Best String Trimmer Harness

If you own or maintain a lawn, you know that the work does not stop after you put the lawnmower up.

If you want that great manicured look, out comes the trimmer. String trimmers are the best tool to get the areas that your mower missed or to make sure the angle of the edging is just right. They slice through hard-to-reach weeds and allow you to cut right along the side of sidewalks and pavers. These machines give you the precision necessary to really make your yard look professionally maintained. Plus, they let you do all this relatively quickly.

The downside is that some models, especially the effective ones, are heavy and can put out a lot of body-jarring vibration. If you are already tired from mowing, the last thing you want is to lug a trimmer around for another hour. This is where a string trimmer harness can help!

A trimmer harness spreads the weight of the trimmer across your entire body, not just your arms or shoulder. It also helps absorb the vibrations before they get to your joints and muscles.

There are a number of different harnesses available on the market. So, choosing one can be tricky. We’ve done a lot of the hard work for you by researching several characteristics you should look for before you buy.

Best String Trimmer Harness Buyer’s Guide

Below are some of the more important characteristics you should be aware of when searching for a new string harness.

Why do you need a string trimmer harness?

You may have never given much thought to how hard it is to carry and operate your trimmer around the yard by hand. It may have just been one of those efforts that you just accepted as necessary. But we think once you give a trimmer harness a try, it will be like flying first class. You’ll never want to go back to the old way again.

Trimmers are in that middleweight range. When you pick one up, your brain probably doesn’t think, ‘Man, this is heavy.’ The problem comes after lugging the trimmer around for a while. You don’t really notice the effort you put into carrying it until you have a better way of doing it.

What are the important features of a string trimmer harness?

Not all string trimmer harnesses will fit all trimmer models. Make sure that the harness you want will fit the trimmer you have.
Once you have a range of harnesses that you know will fit your trimmer, you can start to think about durability and weight.

Durability and Weight

You want to balance a harness’s toughness with the least amount of added weight. If you have a lightweight electric trimmer, for example, you don’t need a robust harness as you would need for a heavy-duty gas-powered trimmer. The whole reason for a harness is to make your trimmer less of a burden to carry and operate. So don’t add weight by going overkill on the harness strength.

Secondhand vs Brand New

Finding a used trimmer harness is actually pretty common. Garage sales and internet postings are great places to look for one. Many times, these harnesses are in fairly good condition. But make sure the straps are not frayed or that the hip pad isn’t too worn down before you buy.

Accessories & Extras

The better string trimmer harnesses come with accessories that enhance the usability of the harness and make it easier for the wearer to get jobs done more efficiently and comfortably.

Here are some of the accessories you should look for when shopping for a string trimmer:

Hip pad

Trimmer hook

Storage hook

Safety vest

Why is it Important to Use a String Trimmer Harness?


Safety is something many of us don’t think about when we are in our own yard. We naturally feel comfortable in and around our own homes. But that’s when accidents have a tendency to happen more often. Beyond comfort, a trimmer harness can help you maintain control over your trimmer. This is especially true during those moments when your trimmer unexpectedly “jumps” after hitting something hard hidden in the weeds or tall grass. By maintaining better control, you increase safety.


Support is the main reason why people buy trimmer harnesses. It is tempting just to order one online. If at all possible, try one out at a local hardware or home DIY warehouse store before purchasing. This way, you can be sure that the model you want to buy can comfortably fit your body frame.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most common questions regarding trimmer harnesses.

Q: Why should I buy a string trimmer harness?

A: Trimmer harnesses make a household chore easier and safer. If you have a heavier model trimmer, a harness enables you to maintain control and maneuver the trimmer where you want it to go. A harness will also help free a hand up for other tasks or for a better, non-weight supporting grip on the trimmer.

Q: What are the characteristics I should look for when buying a trimmer harness?

A: Strength, durability, weight, accessories, adjustability, and personal comfort are the best traits to look out for.

Q: Is the pricing important?

A: The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” applies to string trimmer harnesses. However, there are several on the market to meet your budget needs.

Conclusion: The Best String Trimmer Harness

Operating your string trimmer does not have to be a hard chore. A trimmer harness can shorten the job, reduce wear and tear on your body, and help keep you safe. These combined attributes make a trimmer harness a worthwhile investment.

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