Helko Werk Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter (Splitting Axe) Review

The Helko Werk Vario 2000 heavy log splitter is the heavy duty axe you’ve been looking for. Helko has been making quality forestry tools since 1844, and their expertise shows.

Helko Werk Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter (Splitting Axe) Review

This heavy log splitter is quality-made with the best materials from Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. Made for the most difficult of jobs, this log splitter is a powerful force against large materials. This unique axe has three main features that make it the perfect tool for tough work: a powerful blade, a sleek handle & accessories, and durable quality. Check out the features that make this axe a quality buy:

Powerful Blade

The Vario 2000 is not to be underestimated. The head weighs in at an impressive 6.7 pounds. The blade is 4 inches in length, and the head totals 7.5 inches long from edge to poll. The head is specially forged with care in Wuppertal, Germany for precision and accuracy.

Helko Werk Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter (Splitting Axe)

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This head has an open face drop, is forged, and is heat treated, and oil hardened. This process ensures the greatest strength and longevity of the blade. The deep wedge, the razor-sharp blade itself is made with German C50 high-grade carbon steel, 53-56 HRC (Rockwell Hardness). This provides a great balance between hardness and durability for a tool that works for you without wearing down.

Sleek Handle & Accessories

Supporting the powerful blade is an equally impressive handle. This handle is made in Switzerland. The handle is Grade A, sustainably-sourced, and FSC certified. Each handle has been individually hand-selected for its strength, grain orientation, and density. This selective process ensures that every Vario 2000 is equally yet uniquely strong.

Helko Werk Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter

The handle is lightly lacquered for the longevity of the tool as well as a clean shine. For a comfortable yet precise hold, the handle is ergonomically shaped and includes a hand grip. The ergonomic design curves slightly, creating the perfectly balanced tool for your splitting needs. The included black-dipped grip allows users to channel and control their strength in comfort while they work.

This product also includes an American-made leather sheath with a welt that provides maximum edge protection. It is vegetable-tanned and fastened with nickel plated rivets. The sheath is secured by an adjustable buckle strap that keeps your axe secured and protected. Thick and dependable, the all-American leather sheath is crafted for the greatest protection of your Vario.

Also included is a 1-ounce bottle of Axe-Guard protective oil. To prevent corrosion of the axe head, users can regularly apply the oil to keep the tool in great condition. The log splitter also comes with an Allen wrench for bolts, in case of users decide to change or replace the axe head.

Helko Werk Vario 2000

Durable Quality

This tool is perfect for the most difficult of jobs. The total weight of the Vario 2000 is 8.5 pounds and is 36 inches long. Its hefty weight and punishing strength combined to deliver a notable striking force. Its powerful chopping abilities include heavy firewood, tree trunks, and large logs and rounds. There are no splitting jobs the Vario can’t do.

Because of its size and weight, this log splitter does demand a certain amount of controlled strength from its user. To aid the operator, the Vario is ergonomically designed for ease of use and includes a grip for maximum control.

Although it is a powerful tool, this axe is not complicated. For the average log splitter, changing an axe head can be a challenging process. The Vario 2000 series eliminates this issue with a simple system that allows users to interchange axe heads from various Vario 2000 splitters with ease. If desired, operators can take out the bolts to remove or replace with other heads from the Vario series.

Helko Log Splitter

Final Thoughts

Quality-crafted and powerfully built, Helko Werk’s Vario 2000 is an impressive log splitter. With a hefty axe head and sharp blade, this tool will certainly get your job done.

The balanced handle and grip make sure you have a user-friendly experience. Included oil and leather sheath accessories are a great inclusion to the product as they ensure the user has everything they need to maintain the tool.

It is clear that Helko has been making their products with their customers in mind since their inception in 1844; you’re sure to be pleased with the Vario 2000. Forceful yet carefully crafted, this Helko log splitter is a great buy for any outdoorsman.

Helko Werk Vario 2000 Splitting Axe

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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