Efficient Patio Heaters: Electric vs. Propane?

Winter is coming. Though that is one of the most iconic quotes from the hit TV show Game of Thrones, it applies pretty well to the real life as well.

Efficient Patio Heaters: Electric vs Propane

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It’s almost November and the chilly weather is here. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. For those people who had planned outdoor get-togethers, the cold weather might be a turn off for them. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Thanks to outdoor heaters, people can continue enjoying parties while keeping themselves warm. They are almost available in every size, color, shapes and more. One thing however, that should be kept in mind while choosing a heater is which one to go forElectric or PropaneFor that information about both the heaters and how they work must be gathered.

Electric vs Propane

Can an Electric Patio Heater produce heat?

Electric Heaters are really good at keeping the outside areas warm during chilly weather. They are especially good at areas where there’s hardly any ventilation. They generate heat through electricity and are often considered as powerful lamps. The lamps are put in a casing made of steel and are often mounted on walls or put on the floor. They are really easy to use.

All that needs to be done is place the heater at the required place, find a switch nearby, plug it in and you can enjoy the warmth. To keep everyone around it safe, it also come with a glass protection. So there’s no need to worry about things catching fire.

While every coin has a flip side, this does too. Though it can be placed anywhere desired, it requires electricity to work. Unlike some of the gas heaters, which use separate gas sources. They can only be placed where there are sockets nearby. As compared to natural gas heaters, they take some time to heat the surroundings.

Sources of generating heat:

An electric patio heater generate 5,000 BTU’s. They are powered by electricity. Though there are electric heaters that can generate more heat and they require more power, the standard electric patio heater consumes as much as 230 to 240 volts.

Efficient Patio Heaters


To understand how a propane fueled heater works, first thing that needs to be understood is what exactly is propaneThough a lot of people do not notice it, propane is a huge part of our daily lives.

It is used to heat homes and water, cook food, and even for fueling cars. It comes after processing natural gas and refining petroleum. It is also called Liquefied or Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Propane Fueled Heater:

As compared to electric heaters, propane fueled heaters can generate heat much faster. In fact, once they are turned on, they will produce heat. They also generate heat in an intense manner. People find these kind of heaters much convenient; thanks to the fact that they do not require any sockets so you can place them in the center of your patio even to the end of your backyard.

To protect the users from accidents, the heaters come with safety measures. They require a separate propane tank which could be a con or a pro depending on the person. One of the most interesting things about these heaters is that they come in very stylish designs. They produce a great touch where they are being kept.

To keep the heat from increasing or escaping the metal sheet that usually cover these heaters, they come with small steel umbrellas.

Efficient Patio Heaters: Propane vs Electric

Propane and heat?

As it is already mentioned that propane fueled heater can generate heat much more intense than the electric heater, it can release heat as much as 60,000 BTU’s or even more. It works with a separate liquefied petroleum gas or LPG in short.

When you connect a burner with the help of a hose, to the tank containing LPG, the heat is produced. The flame is ignited after the gas is released. This can be done with the help of a lighter or an automatic switch.

Propane vs Electric

Which one to choose?

With the information given above, it is pretty clear that propane fueled heaters are selected by people to help raise the temperature in outside areas.

Although both, electric heater and propane fueled heater are safe to use, the latter can produce much more heat than the former and at the end of the day, it is heat people go after during chilly nights.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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