Snow Blower Gas or Electric: What to Choose?

When buying a snow blower the most common question that comes up is which is the better snow blower; gas or electric. Well, worry no longer as we’re going to dive in and compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of electric snow blowers and gas snow blowers. Of course, the answer is also going to depend upon the size of the area that is being cleared and the type of terrain that is being worked in. We’ll also do a cost comparison and see what is the more cost-effective option and when spending the extra dollar might make the most sense. Let’s dive in.

Snow Blower Electric or Gas

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Know Your Area

The area that you’re clearing is going to play the biggest role in deciding which type of snow blower gas or electric works for you. If you’re only buying a snow blower as an alternative to shoveling the driveway and your driveway is less than 50 ft in length then an electric snow blower could work quite well.

One of the main difficulties with the electric snow blowers is that they usually use a cord and that means you’re chained to an outlet and have a limited range of motion. If the surface you’re clearing isn’t flat and takes you out farther than 100 feet from an outlet, a gas snow blower is probably going to be more convenient.

Snow Blower Gas or Electric

Ease of Movement

Most people tend to think that electric snow blowers are easier to move around in because they’re lighter and are usually smaller than the more powerful gas snow blowers. One of the biggest cons with electric snow blowers, however, is that they have less power.

Less power means less snow is getting moved and it’s getting moved at a slower rate. There’s less driving force behind an electric snow blower, which means you will have to put in more elbow grease to get it to move forward in the snow. This makes a big impact when working on uneven terrain especially as it can be hard to provide that driving force if fighting against gravity.

Benefits of an Electric Snow Blower

Electric snow blowers aren’t without their benefits, however. They’re usually smaller and lighter which means they’re easier to carry and easier to transport and also take up less space when storing them for the rest of the year. They’re usually cheaper than gas-powered snow blowers and can cost anywhere from $80 to maybe a maximum price of $800.

If you’re environment-conscious they’re also much better for the environment as they do not use gas. Maintenance is easier on electric snow blowers as there are fewer parts involved.

cordless vs gas snow blower

Benefits of a Gas Snow Blower

Gas snow blowers are the de facto tool in areas with heavy snowfall or with frequent snowfall. If you’re in an area where winter lasts longer than 2 months and you regularly get snowfall that is over 8 inches don’t even bother considering an electric snow blower. Gas snow blowers are more powerful and are more effective at moving large amounts of snow. They have more drive than electric snow blowers and deal with uneven terrain better. You can also buy two-stage gas snow blowers for the most difficult of challenges.

Gas snow blowers don’t have a cord, which means your motion isn’t restricted by how far you can safely move around while leashed to an outlet and if you’re like me that’s a big benefit as the idea of snow and electricity is just a bit frightening. The cost of gas snow blowers is a bit higher than electric snow blowers although there are more affordable models as well. You’re looking at a range between $250 to as high as you want to spend really, some models cost over $3000.

electric snow blower


Hopefully, this article was able to provide some insight and inform you on, which might be the better buy: snow blower gas or electric. Most people understand the comparison between the two as it’s similar to the trade-offs between buying a gas lawn mower vs. a push mower.

Electric snow blowers aren’t quite as hard to use as push mowers though. Another con of gas snow blowers that we didn’t touch on is that they can be quite loud at times, so if you’re snow blowing at night you might want a quieter electric model. For me, though, yard work is always going to be loud and the more powerful tool the easier the job and the more enjoyable.

battery powered vs gas snow blower

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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