Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM vs GOR800-COM vs GOR1001-COM

Garden carts are designed to withstand heavy loads, wear and tear, and travel on uneven surfaces. You’ll need a reliable garden cart if you’re a landscaper or hobbyist gardener for carrying heavy equipment, pots, loads of soil, and anything else that your arms can’t lift. The biggest difference between a garden cart and a wheelbarrow is its perfect balance due to its four-wheel design.

Gorilla Carts is one of the most popular garden carts manufacturers due to their diverse selection of products that cater to every landscaper and gardeners’ needs. In this article, we’re going to focus on comparing three of their most highly praised carts – the GOR400-COM, GOR800-COM, and GOR1001-COM. Despite their similar names, there are some pretty astounding differences that need to be addressed. With that in mind, if you’re planning on doing some yard work or carry lumber in the near future, which of these carts will best serve youLet’s find out together.

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Weight Capacity

When it comes to the weight capacity of a garden cart, it should only depend on what you’re going to use it for. The GOR400-COM can carry 400 pounds worth of soil, lumber, gardening tools, etc. For the hobbyist gardener, this product should be more than capable of handling whatever you toss onto it.

This product can carry loads of up to 800 pounds without causing damage to the steel frame and tires. The average backyard gardener might not need this tool unless you’re transporting multiple trees, tools, and cans of water. Of course, you could do this with the GOR400-COM, but the GOR800-COM can do it in just a single trip.

The third and largest garden cart that we’re going to talk about today – the GOR1001-COM – can transport items weighing up to half a ton. With this tool, you can transport entire bags of compost, soil, fertilizer, pots, and plants, and a watering can with hundreds of pounds of unused capacity. This tool is specifically designed to help professional workers with carrying extremely heavy items and tools. The GOR800-COM is a definite overkill for the average home gardener.

Conclusion: The total weight capacity of a garden cart should rely on what you plan on doing. If you’re carrying small items – e.g., pots, watering cans, etc. – then you’ll only need the GOR400-COM. The GOR800-COM and GOR1001-COM might be overkill in situations like this. However, if you chop your lumber and need to transport logs by the cord, then the GOR1001-COM might be the most appropriate cart to choose.

Bed Size

The size of the GOR400-COM’s bed is 34 x 18 inches. It’s not exactly a large cart, but it should have enough space for carrying multiple small items, and even a few larger ones, at the same time. With the side walls in place, you can safely stack items on top of one another to make the most efficient use of the available space.

The GOR800-COM features a 38 x 21-inch bed. The roughly 5-1/2-square-feet bed space is large enough for you to place whatever items you wish on top of it, provided the accumulated weight is at most 800 pounds. Like the previous model, you can make use of this tool’s sidewalls to prevent the items from spilling over.

The GOR1001-COM comes with a large 49 x 24-1/2-inch bed for lifting and transporting the largest tools you have. This gives you slightly more than 8-1/3-square-feet of space for placing heavy sacks of cement, bricks, and tools you have on the bed without fear of causing irreparable damage to the tires and bed frame. Detachable side walls can help support these items by keeping them in place when stacked on top of each other.

Conclusion: We can see that between the three models and their different weight capacities, the total size of their beds hardly differs from one another. We can’t decide for you which of these bed sizes is ideal, but we can say that you’ll need to play a bit of Tetris and Jenga to ensure that you’re making optimal use of the GOR800-COM and GOR1001-COM’s weight capacities. Their beds grow disproportionately to their total weight capacity so you’ll need to stack items on top of each other.

Tire Size

The GOR400-COM features four 10-inch pneumatic tires for easy movement across any type of surface. They work extremely well transporting loads of up to 400 pounds with each. These wheels won’t give up on you, even when running over rocks.

The GOR800-COM features the same four 10-inch pneumatic tires that come with the GOR400-COM. Although these tires do well in bearing loads of up to 800 pounds, it can be a bit of a strain to tug the cart behind you. We found that after loading items of 600 pounds and more on the cart, there would be a noticeable flatness to the tires, making it harder to move even on flat surfaces.

The super-beef GOR1001-COM comes with four 13-inch pneumatic tires. The tires do extremely well in maintaining balance and lifting the cart off the ground for proper clearance of any obstacles that may be in their way. With this cart, the only issues you’ll have are loading and unloading items from the bed.

Conclusion: Since the wheels help with both transportation and bearing much of the load’s weight, it’s important to find a garden cart with durable wheels that won’t pop due to the slightest bump or slightest pressure. The GOR1001-COM is in a league of its own with its 13-inch pneumatic tires which serve their purpose well. Between the GOR400-COM and GOR800-COM, since they come with the same sized tires, you can expect better maneuverability with the former than the latter, provided that you’re utilizing them to their maximum capacity.


GOR400-COM and GOR800-COM
Both the GOR400-COM and GOR800-COM come with padded straight handles. These handles let users safely tug the carts behind them as they move. The handles are comfortable to use, with or without wearing gloves. Unfortunately, neither of these tool’s handles can move side-to-side, making turning aright tight corners a bit of a problem.

Unlike the other two models, this unit doesn’t come with a padded handle. This can make tugging the cart extremely uncomfortable with loads exceeding 400 pounds. However, what sets this unit apart is its handle’s ability to be attached to your lawn tractor, allowing you to tug the cart rather than tow it manually. Like the previous models, the handle doesn’t swivel left and right, so be careful when turning around corners.

Conclusion: If you’re only carrying light loads, then be sure that you’re getting either the GOR400-COM or GOR800-COM. The padded handles make it comfortable to tug behind you by pulling it manually. We recommend anybody with a GOR1001-COM invest in a lawn tractor if you don’t have one already. This will make it extremely easy to transport loads of over 800 pounds around your yard.


Unfortunately, we cannot conclude which of these models offers the best overall value. There is no single Gorilla Cart that caters to the exact needs of every gardener of every expertise level and garden of any scale. The good thing is that Gorilla Cart gives you several options to choose from, depending on what you’re doing and how much you need to take with you. For hobbyist gardeners not looking to expand their backyard garden, the GOR400-COM would be the best option to choose. For super-serious gardeners and lumber choppers who work at huge scales, skip the 400- and 800-pound models and get the GOR1001-COM.

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