Best Vinyl Fences in 2021: Buying Guide

In recent years vinyl fences have become increasingly popular. Part of this is because these type s of fences are actually quite new, since they were only introduced into the market during the mid-1980s, and it did take a number of years before they actually caught on, and became as popular as wooden fences.

You see, wooden fences are very nice. On an aesthetic level, they are absolutely stunning, and many of them are very well-made, offering strength and durability. However, wood, as a material, isn’t really that strong, in the grand scheme of things. There’s a lot that it can endure, and there’s a lot that it really can’t. Besides, after a few years, wood fences have a tendency to rot and degrade, and when this happens, you will need to replace the wooden fence, because it is no longer usable.

With vinyl fences, however, this is less of a problem, since these fences have been designed with durability in mind. They are designed to withstand the elements, and the intense power that elements can bring. Along with that, many people have used vinyl fencing for holding horses and other animals within the confines of a farm, and due to the strength of these fences, those animals are able to held in the farm, without any problems.

Wooden fences, on the other hand, aren’t quite as good at doing this, and in some cases, they have been known to seriously injure horses and dogs, among other animals, that attempt to escape.

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Vinyl Fence | Bestseller

Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi-Permanent...
Fence can be easily removed and re-installed; Perfect to contain small pets or small children; not recommended for large dogs

When you look at vinyl fences, you’ll find that there are quite a few of them on the market. So many, in fact, that it can be very difficult to actually find the right fencing for yourself. In this buying guide, we’re going to solve that problem by looking at the best vinyl fences. Or, rather, we’re going to be looking at the different qualities and attributes that the best vinyl fences possess, and from this information, you will be able to find the best fencing for yourself, that fulfills all of the related needs and desires that you have.

However, before we are able to do that, we’re going to define what vinyl fencing is, as well as the unique benefits that it offers, in comparison to the other types of fences that are available on the market.

So, What Are Vinyl Fences, And What Advantages Do They Offer?

In the 1980s, vinyl fencing was introduced. And, it wasn’t very popular with regular homeowners, until recently, because, at the start, this type of fencing was used mainly for people who had farms and needed to keep their animals within the farm, but needed something that was stronger than wood fencing.

The other reason that it was popular, however, has to do with the fact that, when you compare vinyl fencing with wooden fencing, the prices for vinyl fencing are much lower, and, along with that, vinyl fencing is also far more durable and requires significantly less maintenance, which is a huge advantage for many people who don’t have the time, or inclination, to properly maintain a wooden fence.

Wooden fences have a tendency to rot, and they do attract termites. Every so often, you’ll need to use sealant and some primer to keep the wooden fence in tip-top shape. As time goes by, they also fade a little bit, and this can be problematic, as well. Over time, wooden fences tend to degrade and get worse, and they do require quite a bit of maintenance, even when they aren’t that old.

Vinyl fences are the opposite, though. All you need is a little bit of water, and a little of soap, in order to clean the fencing, and to make sure that it looks nice. While there are occasional mildew problems, these are infrequent, and vinyl isn’t a porous material, so it isn’t difficult to remove the mildew, but, if you leave the mildew on the fence for too long, it will stain.

As a result of these features, many people have chosen vinyl fencing over wooden fencing. On an aesthetic level, as well, vinyl fencing looks quite similar to that of wooden fencing, even if there is a small difference, and this is another reason why this type of fencing is so popular.

However, in the end, vinyl fences are popular because they offer durability and a lack of required maintenance that many people find to be incredibly appealing and useful, since it gives them more time to focus on the other aspects of owning a home, and managing yard.

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider?

The process of buying fencing of any sort isn’t particularly challenging. In fact, it’s actually pretty simple, since there isn’t a lot of individual components that comprise a fence, or your experience with that fence.

However, there are various elements that are incredibly important, when it comes to your overall experience with the fence, and we’re going to be talking about those, in this section of the buying guide.

What Style Of Vinyl Fencing Do You Want To Purchase?

Here’s the nice thing about fences: there are a lot of them, and there are a lot of different styles. This truth is apparent when you look at the different fences that are made of vinyl. There are so many different styles and aesthetics, that you have quite a few choices, which can make things a little difficult, if you aren’t entirely sure what type of aesthetic you want for your yard, or whatever area you are going to fence.

In the end, the best way to solve this problem is to look at the different styles – things like the lattice top style, the picket fence style, the post and rail style, among many others – and then to see which one looks nice to you. And then, consider the area that you will be fencing, and whether or not that fencing would look nice within that area, and if it would go with the general ambience of the area. If you don’t think it would, then it’s best to find a different style.

Ultimately, though, the style of the fencing that you will purchase is a very subjective thing, and there isn’t any one way to determine what the style should be, or whether or not that style is “good” or not.

How Much Fencing Do You Need, And Where Will You Be Installing It?

Here, we have one of the most important questions of them all. This is a very important question because if you are unaware of the amount of fencing that you need, then you are going to have a difficult time choosing the other aspects of the fencing. It’s important that you also know where you will be installing this fencing, because without this, then you aren’t able to say how much fencing you need.

Before you even begin to search for good fencing, make sure that you have, at the very least, an idea of where you will be installing this fencing. Just a general idea should work, but when you buy the fencing, you’ll need something a bit more specific. Determine where you will set it up, and then measure that space, and figure out how much fencing you actually need. You can hire someone to do this, or you can do it on your own. Both approaches are certainly valid, and you shouldn’t have any trouble with this part.

Then, when you order the fencing, you will know exactly how much you need, and you will know exactly where it needs to be.

How Durable Is The Fencing?

Durability is one of the biggest concerns, when buying any type of fencing, but it is especially true of fencing that happens to be made out of vinyl. You need to know how durable the fencing actually is, and how well it will support your purposes.

If you own livestock, and intend to use this fence to keep that livestock within your yard, then you’ll need a strong fence. If you just want to have a nice, aesthetically pleasing fence for your yard, and you don’t own any animals – or you don’t any animals that would actually be able to destroy the fence – then you don’t need especially durable fencing.

To figure out the durability of the fencing, you can read the reviews, which are always a good source of information, and you can also look at the different features that the manufacturer has emphasized. If they have emphasized durability, and specific applications for the fencing, this is a very good sign that the fencing will be able to suit your purposes!


Vinyl fences are fantastic! But, it isn’t always the easiest, finding the right vinyl fencing for your purposes, because there are just so many options out there, and so many things to consider and think about. With this buying guide, that task is made a lot easier!

Vinyl Fence | Bestseller

Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi-Permanent...
Fence can be easily removed and re-installed; Perfect to contain small pets or small children; not recommended for large dogs

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