Best Porch Swing with Cup Holder in 2021: Buying Guide

Porch swings are fantastic! They’re a very relaxing way to sit on your porch, and to observe what is going on in front of you. When sitting on your porch swing, and swinging ever so slightly, you are able to stay in that moment, and to observe life, as it passes by, enjoying the moment.

Sometimes, though, while sitting on your porch swinging, and enjoying those moments of it swinging back and forth, at a gentle pace, it’s good to have something to drink. Whether it’s some water, coffee for the morning, tea, or even a cold beer, a nice beverage is always a wonderful addition to moments like these.

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Unfortunately, it can be rather difficult to find a good spot to put your beverage, unless you are willing to put it on the floor of your porch. And, for a lot of people, this isn’t such a good idea, due to the fact that their porch floor isn’t particularly clean, and, since its outdoors, there are bugs and dirt particles that could seep into the beverage that you are drinking.

For that reason, porch swings have started to integrate cup holders. Small cup holders that give you a safe, secure, and convenient place to put your beverages, and then, when you want a sip, you just pull them out of the cup holder and take a sip, as you continue to swing back and forth, on the porch swing. It’s a nice and gentle process, and with a good beverage, it’s made all the more peaceful and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, finding the best porch swing, that also includes a good cup holder, can be a slightly challenging process. This is true of many products on the market, and most of this comes from the fact that there are so many different choices out there, and so many different factors to consider and think about, that the entire process of finding a good product has become a lot more difficult.

Today, with online shopping and credit and debit cards, buying products is easy, but finding the right products, well, that’s a lot harder.

We’re going to tackle that exact issue, in today’s buying guide. Today, you’re going to learn all about the best porch swings with cup holders. Only, instead of giving you a list of the best porch swings with cup holders, we’re actually going to look at the individual factors that are going to greatly affect your experience with the porch swing itself, and from this information, you will be able to find the very best porch swing, with cup holders, for yourself!

Before we dive into that, we’re going to talk a little bit about porch swings, and what they are like, and what a good porch swing with a cup holder is supposed to be like. That way, you’ll have a good idea of what we are talking about, and what you need to look for, ultimately, when searching for the best porch swing with a cup holder.

What Are Porch Swings Like?

A porch swing is really just a bench that you put on your porch. Similar to any other porch bench. However, as the name would suggest, a porch swing isn’t just a porch bench, it’s a porch bench that is held up, usually using chains that are attached to the ceiling of your porch. From these chains, the bench is able to held up, and since these chains are a bit loose, this allows you to swing back and forth, while sitting on the bench.

Unlike the types of swings you would find at a playground, you don’t swing a porch swing very quickly, instead, it’s a gentle swinging that goes back and forth, at a slow place. Instead of providing a thrill, it relaxes you and grounds you in the moment.

As for what a good porch swing is like, a good porch swing is three things. First off, a good porch swing is well-made. Made of strong, durable materials, and consisting of a good, solid design that looks nice and is aesthetically pleasing.

A good porch swing is comfortable. If you’re sitting on the porch swing, and it doesn’t feel very comfortable to sit on, then it really isn’t a good porch swing.

Finally, a good porch swing enables you to relax for a long period of time. This is similar to the two things we brought up in the last two paragraphs, but it’s very important to remember. With a good porch swing, you are able to sit on it, and to just swing and relax, for as long as you want. And with a good cup holder, relaxing is a lot easier!

What Do I Need To Consider And Think About?

Porch swings are simple. Porch swings with cup holders are equally simple, as well. There isn’t that much you need to consider, but there are a couple of things that are going to greatly affect your experience with the porch swing.

What Material Is The Porch Swing Made Out Of?

When searching for the best porch swing with a cup holder, one of the first things that needs to be considered is the material that the porch swing is made out of.

You’ll find porch swings tend to be made out of two types of material, primarily. Wood, and metal. Both are great materials. But, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood tends to weaken overtime, a bit faster than metal. This means that you may have to replace the porch swing after only a few years.

However, wood porch swings, with cup holders, tend to be a lot more aesthetically pleasing, and a lot more comfortable. And that is why wood is preferred.

Metal porch swings are more durable, and tend to be less expensive – although, this does vary. But, they aren’t as comfortable, and they just don’t have the same aesthetic quality that wooden porch swings have.

How Big Is Your Porch?

Porch swings, with cup holders, come in different sizes. You’ll find porch swings that are designed for really big porches, and you’ll find porch swings that are designed for much smaller porches, that lack the width of a bigger porch.

Most of the time, the exact measurements can be found on the store page of the porch swing, and this information is very important. Make sure that you know the size of your porch, and where the porch swing will go, and then make sure you know how big the porch swing that you intend to buy actually is. That way, you don’t accidentally buy a porch swing that is too big, or too small, for your porch.

How Many People Can The Porch Swing Seat?

This question is very similar to the above question, and it is equally important. If you intend to buy a porch swing that can hold four people – or more, or less – then you need to find a porch swing that can hold that amount of people. Here’s the thing, though, it can be hard to figure out if the porch swing can hold that many people, just by reading the dimensions of the porch swing.

Instead of doing that, you should read the reviews, and many of these reviews will tell you how many people were able to fit on the porch bench. Along with that, sometimes the manufacturer puts this information on the store page.

Is The Porch Swing, With Cup Holder, Aesthetically Pleasing?

We’re entering into a territory that is very subjective. What some people find aesthetically pleasing, others find to be ugly and repulsive.

People buy porch swings for many reasons. One of those reasons happens to be the general aesthetic quality that a nice porch swing adds to your home. It isn’t always something that is immediately noticeable or transparent, but the aesthetic qualities of a good porch swing very much have an effect on your porch, and the general aesthetic of your porch.

When looking at porch swings, with cup holders, make sure to look at the aesthetics of each porch swing, and to consider whether or not you are fond of that particular aesthetic. Because, when you finally install the porch swing, if it looks ugly to you, it will lead to the entire porch looking a little ugly, in your eyes, and that really isn’t something you want.

How Much Does The Porch Swing Cost?

Ultimately, cost is the final factor that you need to consider. If you’re buying a wooden porch swing, you’re going to be paying at least $150, for a smaller one. At most, you’ll be paying $600 for a really good porch swing, with a cup holder. For metal porch swings, with cup holders, $100 will get you a really nice one, and $300 is the maximum.


Finding a great porch swing with a nice cup holder is easy. By following this guide and considering the factors we’ve brought up, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect one for you!

Porch Swing | Bestseller

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