Best Sod Pluggers in 2021: Buying Guide

Today, there are all kinds of different lawn and garden tools available to you. We live in an age where there are so many different choices and options. With all of these choices, it isn’t easy to find the best products. It can be a great challenge, and for that reason, we have put together this buying guide.

In this buying guide, we’re not going to be taking a look at all kinds of different home and garden products, because there are too many to look at and choose from. Instead of doing that, we’re going to take a look at one of the very best products that are on the market, today, and this product is known as a “sod plugger”.

Sod pluggers are incredibly unique tools that make life a lot easier, especially when it comes to garden maintenance and taking care of your yard. However, many people are unaware of sod pluggers, and many people are unaware of what they do and the different benefits and advantages that they can bring into your life, and how they can make things easier for you, and easier for your gardening.

In this buying guide, you’re going to learn all about sod pluggers, and you’re also going to learn all about the unique advantages and benefits that they bring, and why a good sod plugger – or two – is a great choice for you.

Once we’ve taken a look at those things, we’re going to dive straight into the different features and aspects that you need to consider and think about when it comes to finding the best sod plugger(s) for your garden. This buying guide is going to be comprehensive and thorough, but also relatively brief, since sod pluggers are simple tools and there isn’t too much that you need to know about them, just a few important things.

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Let’s define what “sod” is, first, because that will make it a lot easier to determine what a sod plugger is.

So, what is sod, exactly?
Well, sod is a word that refers to grass, and it refers to the grass that is on top of your lawn, garden, and yard. However, sod also refers to the part of the soil that is beneath the grass, and this part of the soil is held together by the roots of the grass, as well as other plants, and different types of materials, such as small pebbles and other bits of dirt.

People use sod as a material because it is inexpensive, and exceptionally useful when it comes to growing grass and setting up a lawn. And, many people use sod for bigger lawns and spaces that need a lot of grass, such as golf courts, because sod is, as mentioned, inexpensive, and it’s easy to set up.

What is a Sod Plugger?

Well, a sod plugger is a device that is used to remove a small chunk of sod out of the ground. This chunk is often called a “plug”, and it is often in the shape of a cube, because it’s a lot easier to move that cube around, and then to put it back into the ground when needed.

Most sod pluggers look like tubes. Long tubes, most of them are, and these tubes are used to pull out the plugs of sod from the ground. On the sides of this tube, there are two small bars, and you step on these bars, which allows the sod plugger to go into the ground. Once it is firmly in the ground, and once it is in the ground, you pull the tube up, and you have removed the sod from the ground.

Due to the simplicity of these devices, many people underestimate just how efficient they are, and they assume that they aren’t particularly powerful, or useful. However, this isn’t the case, at all, and many people use sod pluggers on a regular basis because they are fantastic tools for replanting and aerating your yard, along with adjusting the general look and style of your yard or garden.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Sod Plugger?

Let’s start with the first advantage that sod pluggers offer. And that advantage is, of course, giving you the ability to easily and efficiently remove sod from the ground. And, when you remove this sod, it isn’t all messy and broken up, it’s contained within a cubic chunk – usually – which looks a lot like a plug, and it’s very easy to pick this cube up, and to move it around and then, once you’ve done what you needed to do with the space that the sod was taking up, you can easily replant it.

That’s the biggest advantage that a good sod plugger offers. This is a convenient, simple, and easy-to-use device that makes the entire process of removing sod much easier and much simpler than it is without a sod plugger, and if you are someone that replants often, and needs to remove sod regularly, then a sod plugger is an essential purchase!

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider, When Searching For The Best Sod Plugger?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, these are not complex tools. They serve a simple purpose, and they fulfill this purpose in a relatively simple manner. So, this part of the buying guide will be thorough, but not particularly complex.

What Is The Sod Plugger Made Out Of?

We’re going to start with one of the most important elements of any sod plugger, and that has to do with the materials that the sod plugger is made out of.

You’re going to find that these tools are made out of a variety of different materials. Many different types of metal, to name one type of material. But, the best material for a sod plugger is that of steel.

Steel is incredibly strong and durable, and for a lot of other related tools, it is the best material that you can use, due to the strength and durability that it offers. And, due to this strength and durability, the sod plugger will last a long time.

Along with that, however, it’s important that you find a sod plugger that has some weather resistance. Weather resistance is very important because, without it, your sod plugger is vulnerable to things like the rain, and intense heat. Instead of bare steel, find a sod plugger that is coated with some weather resistant material.

What Is The Size Of The Plug?

Now, the next most important factor that you need to consider is the size of the plug. Sometimes, the plugs are quite small, so there isn’t a lot of sod that is being removed from the dirt. And, in other cases, there is quite a bit of sod being removed. However, the other factor to consider is the actual shape of the plug.

When looking at sod pluggers, make sure you know how big you want the sod plug to be. If you want it to be big, since you need to remove a lot of sod, then look at sod pluggers where that is emphasized. If you need it to be smaller, then look at ones that emphasize that particular feature.

As far as the shape goes, a cube shape is common and tends to be the best, especially when it comes to replanting the sod.

How Tall Is The Sod Plugger?

This consideration has two elements. The first is that of the overall height of the sod plugger, but the other element is the depth of the sod plugger.

So, when it comes to the height, you need to make sure that the height isn’t too tall for you, but not too short either. Too tall, or too short, will lead to an uncomfortable experience with the sod plugger, so you need to make sure that it’s just right. Ideally, not as tall as you, but a foot shorter should work.

When it comes to the depth of the sod plugger, you need to consider if you will be using it to plant seeds, or not. If you are, then a sod plugger with less depth is good, because planting the seeds too deeply into the ground will lead to the seeds failing to grow. Ideally, the sod plugger you buy will have various depths that you can choose from, to suit your needs.


Sod pluggers are fantastic devices, and with a good sod plugger, the entire gardening process will become so much easier!

Sod Plugger | Bestseller

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