Snow Joe SB602E Trimmer Joe Edger Review

The Sun Joe SB602E Trimmer Joe Edger is a powerful yet eco-friendly stringless electric edge trimmer. Rather than hassling with string trimmers that emit noxious fumes and need regular gas and oil changes, this Snow Joe product will have you sprucing up your lawn with ease.

Snow Joe SB602E Trimmer Joe Edger Review

Of course, it’s the specifications of this eco-edger that make it truly worth a look. This tool is no hassle, user-friendly, and produces quality results. Let’s turn our attention to these three qualities that make this trimmer a compelling buy.

No Hassle

Trimming and edging the lawn can be time-consuming. The line in traditional grass string trimmers always needs adjusting and has to be constantly replaced. Rather than struggling with expensive, high-maintenance string trimmers, consider an alternative to traditional trimming that won’t waste your time.

The Sun Joe SB602E is a stringless corded electric trimmer that eliminates the constant hassle of purchasing and untangling the trimmer line. Don’t bother with the trimmer line every time you want to edge. The trimmer uses an advanced and far more convenient blade technology that never requires upkeep and is tangle-free.

Sun Joe SB602E Trimmer Joe Edger Review

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Instead of a line, this trimmer is equipped with a SharperBlade SB 601RB. This is a patented, maintenance-free trimmer blade system that self-sharpens, meaning you always get a crisp cut without ever worrying about replacing the blade or installing a new line.

The trimmer also requires no oil or gas since it’s electrically-operated. This eco-friendly feature doesn’t mean the product is any less powerful than a traditional trimmer; the 4.5-amp electric motor starts with the push of a button. When you’re ready to trim, so is the trimmer, which means no more extra trips to the gas station or pausing for an oil change.

Since the trimmer is electric, you also won’t be bothered by noxious gas fumes. You can enjoy the process of caring for your lawn without breathing in the harmful gas that traditional trimmers emit.

Snow Joe SB602E Trimmer Joe Edger


The Sun Joe SB602E is easy to handle and user-friendly, limiting any challenges you may experience with trimming your lawn.

The trimmer features a Twist-N-Groom head that can rotate up to 180º. The head can also be twisted to convert the tool from a trimmer to an edger, meaning you can cut back difficult patches of weeds and edge your driveway with this 2-in-1 powerful tool.

For maximum maneuverability, the shaft can be adjusted to any length from 8.3 inches to 21.6 inches. With this telescoping pole, you can adjust to your preferred length and trim spots in your yard that are difficult to reach. You never have to sacrifice the quality of your lawn.

Snow Joe SB602E Trimmer

The trimmer also comes with an adjustable, ergonomic handle. This auxiliary handle ensures you have a comfortable yet controlled grip while you work.

While we’re discussing portability, it’s important to note that the trimmer is 12″ x 16″ x 40″ and weighs only 5.6 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a large piece of equipment. Its light yet powerful size allows the trimmer to produce great results with minimal user effort.

Quality Results

Speaking of cuts, the Sun Joe SB602E trims a 12.6 inch swath of grass with every pass. The trimmer’s clean-cut promises a lovely lawn without any jams. Its patented blade technology is self-sharpening, so you won’t have to worry about a dull cut.

Snow Joe SB602E

The trimmer also includes a built-in flower guard. While you’re working in your yard, you won’t have to take extra precautions around your flower bed. This trimmer keeps your garden safe while chopping away at unwanted plants and weeds.

Snow Joe SB602E Review

Snow Joe SB602E: Final Words

This product is great for the eco-conscious gardener as well as those who want low-maintenance tools that make lawn care more enjoyable. Features of the Sun Joe promise an all-around easier experience trimming and edging your lawn. The patented blade and electric motor mean you can spend less time on the upkeep of the trimmer itself and more time working in your yard.

Features such as the adjustable handle, Twist-N-Groom head, and telescoping pole allow users to work comfortably and efficiently while using the tool. The trimmer requires practically no upkeep; users will never have to buy the extra line, gas, or oil for the trimmer. Add in the environmentally beneficial qualities of the Sun Joe SB602E, and this trimmer is easily one of the most compelling gardening tools on the market.

If you’re tired of hassling with trimmer line and gasoline, the Sun Joe SB602E is a great trimmer for you.

Snow Joe SB602E Trimmer Joe Edger Review

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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