Best Tree Trimming Ladders in 2021

Preventative maintenance in overall tree care is pivotal. Professional arborists such as The Local Tree Experts provide a variety of services to ensure that your trees remain healthy and well-groomed. However, it’s important that in between service appointments, you perform minor tasks to maintain your trees’ health and appearance.

If you’re new to tree trimming and being an arborist, you’re in luck because you’ll learn all about the process; as well as the equipment and accessories required to take care of your tree trimming desires.

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Safety Gear
Safety gear is fundamental when it comes to any tree trimming work because it can be incredibly dangerous – especially with the heavy lifting. You can tackle smaller tasks yourself, but even if you feel that the task at hand is relatively easy and your risk is minimal, be sure to always wear eye goggles and gloves.

Other kinds of safety equipment you should wear are headgear protection, proper shoes, and UV protection, as well as hearing protection when performing the task with noisy equipment. If you are tree trimming near a road, in the dark or around a high traffic area, be sure to wear highly visible clothing. If your work requires a chainsaw, you should also wear leg protection.

Tree Trimming Ladder
Once you’re wearing the correct clothing and safety equipment, you’re ready to get to work. Unless you’re trimming a tiny tree, you’ll most likely need a tree trimming ladder and there are numerous types of ladders you can use to perform tree trimming work.

You may only require a step ladder to reach the full height of the tree if the tree isn’t particularly large. If you opt for a step ladder to perform tree trimming duties, there are a couple of things you need to watch out for. Firstly, make sure that the spreader is secure and stable before climbing up and never forget that you shouldn’t ever stand on the top step.

If a step ladder doesn’t reach the height you need, then an extension ladder may be required. If you are using one of these types of ladders, make sure you raise it to the correct height and don’t forget to lock both sides.

In addition, ensure the bottom of the ladder is firmly planted on a level ground prior to ascending it. You should also follow the four-to-one rule for proper positioning of the ladder.

Once you have positioned the extension ladder properly, make sure you hold onto the side rails with both hands while climbing up or down the ladder. You must be careful and try avoid standing on the top three steps of an extension ladder and should always centre your body between the rails of the ladder while you’re on it. It’s also a bright idea to use a safety belt or full-body harness for added protection. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to use the extension ladder properly and safely.

If your yard is uneven or has a soft surface, a tripod ladder could be the best option for you. These kinds of ladders are unique because they have three legs, which enable the user to have additional support and steadiness on challenging terrain. However, tripods can lead to many accidents if not used or setup properly so it’s important that you take precautions when using one.

One crucial safety precaution is that the back of the tripod ladder should be moved towards the centre of the tree to provide additional support in the event of a slip or fall. It’s key that you review these important steps to make sure you’re using a tripod ladder safely and correctly.

Another option you can use is a closed-top ladder for tree cutting which has two rails join at the top and come together. Closed-top ladders are great tree trimming equipment for people who enjoy pruning because the closed top provides additional stability and also fits firmly into a tree limb crotch.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Tree Trimming Ladder

It can be confusing when buying a tree trimming ladder because everyone’s demands are unique but at the same time, there afre many options to consider. Here is a checklist that will help you make the correct choices when it comes to ladders.

Size and Storage
There is a huge array of choice of sizes and shapes available in the market when it comes to ladders. Pick a ladder that suits your height needs and one that helps you reach the places that you might want to in your house or backyard. Also, choose one that can be stored somewhere at your house or garage without requiring unnecessary storage spaces.

Your safety always needs to be prioritised when it comes to work tools because accidents can be dangerous and costly. It’s essential that you purchase ladders that provide many safety features and that are durable and stable. It is always advisable in the long run to invest more in safer products than on medical bills for work accidents.

Evaluate Your Needs
Before going out to choose ladders – evaluate and understand the nature of your ladder needs. The kinds of ladders that you pick will differ based on your requirements.

Tripod ladders are the best option if you your sole reason for needing a ladder is for gardening. You can opt for other types of more conventional ladders if you need to use them for various home needs such as renovations or gardening.

Always keep an eye out to see if the ladder can provide for all your needs, rather than just one.

Precautions for Tree Trimming
Tree trimming is a hazardous duty that can be extremely dangerous if you’re not sensible. Here is a list of precautions you should follow before tree trimming:

Ensure that the ladder is stable and that the locks are intact.

Choose appropriate work gear to ensure that your body, hands and eyes are well protected.

Make sure you have help nearby while undertaking the task and never trim trees when alone.

Always ensure that you’re confident with your ladder steps and that you have picked the right ladder/ ladder position for the duty.

Be cautious of tiny animals, bees and insects residing on trees.

Final Conclusion
The major challenge with jobs performed at height is that you can never feel completely safe on a ladder that has to lean against a structure. The risk of losing balance or the ladder falling backward can make it stressful. This is why a tripod ladder is often the best option because it’s free-standing and can be used anywhere due to its adaptable legs so could by the safest option for you because you will feel more secure and grounded.

We hope this brief guide was helpful in your quest to find the best garden tripod ladder. Which type of ladder impressed you the most? We would like to know.

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