Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower in 2021: Buyer’s Guide

If you have a large property and a spacious garden, you will need to buy a lot of equipment for regular maintenance. However, if you have a large garden, there’s no need to hire an entire garden crew. Lawn care doesn’t have to be difficult if you own the right equipment.

As the autumn season begins, the leaves will start to fall from the plants and trees in your garden. A conventional rake might not be enough to clean all of the leaves from the surface of the garden. If it becomes difficult for you to clean the driveway or the garden on a regular basis, it might be time for you to buy a leaf blower.

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Walk Behind Leaf Blower | Bestseller

But, if you go to the markets to buy a leaf blower without any knowledge whatsoever, you are probably going to end up making the wrong decision. Leaf blowers come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many styles as well. A backpack blower is a useful option, but it’s not as powerful as the walk behind leaf blower. As the name suggests, the walk behind leaf blower requires you to walk behind it and move forward to clean the leaves from the path. It’s fitted on a couple of wheels and has an extendable handle that you can use to blow the leaves. Walk behind leaf blowers offers the highest level of performance.

However, with so many different types of leaf blowers to choose from, how do you choose the right oneTo ensure that the leaf blower offers maximum value for money and is as efficient as possible, you have to look for a brand and a size that fits all of your needs. There are four main categories of walk behind leaf blowers that you should know about: entry-level, mid-grade, semi-pro blowers, and commercial blowers. Read on to find out how to choose the best walk behind leaf blower.

Directional Blowers

Previously, all of the blowers were one-directional. You had to position the blower in a particular way so that the leaves would be directed towards a sidewalk. However, what if you have to blow the wheels over to the side of the wallThe cheaper variants usually have a uni-directional blower. But, if you want to directional control, you will need to pay a bit more. Some blowers even come with hand-mounted features that you can use to control the speed or the direction of the blower.

The Wheels

As mentioned above, all blowers are mounted on a set of wheels. However, that does not mean that the blowers are the same. Ideally, you should look for a blower that is mounted on larger wheels, as that allows for greater control on uneven surfaces. Since the blower will be mostly running on the garden surface, it’s important that you buy a blower with larger wheels. If the blower has a front swivel wheel, it will be an even better option. The swivel wheel will allow you to move the blower easily around in your garden without much of an issue.

Selecting a Grade

As mentioned above, there are several grades available for you to choose from. Entry-level leaf blowers are available at a slightly lower cost than a commercial grade leaf blower. They also offer added power as compared to a conventional hand-held leaf blower.

Mid-grade leaf blowers, on the other hand, is a slight upgrade on the entry-level ones. They offer more power than entry-level variants but come with a few additional features that you might like. For instance, some mid-grade leaf blowers also have buttons on the handles so that you don’t have to bend forward to change the power of the blower.

Semi-pro variants are for people who have a lot of trees in their yard. If you find the garden covered in fallen leaves after every few weeks, this blower is the ideal choice for you. Semi-pro blowers come with an array of different features and allow you to move the leaves from your garden with a lot of power and accuracy. Most semi-pro blowers are directional, so you can direct the leaves in any direction you want.

Lastly, there are the commercial grade ones. If you are running a landscaping business, this is the ideal choice. It’s easier to use, but it’s also more expensive. They come with a range of additional features and can run for up to 8 hours without requiring any sort of downtime. Here are some of the best models that you can buy.

Walk Behind Leaf Blower | Bestseller

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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