With the Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller, you’ll never need to worry about if your garden is getting the proper amount of water ever again. Simply connect this smart watering controller to your existing sprinkler system and enjoy caring for your plants from anywhere in the world. Enjoy a beautiful garden without having to spend hours with a hose in your hand.

Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller Review

With the crisp and user-friendly Blossom smartphone and tablet app, it’s easy to create a watering schedule, set the length and frequency of watering for each up to 7 zones, and manually turn your sprinklers on or off—all with the press of a button. It allows you to turn your sprinklers on or off from anywhere, making caring for your garden as simple as sending a text.

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Easy Installation

Setting up your Blossom system is easy and can take as little as 15 minutes. To install, you simply need to mount the Controller onto your wall with the provided screws. The controller is a compact 9” x 9” cube that weighs 2 pounds and protrudes a mere 4” when installed onto your wall.

Once mounted, simply connect the wires of your existing watering system into the Blossom Bracket–no digging or hard labor is required. Connect to your wireless router with the provided Ethernet cable and download the Blossom app. Then, enter the provided pairing code to connect your sprinkler system to your smartphone.

Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller

Smartphone App

With the Blossom app (available from Apple Store or Google Play), you can fully customize your garden’s watering schedule from the palm of your hands. While the app automatically creates a watering schedule based on local weather data, you can also set a custom schedule of watering on both a weekly and monthly basis from your app’s Control Center.

The Blossom is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Because the system is connected to your wireless router, these two personal assistants will be able to control your sprinklers through their shared network. Now, Alexa and Google Assistant can play your favorite album while also making sure your Petunias are getting the right amount of water.

Blossom 7

Set Your Schedule

With the app, it’s easy to set weekly and monthly schedules that keep your plants perfectly watered from day to day. You can turn the watering days of each zone on and off as needed. The app will calculate a new schedule and update itself for the desired changes to be moving forward.

When setting watering times, you can select specific hours or set times that are in relation to the sunset or sunrise. You can also use the “Monthly View” to get a general overview of the schedule you’ve set. By giving you complete control of your garden’s watering schedule, it’s easier to keep your plants consistent, healthy, and thriving.

Blossom 7 Review

Get in the Zone(s)

The Blossom 7 recognizes that your plants are as unique as you are, and will make sure that each one is given the attention that it deserves. With the use of its Xona technology, it’s possible to divide your garden into seven different zones based on vegetation, location, and layout.

You can now use your controller to take the vegetation of each zone into account, meaning you can formulate a unique watering schedule that’s right for each plant type. You can label each zone (Front Yard, Succulents, etc.) and set the length and frequency of watering to ensure that the vegetation in each zone of your garden is properly attended to.

Blossom Smart Watering Controller

Perfectly Watered—Every Time

By using up-to-the-minute weather forecast information, the Blossom 7 will make sure that your sprinkler system doesn’t do the work that Mother Nature has already attended to. The Blossom 7 connects to several meteorological services so it can optimize its watering schedule based on local weather patterns. This means that it waters more frequently on those extra hot summer days and prevents watering after a fresh rain.

Blossom 7 | No-Brainer Garden Care

Simply put, the Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller makes your sprinklers smarter. With its impressive scheduling feature as well as its consistently updated local weather forecast, this smart watering controller is the perfect addition to your smart home arsenal. You’ll never have to worry about your plants getting too much or too little water again. Simply open your app and set a schedule—and you’ll never need to worry about your plants again. The Blossom 7 thinks about what your plants need so you don’t have to.

Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller Review

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