ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch Hedge Shears Review (HS-K900Z Model)

With shears, you can easily keep your surroundings clean and also clear any shrubs or weeds that are invading your home. However, while people buy shears, a lot of us have no idea which to buy, or even what qualities we should be on the lookout for.

ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch Hedge Shears Review (HS-K900Z Model)

Qualities in shears vary from brand to brand. While some put a premium of ease of use and strength, others tend to put too much effort on aesthetics and certain advanced functions.

If what you’re looking for is a pair of shears that can help you save energy while ensuring that you can still achieve a proper level of cutting efficiency, then the ARS HS-K900Z Professional Shears are the pair for you.

These shears from ARS are professional grade telescopic hedge shears that were designed for cutting hard-to-reach shrubs and trees. They might not have any advanced parts or technology, but these shears have the proper design and mechanical features that will ensure a neat job any day, any time.

ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch Hedge Shears Review

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These shears provide the extra leverage that you will need for easier cutting, with precision qualities that will provide you with the versatility needed to cut both tall and deep shrubs. Whether for professional or personal use, these shears are a perfect choice. They’re great for trimming shrubs, trees, and even topiaries.

So without further ado, let’s take a quick look at some of the features that make these amazing shears tools that will put a smile on the face of anybody:

Aesthetic appeal

While it’s not a major quality (or even one that can determine the efficiency of a pair of shears for that matter), aesthetic appeal is a feature that a lot of people tend to consider when purchasing shears. If you’re one of such people, then you’ll be glad to know that these shears can guarantee just that. Simply put, they look pretty awesome.

The appeal of these shears goes beyond just face value. The entire equipment has an ergonomic design that helps it achieve the maximum space efficiency, and every inch of these shears has a function it provides.

ARS Hedge Shears

Hard-chrome plated blades

When it comes to shears, one of the biggest issues that people have with making purchases is the strength and durability of a pair. However, with the ARS shears, you can rest assured that any concerns that you might have with strength will be cleared. The blades are chrome-plated, meaning that they will be able to provide extra cutting strength for shrubs and places that are proving to be especially tough.

Easy to maintain

These shears do everything themselves, and it helps that you don’t need to do much to maintain them. The sturdy build means that they can last as long as possible, and you can rest assured that you will be able to get proper value for your cash with the ARS HS-K900Z professional shears.

ARS HS-K900Z Hedge Shears Review

Extra length

The physics of using shears are pretty simple; if you’ll like to get more strength and power behind your cut, it is recommended that you get a pair of shears that have long handles. These shears provide that extra length that you need, meaning that you will be able to cut even more stubborn shrubs and materials without having to use too much energy. The handles are made of Aluminum, and they also have button springs that will help you to lock the handles into place securely.

Also, the handles of these shears are strong and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about their ability to handle high-powered cuts.

Slightly curved blades

As part of the mechanical innovation put into the design of these shears, the blades have been slightly curved, and these will provide for optimal cutting. The curved blades will help you to cover an even wider distance while you cut, and they also leave space for easy movement.

ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch Hedge Shears Review (HS-K900Z Model)

Ease of use and portability

The overall length of these ARS shears is an adjustable 28- to 41-1/2-inches. The adjustable feature of the handles makes them perfectly suited to you, regardless of where you’re cutting or how you’ll prefer to cut. You can choose to shorten the handle to provide for better control of the shears, and you can also make them longer if you like to get that extra leverage that you’ll need to reach certain hard-to-reach spots.

Essentially, this means that the ARS Hedge Shears will be incredibly easy to use, and it also provides for a higher degree of portability.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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