NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller HWN12-200 Review

Make “smart” work of your gardening needs, all from the palm of your hand, with the NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller. The NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller can water multiple zones of your garden, keeping your plants beautifully hydrated even if you’re away from home. With smart home integration, never before has it been easier to keep your lawn lush, with access not only on the device, but through a web portal and on your smartphone, or through Google Home and Alexa.

NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller HWN12-200 Review

The base unit comes with the ability to water in 12 zones, and is compatible with the NxEco 24-Zone extender, making it possible to water 36 individual zones seamlessly. Included too is the SNAP central management panel and mobile app, which gives the user the ability to manage up to 500 controllers from just a single account.

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Easy Sprinkles 1-2-3

It isn’t necessary to be an expert landscaper or a hacker to have a smart garden anymore. The NxEco app can be installed on both Apple and Android devices, and connects easily to the base unit through Wi-Fi. The app is straightforward, and you are able to name and label each one of your watering zones without hassle, saving confusion and time. You can set schedules within the app, manually override planned waterings, and water on demand.

NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller HWN12-200

To integrate it with Google Home or Alexa, simply link your SNAP account within the Google Home/Amazon apps. You won’t have to imagine the luxury of sitting on your couch on a hot day, enjoying the air conditioning, and saying “Okay Google, water my begonias!”

For those who prefer manual controls, they are fully within your grasp on the base unit. The base unit has an easy to see turn knob that gives you access to all of the features of the irrigation system, as well as an LCD display screen with current settings and the temperature and weather conditions reported by the sensors.

The entire setup is complete in three easy steps, and in fewer than 15 minutes.

NxEco HWN12-200 Review

Saving Pennies, One Drop at a Time

Saving money is easy with the NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller too. It is a part of the EPA WaterSense program, making it eligible for discount offers or rebates in most districts. The base unit also features a rain sensor that can delay scheduled sprinkles. You can feel good, knowing that you’re saving money AND the environment by conserving water during a downpour.

You can also designate complex watering zones and control them independently, so instead of watering your whole garden every time your high maintenance flower needs hydration, it can be attended to individually and prevent wastefulness.

NxEco HWN12-200

The advanced sensors of this unit make both daily weather-based adjustments and monthly seasonal adjustments, and most landscapes have used up to 50% less water when fitted with smart irrigations systems like the NxEco.

And, because the mobile app knows where your garden is based on location sensors, it gathers the necessary weather and temperature data for you. It is like your irrigation system and your digital Farmer’s Almanac, all in one device. The mobile app also has the ability to display your water consumption, so you can literally SEE the savings.

NxEco Smart Sprinkler Controller

Analog Gardener-Compatible

Worried that having a smart irrigation system will require the enlistment of a robot gardener as wellNo need to fear! Your SNAP control management console also gives you the ability to grant authorized user access through a valet system. You can give your gardener or your neighbor access to individual zones or the entire system, but you get to decide what they have access to.

And, because your authorized users can utilize the system from their own smartphones, you do not have to give out your Wi-Fi passwords or account passwords. It also means that you don’t need to set up your NxEco controller somewhere with easy access to the public, or to leave your garage open to give someone access to your sprinklers while you’re away.

NxEco Sprinkler Controller

Global Landscaping

The NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller gives you total control over the health of your landscape and garden no matter where in the world you are — or no matter where in the world IT is. With the ability to manage 500 controllers per account, you could just as easily water your plants in your backyard as you could your lawn at your rental property or summer home somewhere else in the world.

The mobile app and SNAP central management web portal are so easy to setup and use, you can balance some of these fastidious but necessary parts of life without a care. Let the future tend to your landscaping needs – try a smart irrigation system today!

NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller HWN12-200 Review

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