SILKY Zubat Professional Saw Review

Pruning is an essential activity for any gardening activity for various reasons. Whatever your reasons, though, you’re going to need some tools to achieve your goal, and there are many of them. For larger branches and stems with a diameter above 2 inches, a pair of shears will not do, and you will need a good pruning saw to get the job done.

SILKY Zubat Professional Saw Review

Whether you’re doing it professionally or just working on your back garden, you will still need a good quality saw. The Silky Zubat Professional Saw is the perfect tool for most pruning activities because it combines all you expect from a pruning saw to make your work easier and more effective.

What makes this particular pruning saw so unique?

This particular pruning saw comes out of the Silky Professional edition, which means that it is crafted with the best materials to ensure excellent results every time. The Zubat professional series features four saws with varying lengths from the 240mm, 270mm, 300mm and the 330mm variation. Here, we shall focus solely on the 330mm (~13 inches) saw. Given its length, this saw is capable of reaching higher up branches and even some logs with a large diameter with ease. There’s, even more, going for this saw that should make it the best buy you ever made.

SILKY Zubat Professional Saw

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It is very easy to use

The advantage of using a curved blade is that the curvature increases the driving force of the saw into the branch. Therefore, the design itself improves the speed at which you can cut into anything that needs cutting. Moreover, it helps reduce the amount of effort you would need to use when cutting overhead branches for the same reason. This is why the Zubat has been made into a curved shape.

Not only is the Silky Zubat professional curved, but it also very light and that adds to the efficiency of the saw. First, carrying it around feels next to nothing with its 1.4mm blade thickness made of high carbon steel. There is also a 1.5mm blade thickness variant for those who prefer a sturdier saw for pruning even thicker branches. Regardless of the blade thickness, the materials used to ensure that you won’t feel any additional weight, thus making your job easier.

SILKY Zubat  Saw

Besides its weight, the carbon steel material used in the saw reduces friction as compared to a normal steel blade. With lower friction, it is now easier to cut through larger branches without putting in too much effort.

Finally, large 6.4 teeth per inch make quick work of anything that needs pruning. Larger teeth don’t require as many strokes as smaller ones, and you can quickly be through with the job.

You won’t need to find a replacement any time soon

As a pruning saw in the professional series, it is assumed that you’re going to use a lot of this saw, hence the need to make something very durable.


The folks over at Silky chose to use carbon steel for this very reason, as it reduces chances of rusting because of its resistance to resin action. Also, carbon steel does not need as much care and cleaning as a steel-only blade. Most users of this saw haven’t even had to do any cleaning for months, yet the blade has still not rusted.

The same goes for sharpening; since the material is very durable, there isn’t even a need to sharpen the blade too often. Using a single blade rather than a foldable one also improved durability because there are fewer chances of breakage. To improve upon this, the handle is connected to the blade using durable steel screws.

You should also know that the Zubat saw can also be attached to a pole so that it can be used as a pole saw at the handle. That improves upon the flexibility it can have for different situations.

Free scabbard

Alongside the actual saw is a professional scabbard provided with every order to protect the blade from the elements. Even the scabbard’s design shows the quality of work put in by the makers of the blade because it is well built. Dual steel rollers guide the blade into the scabbard while straps make it easy to wear it around your belt.

SILKY Zubat Professional Saw Review

Silky Zubat: Conclusion

This pruning saw has been made by Silky Saws based in Japan. For over 100 years the company has been producing high-quality saws for sale all over the world, and it is their reputation that has kept them around for so long.

The Silky Zubat professional saw 330mm is no different from all their past great performers, and it is not going to disappoint you at all. That is why it is already a bestseller. Order one today from Amazon and begin enjoying an improved gardening experience.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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