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The technological advancement across the globe has steered an insurmountable revolution in the ways in which you tackle present-day problems. One notable area that has overseen tremendous strides is the snow removal process in countries prone to the menace.

kind of Snowblower

Snow blowers, the machines used to blow off snow, have made it easier for users to shovel snow. However, the experience can be daunting should you have little knowledge of the best features to look for in a snow blower. So, what makes a good snow blower?

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Types of Snow Blower

There lay a wide range of snow blowers in the market, but their effectiveness solely depends on your preferred choice. For example, you have the option to choose between single-stage electric, single-stage gas, two-stage gas, and three-stage gas.

Having noted this, it is prudent for you to note that each and every snow blower has the capacity to get the job done. However, you may prefer one over the other based on their specific advantages. You should, therefore, take precaution on the type you choose before tapping the purchase button.

Single-stage gas snow blower

This type of snow thrower uses oil mixed with gasoline to generate power and will require you to cough up between $300 and $750. They are lighter and naturally easier to handle compared to the other models.

Gas blowers are, however, not the best choice for regions heavily subjected to extreme snowfalls as they do not provide the requisite horsepower. The single-stage snow thrower is ideal for mid-size walking pavements and walks with snowfalls of 8 inches at most.

If your driveway or pavement is concentrated with gravel, you might opt to choose another type of snow thrower. Why not choose the single-stage snow blowerWell, the auger comes into direct contact with the surface; therefore, posing a great risk to you as it scoops and throws stones. Moreover, its forward-driving action is limited and cannot perfectly work in steep hills.

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Single-stage electric snow blower

The electric version of the single-stage snow thrower is the best option when it comes to snowfalls measuring up to 4 inches or less. What’s more, this model is at its best when working on flat and short pavement. Contrary to gas blowers, the electric-propelled model emits less noise and has cheaper maintenance costs since it does not need refueling. Despite being relatively cheaper as it costs between $100 and $300, you will have to invest much more in purchasing long power cords.

Two-stage gas snow blower

This type of thrower is best suited for long and steep driveways with a snowfall exceeding the 8 inches mark. Is your pavement characterized by gravelWorry not. The two-stage blower has its auger fitted way above the ground and, therefore, does not come into contact with stones or gravel. Most of them give room for electric starting and have self-driven wheels for total stability on uneven terrain.

Although its effectiveness cannot be equated with any other snow blow, the two-stage model has some drawbacks. For example, they are heavy and relatively large and thereby require larger storage space.

Three-stage snow blower

Apart from having more improved features, this type of snow thrower operates quite similarly like the two-stage model. In as much as it is gas-propelled, the three-stage snow blower is equipped with an accelerator that spins 10 times faster than the other models. This gives it the much-needed stamina to work on heavy snow quickly.

Features To Look Out For In A Good Snow Blower

Based on the availability of myriads of snow blowers in the market, it is prudent to watch out for unscrupulous traders who may rip you off. Below are some of the features that make a perfect snowblower;

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Easy Mode of Starting

Starting off your snow blower marks the start of the snow clearing escapade. It is therefore advisable that you go for those equipped with a switch.


Snow blowers that give no room for headlights make you limited to clearing snow during the day. However, choosing a model that has headlights ensures that you are free to work on snow in the morning or evening by guaranteeing visibility.

Cleaning device

Clearing clogging in the impeller with bare hands can be a disaster in the making. You should, therefore, vouch for one that has a stick mounted on the chassis for easy access.

Chute adjustment

A perfect chute adjustment allows you to quickly adjust the direction in which snow is thrown using a single–lever joystick. Majority of two-stage snow throwers have separate control gears for height and direction.

Single-hand drive

Before cashing out the bucks, you should keenly take a look at the control options of the snow blower. A majority of them give leeway for you to engage both the auger and drive wheel by one hand. This gives you the freedom to control the chute with the other one.

Engine power

The functionality of a machine solely depends on its engine capacity. For example, if your blower uses gasoline, you should go for the one with the highest Cubic Centimeter (cc) rating. For the electric powered, you should consider purchasing one with the highest ampere rating.

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Large Tires

The stability of a snow blower depends on the type of tires it rests on. Having the right tires provides traction, therefore, stabilizing the machine.

Great speed controls

A good snowblower should offer room for speed adjustments in both the forward and reverse thrusts.


Having clearly stipulated the types and features of great snow blowers, the bucks stops with you in purchasing the machines. Always carry out a feasibility study on your field before setting out to hit the purchase button.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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