

What Are The Three Main Advantages Of Using A Fire Pit That Has Been Designed For Wooden Decks?

Right off the bat, the most obvious advantage of them all is the fact that these fire pits are designed in a way that prevents the flames, and the heat of those flames, to burn the wooden deck. Instead of doing that, various protections are in place, and these protections ensure that your wooden deck is safe.

Naturally, this is important, because without these protections your wooden deck is susceptible to being burnt to the ground.

On an aesthetic level, there are a lot of great fire pits that have been designed for wooden decks. And, these tend to look great, because they have an aesthetic that has been tailored to that particular type of deck. If you want something that looks good, on a purely aesthetic level, then it is important to find a fire pit that has been tailored to this type of deck.

Finally, the last benefit is the fact that these types of fire pits are well-made, and they can generate a lot of heat, in a manner that is safe, aesthetically pleasing, and conducive to tasks such as warming yourself and cooking food. Although, that doesn’t mean you should be grilling on these fire pits, because that isn’t always very safe.

What Do I Need To Consider, And Look For?

Everyone’s a little different when it comes to what they are looking for. Because of this, we’re not just going to look at specific features and attributes that are important and useful, but we’re also going to be taking a look at the specific questions you need to ask yourself, when it comes to setting up this fire pit, and what you are going to be doing with it.

Most of these features and attributes are also a bit open-ended, as well, because the process of finding the best fire pit is one that is quite subjective, and dependent on the specific wooden deck that you own and your tastes.

Where Are You Going To Be Placing This Fire Pit?

The first question to ask yourself is the question of “Where will I be placing this fire pit?” More specifically, where on the deck will you be placing it, and how much space will the fire pit take up?

You need to consider the placement of the fire pit because that will affect the size, as well as the shape. If you are putting it in the middle of the deck, then you have a lot of freedom with the size and shape. Closer to the edge, in a smaller space, you have a bit less freedom.

Ideally, you’ll place the fire pit in the middle, because it is the space where you will have the most radiant heat, and it’s going to be easier for multiple people to sit around the fire pit. But, of course, you also need to consider the size of the wooden deck itself. Which brings us to the second consideration….

How Big Does The Fire Pit Need To Be?

Fire pits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You won’t have any problems finding one that suits your preferences, but, you need to know what size the fire pit needs to be.

If you have a big wooden deck, then the fire pit can be quite large. If you have a smaller wooden deck, then the fire pit will need to be a bit smaller. And, the same goes for the shape and the space in which you will be putting the fire pit. Make sure to consider that, as well.

If you want a big fire pit, then a square-shaped fire pit is ideal. Circular is good, as well. But, if you need a smaller fire pit, it is best to go with circular, depending on where the fire pit is located since it can maximize the space a bit more.

What Will You Be Using This Fire Pit For?

Finally, the last thing that you need to consider, when it comes to the process of knowing what you want in a fire pit before you search, is considering what you will be doing with it.

If you are like most people, you intend to use this fire pit to generate warmth for yourself, and for the other people that will be sitting by that fire. Some people want to use their fire pit to cook, and you can do this, too. Other people want to roast marshmallows on their fire pit, and this is something that they can do, too.

Depending on what you intend to use the fire pit for, there will be other considerations. And we’ll dive into these in the next sections.

What Is The Fire Pit Made Out Of?

If you want a strong fire pit that is great for generating heat and spreading warmth to the people sitting by the fire pit, then three materials are fantastic.

– Cast iron
– Steel
– Concrete.

Cast iron is an excellent material that is quite inexpensive, and very strong and durable, while also serving as a great radiator of heat, yet preventing the flames from escaping. It’s quite heavy, though, but it is one of the best materials that a fire pit can be made out of.

Steel is great because it is so strong, and it is also very light. But, it is more prone to rust and corrosion than cast iron, or concrete, which is something to keep in mind.

Concrete isn’t a common material, and this is because it is heavy. Very heavy. It doesn’t transduce heat, so when you touch the walls of the concrete fire pit, it’s not going to feel very hot. And, it is excellent at keeping the flames of the fire within the pit, rather than allowing them to escape.

These three materials are the ideal choices, for wooden decks, and it is recommended that you use these and not any others.

How Many BTUs Can The Fire Pit Produce?

BTUs refers to “British Thermal Units” which is a way of referring to the amount of heat that is produced.

As a general guideline, if the fire pit can produce 50,000 BTUs, that is an insane amount of heat, and it will be very, very warm. If the fire pit can produce 20,000 BTUs, that’s still very warm, but not as hot, and the fire pit will be less expensive.

Ideally, you’ll purchase a fire pit that is around 20,000 to 30,000 BTUs, because that is the ideal measurement. Of course, this does depend on your needs, as well.


If you own a wooden deck, you need to purchase a fire pit that has a design that supports a wooden deck and using this guide. You will be able to do just that!

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