BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 vs DEWALT DCST920P1: String Trimmers

As the first thing that any guest or passerby will see, your yard is an incredibly telling statement about your home and personal style. Maintaining an accessible and inviting yard is especially important if you plan to host a lot of guests in the warmer summer months, as you’ll likely be actively using your yard for grilling out, long matches of corn hole, or simply sitting in lawn chairs and watching the day go by.



But while it’s nice to hear from guests that your home garden is well-manicured, putting in the work to get it to that point is often a pain if you don’t have the right tools for the task. Today, we’ll be examining the Dewalt DCST920P1 and the Black+Decker LSTE523, two models of string line lawn trimmers that can be used to clean up the edges of your yard.

We will be taking a closer look at each model’s general build, battery and motor power, and trimming capability to see which offers the superior trimming capabilities for your home.

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General Build

Dewalt’s DCST920P1 lawn trimmer weighs 14 pounds and is design to feel balanced in your hands, making it more than easy to carry it around the perimeter of your yard no matter how big or small it may be. At slightly over 5.5 feet in length, you’ll be able to comfortably hold this trimmer far enough away from your body to not worry about running into the trimming line as you work.

Once you’re finished, its lightweight design makes it easy to hang up in your garage or shed. You won’t need to engage in any frustrating maintenance projects, as there are no carburetors, spark plugs, or air filters that need replacing. Its quick-start trigger takes the strain and frustration of a manual pull cord out the equation.



Black+Decker’s LSTE523 lawn trimmer weighs a mere 6 pounds and is easy to handle given its initial length of three and a half feet. Its compact design and adjustable handle length make it an ideal tool to use for people of all different heights and strength levels. This model’s trimmer head includes a small all-terrain wheel on the side, which makes it possible to convert your lawn trimmer into an edging tool. To start, you simply need to press the quick start trigger on the handle, which can also be locked with a safety button to prevent unintentional usage.

Conclusion: The Black+Decker trimmer edges past the Dewalt model due to its lighter weight, adjustable length, and ability to quickly and easily convert to an edging tool when it’s needed. Outside of the aforementioned characteristics, however, these two products offer roughly the same general features as far as their builds are concerned.

Battery and Motor

The Dewalt trimmer uses a rechargeable 20V, 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery that comes with a dock for quick and easy charging. Because it’s battery-powered, you’ll never need to spend a dime on gas to trim your yard. Its battery is interchangeable with over one hundred other Dewalt 20V battery-powered tools, meaning that this one battery can completely serve you in your home maintenance and repair needs.



It utilizes a brushless motor, which delegates power usage based on the amount needed for each task. This effectively maximizes the efficiency and durability of your motor and prolongs its life. It also features a patented gear drive system that actively increases the amount of torque that each rotation creates, making it easier to cut through those tougher patches of your lawn.

The Black+Decker trimmer uses 20V to power itself but does not come with a battery, so you’ll need to buy the battery separately or bundle it with the purchase of your trimmer if possible. The maximum possible battery voltage that it employs is 20 volts when running at the higher speed setting, with a normal voltage of 18 volts being used for its slower speed setting.

The 20V MAX batteries that it uses are rechargeable and interchangeable with the rest of Black+Decker’s 20V MAX battery-powered tool line, giving you the potential to use on battery for a bevy of home maintenance tasks. It, too, contains a power drive transmission system for more torque per rotation, giving you more cutting power behind your line.

Conclusion: The Dewalt trimmer sweeps this category due to its included battery that offers a wider selection of tools that it is compatible with. This greater integration potential partnered with its use of a more efficient brushless motor gives it the upper hand over the Black+Decker model when it comes to battery and motor features.



Trimming Capability

Dewalt’s model uses 0.080″ line and is capable of cutting 13” swaths at a time, making it perfect for light trimming work around your yard. It features a bump feed system, wherein you simply push the bottom of your trimmer head against the ground to advance more line.

This saves you time by ensuring that you’ll never need to halt your progress just to reset or replace your trimming line. This trimmer also includes a trigger that can vary the speed at which you are trimming, making it possible to cut through thicker overgrowth like weeds and invasive species like ivy.

Black+Decker’s model uses 0.065” line, which is capable of trimming 12” wide swaths at a time. This size of the line is ideal for home lawn and garden use and is perfect for cutting grass and light weed buildup. It features an easy feed button on the handle that makes advancing your line possible with a simple push of a button, saving you even more time by making the feeding process more streamlined and simple.

Its handle features a dual speed control switch for extended power and runtime possibilities when you need them. By turning the shaft of the trimmer, you’ll be able to convert this weed eater into a lawn edger, which can easily clean up the sides of your walkways.

Conclusion: When it comes to pure cutting power and potential, Dewalt offers the larger cutting area and uses the thicker line of the two models. Even though the Black+Decker trimmer includes the potential to convert to a nifty edging tool, it won’t be able to tackle thicker, more stubborn areas as well as the Dewalt.

BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 vs DEWALT DCST920P1: Cordless String Trimmer Comparison

And the Winner is…

With its advantage in both the battery and motor and trimming capability categories, the Dewalt DCST920P1 lawn trimmer offers the best features overall. We mainly chose this model due to its thicker line and wider cutting radius, as both are features that make it easier to trim thicker grass and weeds.

If you’re looking for more of a general use lawn tool, the Black+Decker model offers similar trimming potential while providing ultra-convenient edging capabilities. While it falls short on trimming power and lost a lot of credit by not including its battery, it is otherwise a fairly comparable lawn trimmer at the end of the day.

DEWALT DCST920P1 vs BLACK+DECKER LSTE523: Cordless String Trimmer Comparison

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