Best Weed Wackers in 2021: String Trimmer Reviews

Today, we are surrounded by choice. When it comes time to buy something – anything – it quickly becomes apparent that, no matter what, you always have a variety of options to choose from. Making the right choice becomes quite difficult when you realize that every single product you have the choice of buying is a little different. Each one has different features and different components, and depending on what your needs and desires are, it can be very difficult discerning which product is the best one for you.

Best Weed Wackers

Naturally, this goes for weed wackers, as well. When it comes to trimming your weeds, you have a lot of different options. This article is designed to help you narrow down what you need to look for and think about when purchasing a string trimmer weed wacker.

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Cordless, Or Corded?

You have two big choices right off the bat: a cordless weed wacker or a corded weed wacker. Now, a cordless weed wacker is great because you aren’t restricted to the length of the cord. If you’re working with weeds that are way outside of the range where there is an electrical outlet – and you don’t want to use an extension cord, or it’s simply impractical – then a cordless weed wacker is the way to go.

However, you are then dependent on the battery life of that particular weed wacker, and if it isn’t sufficient, then you’ll constantly be charging the batteries, making it a bit of a hassle.

If you aren’t working with weeds that are very far away from an outlet, or you have a good, long extension cord, and don’t want to deal with the constant charging and recharging of batteries, then a corded weed wacker is ideal. But, your mobility is lessened.

Weed Wackers

What Is The Design And Mobility Of The Weed Wacker Like?

Mobility is directly tied to the design of the weed wacker. For the most part, most weed wackers weigh between five-to-fifteen pounds. So, they aren’t very heavy but depending on the kinds of weeds that you are cutting; it’s really important to consider the weight of the weed wacker.

It’s also important to know how much cutting you are doing, and how much you need to be able to move the weed wacker around.

Along the same lines, consider the design of the weed wacker, the shape, and how you hold it. These small things will greatly affect your overall experience with the weed wacker, making the process of trimming either very enjoyable or very annoying.

String Trimmer Reviews

How Powerful Is The Motor?

Usually, most weed wackers have motors that are in between three-amps, and twelve-amps. Now, the higher the number of amps, the more powerful – and expensive – the weed wacker is. However, don’t mistake a higher number of amps for a better product. You see, while it is always nice to have access to that extra power, it isn’t always the most viable option.

If you are only doing light trimming, and don’t have any sort of landscaping business or aren’t working on, say, a farm, then it’s probably not the best idea to get a weed wacker with that level of power, because you won’t need to use it, and it won’t be the best use of money.

Now, if you are doing more intensive trimming, then go for the most powerful motor. But, if you are buying a cordless weed wacker, understand that the battery life may not be that great. This isn’t always the case, but for the most part, you won’t have access to the greatest battery life, and so a corded weed wacker might be a better choice.

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Is The Automatic Feed System Any Good?

This is the last thing you need to consider, and you won’t find this on the product page. Instead, you’ll need to do some of your own research, by reading reviews and listening to the opinions of others who have used the weed wacker before.

Most weed wackers have conventional automatic feed systems. But, many have really bad automatic feed systems that require constant management and troubleshooting. You don’t want those weed wackers, because they turn what should be a simple and relatively easy process, into something that takes far more time and energy than is necessary.

The best automatic feed systems continually supply the string without stopping – or at least, stopping very infrequently – and require very little maintenance. Read the reviews of the products, and it’ll reveal this particular information, enabling you to make the right choice of weed wacker!

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Weed Wacker | Bestseller

Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Electric Corded String...
Lightweight construction; Includes a 3 year warranty

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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