Best Chainsaw under 200 Dollars: Buyer’s Guide

A chainsaw is one of those tools that, while not needed very often, having one sure makes life easier. When purchasing one, bigger does not mean better. There are numerous options you should consider such as electric, gas, or battery powered. The job that is at hand are you cutting limbs or firewoodYou should even consider your strength and agility, some of these beasts can be heavy and need to be manhandled.

Best Chainsaw under 200 Dollars

Many of the chainsaws today have different designs and features. The speed and safety should be considered carefully. The cutting speed is based on the power of the engine. The more speed you get; obviously, the more powerful your chainsaw will be for cutting wood.

Operating a chainsaw is dangerous, you want to make sure that the equipment has safety features that you can rely on and know how to use: many times, the price increases as you add features.

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Other than the type of chainsaw, you should also take the bar length in consideration. The bar length is measured from the tip of the chainsaw to where the chain enters the engine compartment. The typical thickness or diameter of wood that you need to cut will help determine what size to get.

If you are looking to cut down a tree that has a decent caliper, you will want a longer bar length. If you want to make more precision cuts on wood with a smaller caliper, then you go for a shorter bar length.

Best Chainsaw under 200

Gas Powered

Gas-powered chainsaws are the most powerful and heavy machines. They vary in sizes from small and usable up to huge five-foot long blades used in the logging industry. They have a 2-cycle engine and use a mixture of fuel and gas to run. They tend to be much louder but make quick work of larger projects.

Many of the modern chainsaws come equipped with a noise-reduction feature, so you don’t have to endure the loud noise. If possible, check out the decibel levels of the chainsaw in question and try to get one that does not go beyond the 80-90 decibels level. Levels beyond that can be uncomfortable to the ears.

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Electric chainsaws are either corded or cordless (battery powered) and run using a rechargeable battery. Starting with the corded ones, some can be quite powerful, even when compared to smaller gas-powered engines. Electric chainsaws have little maintenance, are easy to use, and are generally more lightweight. They also tend to be much quieter to run. These are usually preferred for lighter to moderate type jobs, though, they can handle the occasional larger job.


Many times, where you are working there is a great deal of distance between the job site and a power source. Unless you have a generator, or an extremely long extension cord, it makes for a difficult situation.

Enter the cordless models. There are no gas, oil or extension cords required, and these devices are generally lightweight. Most models can be compared with electric chainsaws when it comes to power. Considered low-maintenance, the batteries do need to be recharged between jobs.



Finding a decent chainsaw with a $200 budget can be quite the challenge, but not impossible. Many options on the market fall into the $200 price range; you need to hunt.

However, safety should always be your first consideration. Kickback is a danger you can face the most when using a chainsaw. This is when the nose of the cutting bar hits something solid, like a knot or a nail, the chainsaw wants to jump back towards you. To minimize this danger, look for chainsaws that feature a low-kickback chain.

Even though a chainsaw’s size can relate directly to how thick of wood it can cut, you need to factor in all the other variables when choosing the right saw. Things such as the power supply, (gas, battery, etc.), should be thought about, also, if the model has features such as chain brakes, an automatic oiler, low kickback, anti-vibration and of course the overall weight of the saw can sway choosing one model over another.

200 Dollar Chainsaw

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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