JMFONE Smart Sprinkler Controller Review

“Smart” sprinkler controllers, or any Wi-Fi device, can sometimes be a hassle to install and use. After a lot of research, we found the JMFONE Smart Sprinkler Controller which had almost all 5-star reviews praising it as easy to install, use, and manage. We now see what they meant.

JMFONE Smart Sprinkler Controller Review

This sprinkler controller is one smart device that will make lawn and garden care as easy as using your smartphone. Now let us tell you why this is and what this device is all about.

The controller installs and is ready to use in around 15 minutes with very basic tools. Most people will be able to install this by simply reading the instructions provided; there is no need to call an expensive professional to install it for you.

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To make this device even more convenient and accessible, it connects to your existing Wi-Fi network and has its own application for your smart device (phone, tablet, etc.). If you have an Alexa or Google Home, it also connects to those which allows you to control your sprinklers and the controller device itself with just your voice.

JMFONE Smart Sprinkler Controller

Wi-Fi and App

The device connects to Wi-Fi with one button, but only to 2.4G networks. If you have 5G, it may not connect. This has not been a problem for us since we have two connections (2 and 5G). When it is connected to your existing network, you can control your sprinkler system from your smart device, or the actual remote, with ease.

The app is called “Ama Home” and can be downloaded on most smart devices whether they be Android or IOS devices. From the app, control your sprinklers separately or all at once, and set times and countdowns for watering.

Wi-Fi downThat is not so much of an issue with this smart controller. Although you can’t use your voice or the mobile app if your network is down, you can still use the remote manually with ease.

Technological Adaptability

The JMFONE can be easily set so that it uses your local area information to decide whether to turn on the sprinklers on that particular day. This is a very useful feature because if you schedule watering and forget to turn it off after it rains, you may end up with a very overwatered lawn or garden. Not only will it skip a scheduled watering if rain is predicted, but it will adjust how long the water is on based on the seasons changing. This is all based on your local weather and cloud server data directly from Yahoo.

The irrigation controller allows you to save money on your water bill, using advanced technologies and historical statistics. It allows you to set schedules for each valve zone depending on what each zone needs in terms of watering times. A total of 9 different valve zones can be wired into your controller.

This controller’s technological capabilities will make using your sprinklers a breeze, whether you have the sprinklers at home or at a vacation property.



Install is fast and simple with this device. Simple attach existing wiring for your sprinklers into your new smart controller. It is recommended that you label the wiring before you disconnect it from your old device for even easier installation. After that, you just hang it on your wall and plug it into a nearby electrical socket.

There is a massive transformer brick in the middle of the power cord that connects the device to the wall cord. This could be an issue if you want it to hang free, but a small shelf or table nearby the device and plug to hold it fixes this issue. Some people also bought a replacement cord, but we didn’t find it necessary.

The install is quick and easy, but if you find yourself in need of help at any step of the way the JMFONE customer support is very responsive and helpful.

JMFONE Smart Sprinkler Controller

Final Thoughts

The JMFONE Smart Sprinkler Controller is an easy and efficient Wi-Fi device to control the sprinklers in your backyard. Your sprinklers can be scheduled, controlled, or turned on/off from your phone, tablet, or Alexa. The adaptable technology and ease-of-use put this smart controller on the top of the list for sprinkler controllers, and the reviews agree with that.

JMFONE Smart Sprinkler Controller Review

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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