A submersible utility pump is an exceptionally useful device. With a submersible utility pump, you can drain water from just about anything, and this has a variety of useful applications. But, the thing about submersible utility pumps that really makes them so noteworthy is the fact that, unlike other types of pumps, submersible utility pumps are designed to be mobile, and they’re designed to be versatile.

When using a good submersible utility pump, you are able to pump water from all kinds of different spaces, and there is no need to station it in one particular spot, since submersible utility pumps are designed with this level of flexibility in mind. This is unlike many other pumps, which are significantly less flexible, offering far less versatility.

Today, in this buying guide, you’re going to learn all about submersible utility pumps. You’re going to learn all about the features and attributes that go into a submersible utility pump, and the things that you need to look for and consider, when looking for a submersible utility pump, so that you can find the best one.

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We’re going to provide you all of the information that you need, in order to find the very best submersible utility pump for yourself. Following this information, and considering it every step of the way, during your search for the best submersible utility pump, will enable you to find the submersible utility pump that works best for you, and that allows you to pump water from the places that you need to pump water from.

Now, before we dive into the buying guide itself, we’re going to define what a submersible utility pump actually is, in a slightly more in-depth way, so that you are able to understand the unique benefits that submersible utility pumps present, and what they are intended to be used for, exactly.

What Is A Submersible Utility Pump?

As the name would suggest, a submersible utility pump is a type of utility pump that you submerge into the surface, so that you can adequately pump the water out of that particular surface/space. They are some of the most effective utility pumps on the market, due to the quality of their engineering and overall design, and they are also some of the most popular, especially within the past few decades.

The reason for this surge in popularity is because submersible utility pumps offer something that many other pumps don’t offer: versatility. We mentioned this before, and we’re going to mention it again, with a submersible utility pump, you aren’t confined to using this pump for one particular purpose. You can use it for all kinds of different purposes, because that is what submersible utility pumps have been designed for.

If you want to remove water from a small swimming pool, a clogged sink, a bathtub, and even a large puddle that was formed after a heavy storm, you can do just that, and much more, with a good submersible utility pump.

When searching for a good submersible utility pump, you’ll also find that the prices are pretty low. That’s another reason why submersible utility pumps are so popular. They really don’t cost that much money, so many people are drawn to them for that reason. When you combine this with the versatility that they offer, you get a utility pump that is truly fantastic, and one of the best out there!

What Do I Need To Think About, When Searching For The Best Submersible Utility Pump?

Due to the wide variety of submersible utility pumps that are available, it’s a little difficult to come up with a single set of factors and considerations that you need to look for and think about, when it comes to searching for the best submersible utility pump.

Nevertheless, the things that we’re about to bring up are incredibly important, and they will directly affect your experience with the submersible utility pump, and the buying process itself. So, make sure to pay close attention to them, and to apply them, when searching for the best submersible utility pump.

What Do You Intend To Do With The Submersible Utility Pump?

We need to start with the most basic – and, arguably, most important – question of them all: what are you going to be using this submersible utility pump forDo you intend to use it for draining your sink, your swimming pool, window wells; what are you going to be using it to drainThis is a big one because, while submersible utility pumps are versatile and they offer a lot of flexibility, some submersible utility pumps are better at fulfilling certain purposes, then they are fulfilling other purposes.

This question is multifaceted, though, because you need to consider a variety of smaller aspects that comprise a submersible utility pump. One of these aspects is the amount of water that you need the submersible utility pump to remove. How much water do you need the submersible utility pump to removeIs it a lot of waterNot a lot of waterIt’s good to have a decent idea of your answer to that particular question, because it will make it a lot easier to find a submersible utility pump that is adequate for your purposes.

Another question you need to ask is how fast the pump can discharge the waterThis is in alignment with the previous question, because if you intend to remove a significant amount of water, but that water takes a really long time to discharge, then that will be a very annoying experience.

Ultimately, while these are basic questions that shouldn’t be too difficult to answer, once you know your answer, this will affect the entirety of your future search. It’s important that you have this level of clarity before you begin, so you aren’t overwhelmed by potential options, or so that you don’t accidentally purchase a submersible utility pump that doesn’t work for your intended purposes.

How Powerful Is The Motor?

The motor directly affects the above consideration. If the motor isn’t powerful enough for you to do what you need to do with the submersible utility pump, then it’s a wasted purchase. Most people aren’t very familiar with the workings of a submersible utility pump motor, though, and they aren’t entirely sure what the specifications mean, and how they affect the overall experience with the submersible utility pump.

Right away, you want to look at the “GPH” measurement. Now, “GPH” stands for “Gallons Per Hour” and this refers to the gallons of water that the pump can remove, within a single hour. Naturally, if you want a faster and more efficient submersible utility pump, for removing water from a larger space, then you’ll want a higher GPH measurement.

The next measurement you’ll need to look for is the “HP” measurement. The word “HP” stands for “Horsepower”, and this refers to the power that the motor offers. It’s hard to say what the ideal HP actually is, but for a submersible utility pump that isn’t too powerful, you should look for one that has ¼ HP. For something very powerful, that’s pumping thousands of gallons per hour, ¾ HP is a good measurement to look for, if not more. Ultimately, though, it might be better to simply look for GPH, and then to read the reviews of the submersible utility pump to see if it lives up to the promise it is making.

Those are the two most important measurements you will see, when looking for a submersible utility pump.

How Durable Is The Submersible Utility Pump?

The last thing you want to consider is the overall durability of the submersible utility pump. And, you can ascertain this in two ways.

With the first way, all you need to do is look up the reviews of the submersible utility pump that you are looking at, and look for reviews that mention the words “durability” and “strength”. Depending on what these reviews say, you should get a pretty good idea of whether or not the submersible utility pumps are durable, or not very durable.

However, the second way is a bit easier, and it involves looking at the material the submersible utility pump is made out of. The two strongest materials for a submersible utility pump are steel, or aluminum. Anything other than that, and there’s a good chance the submersible utility pump won’t last that long, or be as effective.


With a great submersible utility pump, the task of pumping water is made incredibly easy and very quick. By following this guide, and the information we’ve provided, you won’t have any problems finding the best submersible utility pump for your needs.

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