Best Outdoor Fire Pit in 2021: Buying Guide

There’s nothing quite as fun, or satisfying, as cooking outdoors. Setting up the fire pit, burning some wood, and creating a nice fire, and then making smores and hot dogs on that fire. This is a pastime for many people, and it’s easy to see why. There is a certain sense of peace, and satisfaction, that takes place, when you cook outdoors, on the fire.

Along with that, it takes us back to a time where there wasn’t any microwaves or electric ovens, and we had to coexist with nature, and this is a feeling that many people feel has been lost, due to the passage of time, and the developments that have been brought into this world.

Today, many people are choosing not to create fires on their yards, and instead, they are using outdoor fire pits to create those fires, so that they can safely create the fire that they need to cook the foods that they want to cook.

Many people want to buy a great outdoor fire pit, but they aren’t entirely sure how to do that, or what to look for and think about, when searching for a really good one. Part of this is because there are so many different choices out there, that it can be very difficult to find one that seems good, and aligns with all of the desires and preferences that you have.

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In this buying guide, we’re going to solve that problem. We’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the different traits, qualities, and individual considerations that go into the process of finding the best outdoor fire pit. There isn’t too much that we need to talk about and discuss, in this buying guide, but we are going to be talking about those individual traits and considerations, as well as going through a definition of what an outdoor fire pit actually is, and what most people choose to use theirs for.

What Is An Outdoor Fire Pit?

Outdoor fire pits are fire pits that have been designed with the specific intention of using them outside to create a nice fire, and then to cook food on that fire, or to just use the fire as a nice source of warmth and comfort.

Most people love having a nice fire in their backyard because it produces a lovely feeling of comfort and hearth, establishing a connection to nature that many people have a hard time finding during the course of their day-to-day life. But, with a good fire pit that has been designed for outdoor usage, you can go outside and start a nice fire in your backyard, which helps to establish that connection, once more, and to create a lovely ambience in your outdoor space.

Now, there are many different types of outdoor fire pits, when it comes to shapes and sizes, as well as the materials used, and the styles and design aesthetics that these fire pits use. Regardless of whatever aesthetic or design you prefer, you won’t have any issues finding a fire pit that has that particular style.

Today, these kinds of fire pits have become so popular, due to the fact that there are so many of them, and this means you have all kinds of different choices, when it comes to the type of fire pit that you want to buy, and you also have a lot of different choices when it comes to size and style. Many people are choosing to buy fire pits with unique styles and aesthetics that make their outdoor space look unique and different, yet the fire pit also serves as a practical way of creating a fire that is safe and contained within that fire pit, reducing the risk of it accidentally leaving the fire pit and setting fire to your yard.

That’s another reason why this type of fire pit has become so popular. Unlike setting up a fire in the middle of your yard, these fire pits are safe. Very safe. Due to the strong construction and design of these types of fire pits, you don’t have to worry about the fire escaping from the pit and setting your grass on fire, and then moving to your house, and setting that on fire, too. Instead, the fire is contained within the pit, and once the wood – or whatever other material you are using for the fire – has burnt up, the fire stops, and that’s it.

Ultimately, outdoor fire pits are fantastic because they are beautiful and unique, in their design and style, and they offer a safe way to create a lovely fire in your yard. Along with that, most of these fire pits are quite inexpensive, so you won’t have to break the bank in order to afford a great one!

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider?

We’re going to be talking about the main traits and features that must be considered, when searching. Now, these fire pits aren’t exactly that complex, so there isn’t too much that we’re going to be covering in this section, but, it is important to remember that everything we’re talking about forms an integral part of your entire experience with the fire pit, so keep that in mind.

How Big Is The Fire Pit?

Let’s start off with one of the most basic, and important, questions of them all: How big is the fire pit?

Now, this is a very important question, for a myriad of different reasons. And one of the first reasons why it is important is because it determines the type of fire pit that you will end up buying. You will find big fire pits, and small fire pits, and you will find fire pits that are in the middle of “big” and “small”.

When looking at fire pits, consider the size of fire pit that you want, and then consider where you are going to put that fire pit.

If you have a smaller fire pit, this means that the fire will be rather small, and you won’t be able to store as much wood within the pit. Now, if you just want a small fire that isn’t too big, then this isn’t really a big deal, and a small fire pit might be perfect for you. But, if you want a really big fire, then you will need a bigger fire pit, one that can hold more wood, and contain a larger fire that will, in turn, produce more heat, making it easier to warm multiple people, and to cook food in a much quicker manner.

As for the placement, make sure that you put the fire pit in an area where it isn’t directly surrounded by tree branches, or other types of plants, that could fall into the pit and catch on fire. That would be a big fire hazard, and it definitely isn’t something that you want to deal with.

What Type Of Material Is The Fire Pit Made Out Of?

When looking at outdoor fire pits, you’ll find that most of them are made out of metal. This makes a lot of sense, because most metal is very durable, and can withstand the intense temperatures that fire creates.

However, when looking at fire pits, your best option is finding one that is made out of steel. Steel is one of the strongest metals out there, and it is perfect for a fire pit. Gauge steel, in particular, is especially durable, and is one of the best choices out there, for a really strong fire pit.

Durability is important because it ensures that the fire pit lasts for a long time, rather than for just a single year, or less. However, durability is also important because it ensures that the fire that is being housed within the pit stays within the pit, rather than being able to escape, due to weak materials.

What Type Of Design Does The Fire Pit Have?

We’re entering territory that is very subjective. You will find fire pits with all kinds of different designs and styles, as mentioned earlier. Many of them, however, are circular, and this is a style that a lot of people prefer. Other fire pits are rectangular, or in the shape of a square and, sometimes, a triangle.

It all depends on the type of design that you like and find aesthetically pleasing. And, it also depends on the space that you are going to be placing the fire pit, and how that design will fit into the layout of the space, and whether or not the aesthetic of the fire pit aligns with the aesthetic of the space you are placing the fire pit.


If you want to build a beautiful fire outdoors, and if you want to cook nice food on that fire, then you can’t go wrong with an outdoor fire pit! The process of finding a great one may seem confusing, but by remembering the three main traits that we brought up, and considering what you intend to do with the fire pit and where you will be putting it, you won’t have any issues finding the very best one!

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