8 Best Tiles for Your Outdoor Patio in 2022: Buying Guide

Patios are lovely. With a nice patio, you have a wonderful space where you, and your friends and family, can spend quality time together. This space is outdoors, so you can feel that breeze, the sun’s rays, and a sense of being close with not only your family but that of nature, the world that is outside of your house.

Today, more and more people are becoming interested in setting up a good outdoor patio. A patio that looks nice, while also serving as a comfortable spot to relax on, and to have various family gatherings, among other purposes.

It isn’t difficult to see why these outdoor patios are becoming so much more popular because they are amazing spaces. Spaces where you can be outdoors, cooking on a grill, or sitting by a fire pit, or simply lying down, on a patio chair, and relaxing with a good book.

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Patio Tiles | Recommended

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Patio Tiles | Recommended

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Our Recommended Tiles for Your Outdoor Patio in 2022

8) Sunnygalde Flooring Tiles

Just as the name suggests, these tiles measure 12-inches by 12-inches. You receive six of them, in total, when you purchase this pack. Each tile consists of four slats, which allows rain and snow to drain from your patio and out onto the ground below.

Sunnygalde 12"x12" Wood Plastic Interlocking...
  • Easy to Install: These deck flooring tiles have an interlocking design base for easy do-it-yourself...
  • Unique Design:Our wooden tiles has a simple, beautiful design that can be used indoors and outdoors,4 slats...
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use: The interlocking deck tiles has PE platform base allows for adequate drainage and...

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7) Pure Garden 50-147

The six tiles contained in this pack measure 11.5-inches by 11.5-inches. Each tile interlocks with one another, and consists of a pleasant, if familiar, pattern. The pattern is open, making it easy for water and snow – among other materials – to drain off of the tile and onto the ground.

Pure Garden 50-147 Multipurpose Indoor/Outdoor...
  • OUTDOOR PAVERS - This 6-pack of balcony flooring boasts a design that enables airflow and water drainage for...
  • FUSS-FREE INSTALLATION - Install the patio deck tiles quickly and easily without using any tools. Before...
  • AMPLE COVERAGE - Plan home improvement projects with these patio floor tiles. Each deck tile measures...

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6) Sorbus Grass Mat

As the name implies, these tiles are grass mat tiles. Artificial grass is comfortable to stand off, in your barefeet, and comfortable to sit on.

The twelve tiles this pack consists of measure 48 square-feet, in total. You can use these tiles for an outdoor patio, as well as various indoor spaces.

Sorbus Grass Foam Floor Tiles - 12 Interlocking...
  • Fake Grass Floor Mat: 12 tiles, 24” x 24” each to a total of 48 Sq ft “Borders Included”. The Sorbus...
  • Interlocking Foam Tiles: Foam floor mats for kids interlock with a simple puzzle connection for a secure,...
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Suitable for indoor spaces such as the playroom, recreation room, basement, home gym,...

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5) INTERBUILD Teak Hardwood

The ten tiles in this pack measure 12-inches by 12-inches. On each tile, there are twenty small slats. Each slat allows for water and snow to fall off of the tile and onto the ground. Due to the sheer number of slats on each tile, they are great for patios that will be experiencing plenty of rain.

Interbuild Acacia Hardwood Interlocking Patio Deck...
  • Design & Aesthetics: Hardwood tiles offer a warm natural elevated look made from Acacia wood can be used both...
  • Sustainability: Our wood tiles are weather resistant FSC-certified Acacia wood. Better alternative to plastic.
  • Dimensions: Each interlocking tile is designed with 20 short slats. 11.69" x 11.69" x 0.59" or 1 sq. ft. per...

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4) Abba Patio Decking Tiles

Each tile in this six-piece tile pack is made of a premium plastic composite material. Due to being made of this material, they are completely water resistant, ensuring that they will not fade, rust, or break down as time passes. Along with that, there are slats along each tile, ensuring adequate drainage.

Abba Patio 6 Pieces 12.4" x 12.4" Decking Tiles...
  • SLIP RESISTANT DESIGN - The textured surface and slat design with grooves in between each slat board increase...
  • WATER RESISTANT PREMIUM MATERIAL - The premium plastic composite material will not fade, or scratch like...
  • EASY INTERLOCKING INSTALLATION - Easy to install. Just snaps together. The deck tiles interlocking design...

