Fiskars Quantum Lopper, 32-Inch Review

Master gardeners have been choosing Fiskars’ superior craftsmanship for decades. Made from the highest-quality materials and designed for ease-of-use and effective execution, these pruning shears can tackle the toughest branches. From the steel blades to the all-natural cork grip, each element of this product works together to create the perfect solution for your pruning challenges. Let’s have a look at one of Fiskar’s best loppers, the Fiskars Quantum.

Fiskars Quantum Lopper, 32-Inch Review

While a tool with a specific use might initially seem simple, a look under the hood will reveal that meticulous construction puts this gardening tool a cut above the rest. At 3.25 pounds and 32 inches in length, these shears provide maximum mobility while retaining the heft you require to approach difficult pruning jobs effectively.

Scandinavian Craftsmanship

Fiskars are made in Finland by passionate craftsmen who are fully committed to delivering a quality product that will last. Scandinavian design is synonymous with careful attention to detail, and this pair of shears is no exception. Every piece has been chosen with usability and power in mind.

Fiskars Quantum Lopper, 32-Inch

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Premium Steel Blades

These blades are made of fully-hardened European steel that has been precision-ground to cut clean and remain sharp. They are finished with an advanced polymer blade coating that protects against rust, as well as the ever-present hazards of sap and debris that are probably building up on the off-brand pair you keep in the shed. This steel coating also assists the blades in slicing through tough branches by minimizing friction.

All-Natural Cork Grip

Any gardener who has done pruning for a length of time knows that handles and grips are incredibly important. These shears use all-natural cork to maximize comfort. The soft cork’s surface pattern also increases grip retention and provides a warmer feel to the skin. Whether you’re wearing gloves or not, cork’s natural shock-absorbent properties ensure that you the harsh snap often felt when slicing through a branch will be minimized, allowing you to work faster and harder.

Fiskars Quantum Lopper

Aluminum Alloy

The shears’ handles are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes them lighter than steel models with more strength and durability. The alloy also provides incredible resistance to corrosion, keeping your shears in top condition for many years to come.

Innovative Technology

Innovative technology doesn’t always involve electronics – these shears are designed with a special mechanism that increases leverage and makes your cuts three times more powerful. Fiskars’ patented non-circular gearing technology works at the hinge and takes the effort out of making clean cuts while pruning. Brace yourself when you’re up on the stepladder but rest assured that your cuts will be much less jarring as the gear mechanism does part of the work for you.

Shaping yard and garden is a task many homeowners take seriously. Whether your project is do-it-yourself or you work as a gardener professionally, you can depend on these shears as conduits for your vision, never standing in the way of making your dreams reality. This is due in large part to the manufacturer’s unique combination of traditional experience and commitment to innovation, an admixture that has continued to make them a leader in the industry for decades.

Fiskars Quantum

Lifetime Warranty

When a manufacturer stands behind a product, you know that they’re building for quality. These shears, as well as all Quantum line tools, include a lifetime warranty that lets you rest easy. Working in nature, you don’t want to be making extra trips to the hardware store. Keeping your garden shed stocked with durable, quality products means that whether you’re taking a yard day or gardening professionally, you can stay on location and get your work done.

Fiskars Quantum: Conclusion

Maybe you need to clear some brush out back. Maybe you’re in the process of shaping a beautiful young sapling so that it will grow into a stately member of your yard’s family of plants. Whatever the task at hand, Fiskars Quantum Lopper is your best bet. High-quality materials selected for their durability and effectiveness in the field will not let you down.

Fiskars Quantum Lopper, 32-Inch Review

Superior blade construction using European steel combined with innovative non-circular gearing means easy, clean cuts and long product life. All-natural cork handles provide comfort and shock-protection, and aluminum alloy handles make these shears lightweight and durable. Take a pair of these shears home, and you’ll see why Scandinavian craftsmanship is famous. You’ll also see why the manufacturer is willing to stand behind them with a lifetime warranty. Quality like this means that you can’t lose.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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