Types of Outdoor Garden Sinks

You may have typically encountered information about sinks being used in homes as this is nothing new really. Sinks are seen everyday in homes in kitchens and in washrooms. But can you imagine having to go inside your kitchen just to wash tools or barbecue racks which you’ve most probably used outside your house?

That would practically create such a huge mess that would take you hours to clean. This is where the practicality of outdoor sinks come in. Whether they are placed in an inconspicuous spot in your garden or in an outside kitchen, outdoor sinks do serve a purpose. They help in maintaining your indoors as clean as possible by keeping outside dirt from entering your house, saving you a lot of time and effort.

There are quite a number of outdoor sinks available in the market these days. However, in buying one, you would have to consider the layout of your house and how you plan to use the sink you buy in order to make a good decision. What types of sinks should you then consider. Here are some brief descriptions of the more common type of sinks to choose from.

In order to maintain a pristine and lovely garden, one must greatly consider the need for water. Imagine having to drag buckets of water from inside the house over and over again, especially during a hot, sunny day!

Wouldn’t things be better if you were to have a sink in some spot in your garden so you wouldn’t have to turn the insides of your home into one watery mess? Added to that, having an outdoor garden sink will even keep those doorknobs clean, especially after digging into all that soil!

Plastic Garden Sinks
Plastic garden sinks are quite popular due to the fact that they are quite inexpensive. Because they are made of plastic, they are lightweight. Owing to the fact that they are lightweight, it is easy for them to be moved around and installed in almost any part of the garden.

Outdoor Garden Sink Stations
These kinds of sinks are usually set up with additional storage space or shelves which act as storage for garden tools other equipment which are needed for gardening.

Mobile Garden Sink Carts
These are portable sink system which can be attached to a hose and moved around the garden. This system is quite convenient, especially in large garden, where it would be time-consuming to go back and forth to the nearest permanently installed garden sink.

There are some homeowners who have outdoor kitchens built for occasions such as backyard barbecue parties. Outdoor kitchen sinks become practical, in this case, when it comes to maintenance of the home. In instances where cooking equipment can become heavily soiled, such as in the case of barbecue pits, outdoor kitchens can be a total blessing!

Outdoor kitchen sinks, just like their indoor versions, are usually made of stainless steel.

They usually come in different styles:
Single bowl types
Double bowl types
Cocktail or Bar sinks
Apron Sinks
Undermount sinks
Top Mount or Drop-in Types

Outdoor Portable Sinks
You can actually say that these are sinks on carts! They are installed on carts with wheels that may include a system of cabinets or shelves. A hose is attached to the cart to serve as the sink’s water supply. You can practically lug this cart around to any place in the garden for convenience.
The use of this type of outdoor sink isn’t limited to gardens though. There are smaller sizes available for those who like going camping as well!

From laundry to large gardening tools that need some cleaning, outdoor utility sinks save you the time and effort of having to carry all these to the inside of your house. These sinks are made from durable materials, usually heavy-duty plastic, that are able to withstand changes in weather, wind, strong sunlight, rain, snow and other elements that your sink outdoor sink can encounter.

Think of this as a portable sink station minus the wheels. They are installed in one part of the garden and since the lack wheels, they cannot be moved around different areas of the garden. Just like other sink stations, they may come with cabinets, shelves or any form of storage space.

Water Source
Always think about the location of your water source before purchasing your outdoor sink. Remember that you have to consider the layout of your water pipes to make sure that they can reach the area where the sink is to be installed. Make sure that the area can accommodate the size of the sink that you plan to buy as well.

There are two ways in which water from the sink can be drained. The first is to directly connect the sink’s drainage to the house’s main plumbing. This is more practical when it comes to maintenance.

Since nothing needs to be cleaned, not like in the case of drainage by means of a hose. In this system, a hose is connected to the drain to serve as its drain. The hose then empties into a bucket which needs to be cleaned using materials like biodegradable soap. Drainage using a hose is usually done when connecting to the plumbing is not possible due to the location of the drain pipes.

The area of the water supply pipes and the drainage pipes may affect your decision when
it comes to the location of the sink. Backyards are popular choices when it comes to installation of fixed outdoor since since pipes are usually laid out in this area.
If possible, consider putting your sink in a shaded spot or, even better under a roof to protect it and you from sunlight, rain or even snow.

Measure the Area
Always measure the area where you plan to place your sink. Take into consideration the cabinets, shelves and storage space in case you plan to install a sink station. Make sure that you have a clearance of at least four square feet in front as well.


How do you drain an outside sink?
Starting from the lowest point, use drain plugs and shutoff valves to connect a water supply line to the line which originates from the inside of your home. The supply line should then be connected to the outdoor ssinl The pipes should be made to go below the outdoor sink baste The sink tubes app then installed using male-threaded adapters.

How do I winterize my outside faucet?
Turn on all the taps in order to drain the water. Switch off the valves to make sure that water rs longer flows through the pipes. Leaves the taps on during wintertime. Insulate all pipes that are located outside your house in order to protect them during freezing temperatures.

How do you hook up a portable sink?
Portable sinks are quite easy to use. They are removed from their packaging and then moved to the location where they are supposed to be placed. The water tank is then filled up and connected to the sink, making it ready for use.

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