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3) VIFAH V355 8-Slat

Just as the name suggests, each tile in this pack of ten tiles contains eight slats. Each slat creates a unique pattern, and ensures that water/snow has a place to fall into.

Every tile in this pack is made of acacia hardwood, which is a beautiful, yet durable material. If you want something with a little aesthetic flair, these tiles are a great choice.

VIFAH V355 8-Slat Acacia Hardwood Interlocking...
  • QUICK AND ELEGANT UPGRADE: Update your balconies, patios, and decks to a modern, minimalist yet sophisticated...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: This flooring assembles easily in minutes without any tools needed; Tiles click together like a...
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL AND SMART DESIGN: Pre-treated, expertly kiln-dried 100% Acacia Hardwood provides extreme...

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2) RAKYTO Flooring Tiles

The RAKYTO Wood Interlocking Flooring Tiles consist of ten tiles, each one measuring 12-inches by 12-inches. You can attach these tiles to one another with ease. Each tile supports a number of different connections, allowing for alternate angles. All of this allows for plenty of flexibility.

Wood Interlocking Flooring Tiles (Pack of 10, 12"...
  • ★ STUNNING INDOOR AND OUTDOOR DECOR: Your acacia wood interlocking floor tiles look fantastic on any surface...
  • ★ EASY INSTALLATION: Your interlocking tiles have multiple fittings so they easily click together like a...
  • ★ CUSTOMIZABLE: While strong, you can easily cut these interlocking tiles with a small handsaw to ensure...

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1) BIRDROCK HOME 12 x 12

The three tiles within this pack measure 12-inches by 12-inches. Along with that, each tile is made of strong, solid, durable rubber, with a unique design on the surface of each tile. Both of these features allow for a reliable tile, that looks excellent.

BIRDROCK HOME 12 x 12 Rubber Stepping Stones Tile...
  • STURDY & SOLID: create a sturdy and solid surface on gravel, dirt, grass or concrete
  • EASY ACCESS: create a solid pathway through your garden or flowerbed so you can access it easier. Allows you...
  • DURABLE RUBBER: constructed of durable, high quality rubber that will provide a sturdy surface for years to...

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Tiles for Your Outdoor Patio

When it comes to setting up an outdoor patio, there are a variety of considerations that go into the process. Many of these are pretty self-explanatory, such as choosing where the outdoor patio will be, and then considerations with regards to the general size and shape of the patio. But, there are some smaller considerations that people tend to overlook, which usually isn’t the best idea.

One of these considerations is also a consideration that would appear to be quite obvious, but it isn’t. You see, many people are well aware of the aesthetic benefits that a good outdoor patio can add to your home, but they aren’t entirely sure about the different types of aesthetics, and the aesthetic choices within those aesthetics, that are available to them.

It can be a little challenging, finding the right colors to use and the right flooring, amongst all of the other things that must be accounted for. After all, many other considerations go into an outdoor patio, and many of them are rooted in practicality, rather than aesthetics.

However, this doesn’t mean aesthetics aren’t important. Because they are, they are. And, in this buying guide, we’re going to be talking about one particular type of flooring that has become very popular, due to its strong aesthetic elements.

Tile flooring, for outdoor patios, is a wonderful choice. Tiles are very flexible materials, in the sense that they support all kinds of different styles and aesthetic choices, so it’s easy to find one that fits your tastes. Along with that, they aren’t that expensive, not anymore, and they can be pretty easy to install, as well.

We’re going to be taking a look at the considerations that go into finding the best tile flooring for your outdoor patio – and remember, this is very much a subjective process – as well as the different features and attributes to consider. However, before we do that, we’re going to talk about the unique qualities of tile flooring, and why they are one the best types of flooring, for your outdoor patio.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Tile Flooring, For My Outdoor Patio?

Tile flooring is, first and foremost, a very beautiful type of flooring. Tiles can be colorful and stylish, or a bit more subdued, yet evocative and atmospheric.

