ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears Review

The ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears are one of the best shears you haven’t tried yet. That’s because if you have ever used these shears before, you won’t be here, reading this review. The sharp blades in these ARS Professional Hedge Shears make cutting a breeze while also guaranteeing a precise cut. Whether you are a novice gardener or a professional landscaper, these shears are for you.

ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears Review

What sets the ARS shears apart.

If you’ve done any browsing or comparisons of different shears, you know there are countless options when it comes to choosing hedge shears. So what makes the ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears better than the restThe quality of the steel used to make the blades and the treatment and care taken in building these shears results in impressive cutting performance, unlike any other shears.

Having Marquench hardened carbon steel blades means that the blades will stay sharp longer. The blades are extra durable, making these shears a great choice for professionals or anyone who does not want to have to replace their shears after just a few uses. These hedge shears can cut through materials just like a pair of scissors, resulting in a clean and professional end product.

ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears

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Simply made better

If you’re reading this, you are probably researching the different options available to purchase your next set of shears, as you should. You will notice a few important differences between the ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears and the rest of the options.

One thing you’ll notice right away is that these blades are super sharp, delivering a clean and precise cut every time. Great for professional manicuring and sculpting of shrubs and topiaries, these shears are reliable and will stay in sharp use after use. The high-quality blades mean that the shears will last you longer than other shears that are just not made with the same care and quality as the ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears.


The pivot bolt in these shears allows you to make blade adjustments easily and as needed, resulting in a more precise cut. The blades are more sap and rust resistant than other shears, thanks to the hard chrome plated blades. Plus, the blades are replaceable and can be re-sharpened, meaning these hedge shears will last you longer than most other shears.

Designed with you in mind

At 1.85 pounds, the shears are lightweight, meaning less stress on your body when you’re using the shears, especially for longer periods. These shears are longer than most other shears for better ease of use. That’s because ARS believes that hedging shouldn’t have to be painful. The longer handles are designed to protect your back, neck, and shoulders from pain and discomfort. Rather than having to bend down for hours at a time, you can protect your back and be more comfortable and upright when doing your hedging work with these.

ARS HS-KR1000 Hedge Shears

Another difference you will notice with these shears is the sheer ease of use. After using these shears just a few times, you won’t have that automatic flinch reaction every time you clip something. The shears have built-in shock absorbers and are much smoother as compared to other shears. These are a great choice for landscapers who spend hours every day doing physically demanding labor, as well as for older home gardeners and landscapers or those with arthritis who need a tool that is gentler while still providing excellent results.

Not just an investment in your health

Apart from the shears’ careful design to make hedging easier for you, these shears are also built to provide the best results. The precision of the shears means that your hedges will look cleaner and neater. Your landscaping will grow back more evenly and will continue to look well-kept because you can trim your hedges to be razor-sharp.

ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears Review

ARS HS-KR1000: Final Comments

The ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears are lightweight and easy to use, yet sharp, smooth, and sturdy. From someone looking to take care of their yard with basic pruning and hedging to professional landscapers searching for a reliable tool to use at work, these shears will help you achieve your desired garden and landscape goals. Best of all, these hedge shears will stay sharp and precise even after multiple uses thanks to their exceptional quality of the shears.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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