AmazonBasics vs AZ Patio Heaters: Outdoor Heating Comparison

Whether you’re sitting poolside or grilling out with friends and family, there’s something so fulfilling about a patio party in the summertime. Unfortunately, as summer dies away and temperatures start to drop, those wonderful nights spent on the back porch quickly come to an end.

AZ Patio Heaters vs AmazonBasics: Outdoor Heating Comparison

AZ Patio Heaters

By investing in a home patio heater, you won’t need to stop using your outdoor space in the colder seasons. These heaters make it possible to get at least another month or two out of your patio, giving you the freedom to entertain your guests almost the whole year round. Once the nights start to get a little chilly, simply take the patio heater out of storage, connect its fuel tank, and start it up with the press of a button.

Today we’re going to compare AZ Home Patio Heaters’ Quartz Glass model (HLDSO1-WGTHG) against AmazonBasics’ Commercial Patio Heater model (61826) to determine which product’s features are superior. We’ll be examining how these two heaters stack up in a few distinct categories: general build and design, heating power and mechanics, and warranty and support features.

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The AZ Home Patio Heaters’ Quartz Glass model consists of an 89” glass tube tower that is outfitted with an elegant hammered bronze finish. This heater gives off a very sleek and professional aesthetic, making it a classy and functional addition to your home or business. It has wheels installed in the base and weighs a little over 65 pounds, so it’s possible to place it wherever you need it. You can easily roll it out from its storage space once the weather starts to cool down, and it’s the perfect heater for outdoors events that may turn chilly.

AmazonBasics’ Commercial Patio Heater is made up of a durable steel tube tower that measures approximately 89” tall and weighs a mere 40 pounds in weight. This heater features a powder-coated finish that protects your heater from rust and other environmental factors. Because of its low weight, it’s very easy to move from one location to the next with its built-in wheels. It is a bit top-heavy and susceptible to tipping over in wind speeds above 10 mph. Because of this, the base includes a reservoir that can be filled with sand or water to keep it sturdier.

Conclusion: Both models share a lot of the same features: they’re the same height, include wheels for transporting, and are constructed from similar materials. In the end, however, the AZ heater has a better build and sleeker design than its competitor. Even though it’s heavier than the AmazonBasics heater, it is ultimately sturdier because of this fact.

Heating Power

The AZ heater is powered by a 20-pound propane or butane tank that can function for eight to ten hour consecutively while on High, giving you more than enough time to enjoy the outdoors while it’s cold. The heating power of this model is rated at 40,000 BTUs, which is nearly six times stronger than a single burner from a standard home oven. Ignition and heat settings are both controlled by a knob on the base of the heater. While they don’t mention a specific heating radius, this is the same type of heater used on restaurant patios, which are often hot enough to warm an area of up to four tables.

The AmazonBasics heater is also fueled by a standard 20-pound propane tank, which lasts eight to ten hours while on the Medium heat setting. The tank is stored in the base and can be easily accessed by sliding the shell up the heater’s tower. Its heat output measures 46,000 BTUs and provides heat up to an 18-foot diameter around the heater. It uses a Piezo ignition button that makes starting your heater up a breeze. The temperature is controlled with a knob that is located near the top of the tower. This knob can alternate between low and high heat and turns the heater off when you’re finished using it.

Conclusion: This was another close category, but the AmazonBasics heater ultimately offers superior heating power and range to your patio. Because it offers more heat, you can use it in even colder temperatures. Its easy-to-use ignition system also simplifies the start-up process, so it’s capable of getting an area hotter, faster.

AZ Patio Heaters vs AmazonBasics

AZ Patio Heaters

Warranty and Support

All AZ Patio Heaters come with a warranty that covers manufacturer mistakes or defects and will replace any faulty parts free of charge for up to one year after purchasing the product. They keep an entire back stock of individual parts at all times so that they can repair or replace faulty equipment. They also offer a customer support hotline that stays open around the clock, so you can call as soon as you notice something wrong. This line can put you in direct conversation with their team of technicians, who will help you solve problems with your heater over the phone.

The AmazonBasics heater comes with a limited warranty that will repair or replace your heater if any manufacturer defects become apparent within one year of the date of the original purchase. This warranty does not guarantee that the replacement parts or products will be the same as your original purchase and is dependent on their current stock when contacted. As far as customer support is concerned, AmazonBasics asks customers to send an email to a third-party service with their questions or complaints. This customer support service covers the entirety of AmazonBasics’ extensive catalog of products, though, so it may take a little time to find the right person that can help you.

Conclusion: With its full line of replacement parts and full-time customer support service line, the AZ heater is the clear winner in this category. When you buy a product from AZ Patio Heaters, you can rest assured that they’ll be able to provide instant customer service and will have whatever replacement parts you need in stock.

And the Winner is…

This was a tough comparison to make given all the similarities between these two patio heaters. Because the main purpose of a patio heater is to entertain company during colder weather, however, AZ Patio Heaters’ Quartz Glass model is the superior choice due to its safer and more elegant design. It may have a slightly lower BTU output than the AmazonBasics Commercial Patio Heater, but there isn’t a large enough difference between the two to make your decision on this factor alone. Choosing the safer heater ensures that your guests will enjoy the warmth and comfort it provides without ever having to worry about being injured by it.

AZ Patio Heaters vs AmazonBasics: Outdoor Heating Comparison

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