Simply put, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to the types of tiles that you can find, and the types of tiles that you can buy and install in your outdoor patio. But, due to the myriad of advancements within this particular market, almost all of them are quite beautiful, in their unique way.

Since outdoor patios are designed to look nice, this is a very important consideration, and it would be wise to remember this, while also considering how you want your outdoor patio to look when it comes to the flooring.

Many types of tile flooring are quite durable. You won’t have to replace or repair them that much, if at all, which is incredibly nice, because this saves you a lot of time and energy, down the road.

Not every type of tile flooring is particularly durable, or strong, but most of them are, and this is something to remember.

If you do need to repair the tile flooring, it’s usually pretty easy, because you can remove the specific tiles that need to be repaired – keep in mind, this does depend on the type of tile flooring that you have – and then you can repair that individual tile, rather than having to take out the entirety of the floor, to fix one or two individual tiles.

Finally, the last advantage that we’re going to talk about in this section of the buying guide is that tile floors are not only easy to repair but easy to install, as well. Tile floors are not difficult or obtuse when it comes to the installation, and this is something that sets tile flooring apart from the other types of flooring that you can use for outdoor patios.

What Do I Need To Consider And Look For?

In this section of the buying guide, we are going to look at two things. First off, the things that you need to consider and think about when it comes to the type of tile flooring you want for your patio. And the second thing is specific features and attributes that you should look for, due to the advantages that they will give you.

How Much Tile Do You Need?

We’re going to start right off with one of the most obvious considerations of them all. You need to be aware of just how much tile you need. This is something that you must know before you buy anything because it not only directly affects the process of installing this particular tile floor, but it also affects the cost.

Many types of tile must be bought in sets. Depending on the size of a single set, and how many tiles you need, you might need to pay a lot of money to cover your patio, or not that much money at all. It can be very difficult to tell if you don’t know the exact amount of square feet you need to cover, and how large a single tile is.

What Do You Want Your Tile Floor To Look Like?

The next thing you need to consider is what you want your tile floor to look like. Think in terms of color, as well as general style and design.

For your tile floor, do you want it to be simple and basicWhat kinds of colors do you want it to haveWhat feelings do you want the tile floor to evokeDo you intend to paint your tile floorIs there a specific design you want?

Flooring of any sort is built around practicality and aesthetics. So, make sure to consider these questions, and what they mean for your tile floor.

What Type Of Material Are The Tiles Made Out Of?

Hardwood is one of the most popular materials for tile flooring, and it’s not hard to see why. For one thing, it’s cheap. But, it’s also versatile. You can paint it and repaint it, and you can also cut it and transform it, with ease.

In terms of durability, it is also very strong and durable. But, it is susceptible to things like corrosion and mold, depending on the types of resistance that it has.

Plastic is used for tile flooring, too. But, it isn’t as popular as hardwood. If you want something that does look quite nice, though, and that is UV protected, then plastic is not a bad choice, by any means. It is also quite versatile when it comes to the different styles that you can find.

Finally, the other material that you will see a lot of is stone. Stone is by far the most durable material, and it is also very beautiful. But, it’s heavy, expensive, and a bit difficult to install. If you want something strong and durable, while also being beautiful, this is a good choice.

What Types Of Resistance And Protection Does It Have, If Any?

Make sure the tiles that you buy have some type of resistance because this will make things easier, down the road.

Specifically, moisture resistance, as well as UV resistance and, if possible, resistance to microorganisms, such as mold. With these types of resistance and the protections that they entail, you will have some very strong tile floors that won’t decay or rot, based on things like the weather.


Tile floors are an excellent choice for an outdoor patio. And, it’s important to understand the nature of tile flooring, and the various attributes of this type of flooring, as well as how you can find the best tile flooring for your outdoor patio.

Fortunately, using this guide, you can do just that, and you won’t have any issues!

Patio Tiles | Recommended

Last update on 2024-06-10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Patio Tiles | Recommended

Last update on 2024-06-10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Tiles for Your Outdoor Patio
Tiles for Your Outdoor Patio
Tiles for Your Outdoor Patio
Tiles for Your Outdoor Patio
Tiles for Your Outdoor Patio

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