Best Snow Blower under 200 Dollars

As the temperature continues to drop and snowfall becomes more prominent, you may find your hands full clearing out large amounts of snow. To save time and unnecessary physical strain, your best bet is to invest a little money and get a snow blower.

Best Snow Blower under 200 Dollars

The question is which one is the right one for youWhile there are a few different factors to consider, your budget may be the biggest one. If you’re dealing with a residential-sized job, such as driveways or outdoor patios, you can certainly find a snow blower to suit your needs without exceeding $200.

As for storage, they’re not incredibly big, taking maybe 4 feet maximum in length. So you should be able to store it if you have room in the garage, a little shed space or even just a patio area with some free room (snow blower covers can be purchased).

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Corded vs. Battery

There are three types of snow blowers: gas-powered, electric-powered (corded) and electric-powered (battery). You’d have a hard time finding a gas-powered snow blower for under $200, so corded and battery-powered snow blowers will be the focus, but there are many great electric snow blowers that should serve just fine.

With a corded blower, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the battery is charged, but you are limited to the length of the cord. If you have extension cords handy, or if you’re willing to invest in some, they should be able to give you the distance necessary.

Snow Blower under 200 Dollars

With battery-powered snow blowers, you don’t have to worry about the constraint of a cord, but you do need to make sure that your batteries are charged when needed or you may be waiting several hours before you’re able to tackle your job. Investing in multiple batteries would prove to be a wise investment in this case.


Once you have an idea on the scope of your project, the type of blower you want and any additional add-ons you might need, you can narrow it down even further by analyzing the specific power and coverage you’ll want in a snow blower.

The power of the motor typically ranges from 10-15 amps. The more powerful the motor, the greater the plowing capacity.

The power and plowing capacity will determine how long it takes for you to complete a certain job. The greater the plowing capacity, the more snow can be blown at a time, and the faster you can complete your clean up. This usually varies from 400 to 700 lbs. of snow per minute.

Another measurement to keep in mind is the clearing depth and clearing width of the snow blower. The average is 8 feet for the depth and 15 feet for the width. The larger the area to clear, the more that these numbers will matter.

200 Dollar Snow Blower


There are a few bells and whistles that you can look for when shopping for the right snow blower if you have a little extra money in the budget, and they can come in quite handy. One is as simple as a light. This is a feature that quite a few snow blowers come equipped with. As winter approaches and the days will get shorter, you can expect heavy snow. If you think you may need to get started at night, this would be something to consider.

An adjustable directional chute is another feature to keep in mind when shopping for a snow blower. This will allow you to shift the direction of the snow that is ejected from the blower. This is a useful feature and not included with all snow blowers.

It would also be a good idea to take the warranty into account. This is something that is often overlooked in purchases. You don’t think about it until something goes wrong… Then, you need it. With a purchase such as this one, especially if you’re on a budget, it’s best to get a good warranty (many cover your purchase up to two years). You’re making an investment with a couple hundred dollars, and you don’t want to have to pay for it twice.

Best Snow Blower under 200

In Conclusion

There are quite a few things to consider when purchasing a snow blower, but you can get a great one for $200 or less if you’re an informed buyer. These are all details that are important to pay attention to.

Weigh the pros and cons of all scenarios, and ask yourself what it is that you truly need. There are many options out there, and with all of this information in mind and a careful reading of reviews, you should have everything you need to find the snow blower that’s perfect for you.

Snow Blower under 200

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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