Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters in 2022: Buying Guide

If you own a home, with a yard, then you are familiar with the fact that, as time passes, the yard becomes more and more chaotic. Plants bloom. The grass sprouts up. Trees become larger and larger. And, eventually, you realize that your lawn, the once elegant and beautiful space, has now become chaotic and overgrown.

It’s time for a trim, but it looks like this isn’t going to be any ordinary trim. It can’t be. Instead, it’s going to be a bit more difficult, because there is a lot of brush that needs to be cut up, and before you can even do that, you need to figure out what you are going to use to trim all of this stuff up.

When you go to a home and garden store or go online, you’ll find that there are so many different choices available to you, when it comes to tools designed to cut up thick brushes. And, it can be very difficult to find the best tool that will make the job the easiest and the most enjoyable for you.

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Walk Behind Brush Cutter | Recommended

Last update on 2024-03-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Walk Behind Brush Cutter | Recommended

Last update on 2024-03-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

As you may have gathered, from the title of this buying guide, one of the best tools for the job is a brush cutter. Not just any brush cutter, though a walk behind brush cutter. These brush cutters are quickly becoming very popular, and for good reason: they are some of the best brush cutters on the market, today, and they offer a significant amount of efficiency and precision when it comes to cutting brushes of all sorts, and they are also fairly inexpensive.

Today, in this buying guide, you’re going to learn all about these brush cutters. You’re going to learn all about what they do, what they bring to the table – in terms of the advantages and benefits that using one of them gives you – and you are also going to learn about what you need to look for and think about, when searching for the very best one, the one that will make a cutting brush, of all sorts, an easy and efficient experience.

To start, we’re going to define what a walk behind a brush cutter is, and then we’ll move on from there.

What Is A Walk Behind Brush Cutter?

Let’s define what “brush” is, first, so that you have a better idea of what this brush cutter does, in a more particular sense.

The brush is a term that refers to things like weeds, grass – of the tall and excessive sort – thickets, brambles, and all kinds of other plants and garden debris that leads to a chaotic and messy yard. Most people use the word “brush” to refer to anything that they want to get rid of because they don’t want it in their yard.

So, a brush cutter is a device that has been designed to cut things like weeds and grass, along with thickets and brambles, and other plant matter that you want to get rid of. And, there are a lot of different brush cutters out there, many of which are fairly similar.

A walk-behind brush cutter is a bit different from the other brush cutters on the market because these brush cutters have been designed with versatility and mobility behind them. As the name would suggest, you can walk around with these brush cutters, in all manner of places and spaces, and they are comfortable and easy to hold and maneuver, which is especially useful if there is the brush in all kinds of other spaces that are harder to reach with a larger and less mobile brush cutter.

What Are The Unique Advantages That A Walk Behind Brush Cutter Gives You?

With any brush cutter, you can cut brushes, of all sorts, easily and effectively. This is not something that you will find in many of the other garden cutting devices, because brush cutters have been designed with this as their primary feature. So, that is one of the biggest advantages.

The other biggest advantage is the fact that, as we mentioned earlier, a walk-behind brush cutter is a brush cutter that gives you far more mobility and freedom, than many of the other brush cutters that are on the market. With this type of brush cutter, it’s significantly easier to walk around your yard and cut all of the brush within your yard, than it is with another type of brush cutter, which will be a bit larger and a bit more difficult to control and maneuver around.

Finally, in recent years, brush cutters have gone down in price, by a great deal. The same is true of walk behind brush cutters, and you can find a great one for a nice, inexpensive price.

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider?

In this section of the buying guide, we’re going to be diving into individual considerations and features that will greatly affect the entirety of your experience with the brush cutter. Now, these aren’t complex devices, so this is not going to be a particularly elaborate section, but it is very important that you consider what we are talking about.

How Much Horsepower Does The Brush Cutter Offer?

We’re going to start with one of the most important considerations of them all, and this consideration has to do with the horsepower that the brush cutter offers. Horsepower, generally speaking, refers to the amount of power that the brush cutter offers, in terms of its ability to power the blades and to create a smooth and speedy brush cutting process.

You’ll find some variety when looking at the different brush cutters on the market, but the ideal horsepower is dependent on your needs.

For example, if you have a big yard and you want to cut through the brush in that yard quickly, you should aim for horsepower of sixteen-to-eighteen. If you don’t need that much power, then twelve, or even ten, should be just fine.

How Long Is The Cutting Capability?

When we talk about “cutting capability”, in this context, we’re talking about the length of space that the brush cutter can cut, in a single motion, rather than having to move back and forth, between a particular space.

If you have a larger yard, then you are going to need a walk behind brush cutter that has a larger cutting capability – or, rather, you’ll probably want one – because this type of cutting capability will make the entire process of cutting up all of the brush in your yard a lot faster, and a lot easier, since you won’t need to move around as much, to adjust the brush cutter.

However, if your yard is smaller, then you don’t need to have as large of a cutting capability. The ideal cutting capability for a larger yard is twenty-two inches, but for a smaller yard, sixteen inches is plenty.

How Big Are The Wheels?

Without talking about the specific size of the wheels, there is something that you need to consider when thinking about the wheels of the brush cutter.

Here’s the thing, with smaller wheels, it’ll be easier to move around on less flat terrain, or just a bit bumpy. But, with bigger wheels, that’s going to be a bit more of a challenge, and the experience will be a little difficult.

So, this being the case, if you have a yard that is chaotic and full of bumps and small hills, then make sure to buy a brush cutter that has smaller wheels, because this will give you a lot more mobility and flexibility.

If you have a flat yard, though, then bigger wheels will work just as well, and the experience will be easy and smooth when it comes to moving the brush cutter across the yard and cutting up the brush.

What Types Of Brush Are You Going To Be Cutting?

Finally, this last consideration is less of a feature, and more of a general question that you must answer, before buying your new walk-behind brush cutter.

What types of brush are you going to be cutting? Will you be cutting thick layers of grassWeedsWhat types of brush will you be cutting, with your new walk behind the brush cutter?

By answering this question, you will know what type of brush cutter is best for you, because there are brush cutters that are designed for different tasks, and you’ll be able to see that when you look at them and read about what they are designed for.


Walk-behind brush cutters are some of the best brush cutters on the market. And, to buy one, it is important that you know what you are cutting, and you are familiar with the different features and traits that they have. By reading this guide, you won’t have any issues finding a great one!

Walk Behind Brush Cutter | Recommended

Last update on 2024-03-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Walk Behind Brush Cutter | Recommended

Last update on 2024-03-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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