Orbit 62061Z vs. 62056 Watering Timer

If you are on the market for a good watering timer, then you are at the right place! By reading this buying guide, you are going to learn all about the Orbit 620617 and the Orbit 62056. By the time you are finished with this guide, you will know which of these two watering timers is the right choice for you!

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What Does The Orbit 62061Z Offer?

To start off this buying guide, we have the Orbit 62061Z. By using this water timer, you are able to time a single sprinkler. If you are relying on multiple water sprinklers, all connected to the same water valve, then this watering timer will not be sufficient for those needs. But, if you are only using one sprinkler, and only need to time that single sprinkler, then this watering timer will be perfect.

Unlike many other watering timers, this watering timer is extremely easy-to-use. All you need to do, to set up this watering timer, is attach it to your main water outlet. By doing this, ensuring that it’s as tightly connected to the water outlet can be, you can then use the watering timer.

Of course, one thing to note is that this watering timer relies on a battery. More often than not, this battery will last for a very long time. But, with that being said, you will still need to replace the battery after a few months.

On the front of this watering timer, there are a series of different buttons. Each one of these buttons corresponds to the different functions that this watering timer offers. But, what’s especially nice about these buttons is the fact that they are each clearly labeled, outlined, and delineated. That way, you won’t be confused or uncertain as to what does what.

Right after you’ve set up this watering timer, you can then make use of its functions. You will first need to determine when the sprinklers turn on. After you have chosen a time for the sprinkler to turn on, you can then determine the amount of time that the sprinkler will run for. If you want it to run for two-hours, as an example, then you can set the watering timer so that the sprinkler runs for that amount of time. Right after that, you will then determine the frequency in which the sprinkler runs for that period of time- once every other day, for example.

In the end, the Orbit 62061Z is a fantastic watering timer! Due to the ease and convenience it offers, as well as its very useful functions, it’s one of the best watering timers that you can purchase!

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What Does The Orbit 62056 Offer?

The Orbit 62056 is, at first glance, very similar to the 62061Z. In fact, if you take a look at this watering timer, it’s likely that you won’t actually notice anything particularly unique or distinct about it. But, appearances can be deceiving, and this watering timer actually offers several very unique features.

Just as with the 62061Z, setting up this watering timer is extremely easy. All you must do is connect it to the main water outlet, making sure it’s as tight as it can be. Then, right after that, you are able to make use of the different functions this watering timer offers. Functions such as choosing when the sprinkler begins running, the amount of time that it runs for, and the frequency in which it runs. None of these functions are distinct from the ones that the 62061Z offers, but they don’t need to be, because they work very well and allow for a great experience.

When you pick up this watering timer, you will notice just how durable it is. Every little component that comprises this watering timer is strong and durable. Because of this strength and durability, it can last you a long time, without any problems.

More importantly, though, the strength and durability this watering timer offers allows it to withstand intense weather conditions. Naturally, it can withstand intense rain. But, it can also withstand intense snow, ice, and wind. By being capable of withstanding these intense conditions, it offers a degree of durability that simply isn’t found in many other watering timers.

Beyond that, this watering timer also offers a few other cool features. There is a built-in “Rain Delay” function, so that you can delay the timer for a period of time, due to the rain. Plus, you can also choose how much water is used, which is useful if there’s a drought.

Ultimately, if you want a durable and convenient watering timer that offers the best of what the 62061Z offers, then the Orbit 62056 is a great purchase!

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