If you live in a place which gets more snow than the rest of the country, you probably already know the importance of not letting snow pile up on your property, especially your roof. Letting a deep layer of snow develop on your roof can mess up your house and make it harder for your heating system to keep your home warm.

Snow Joe RJ204M Snow Shovel Roof Rake

Snow Joe RJ204M

Having a snow roof rake handy can easily avoid these potential problems. If you’re looking for your first rake, here are some answers to questions you may have in mind.

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Why do I need a snow roof rake?

You need to keep your roof snow-free as much as possible in order to avoid ‘ice dams’ which could lead to cause leakage and damage to your home. What more, a few inches of snow on your roof may seem harmless but did you know that just 12 inches of snow spread out to a wide area can easily weigh upwards of a thousand pounds?

That’s definitely a dangerously heavyweight to keep on your roof. Minimizing the weight on your house’s roof can help you avoid cave-ins and other accidents. Using a snow roof rake is a simple and fast way to get rid of the layer of snow that might have settled on your roof overnight or after a snowstorm.

Garelick 89421 Roof Rake

Garelick 89421 Roof Rake

How do I use a snow roof rake?

You use a snow roof rake like you use a regular garden rake except you rake snow from off the roof above instead of from the ground. In fact, they’re basically built the same way too.

Snow roof rakes are comparably easy to use compared to shovels as they require more physical effort and tend to weigh more than rakes as well.

What material should I look for?

You can find snow roof rakes made of either metal or plastic in stores. However, we recommend that you stick with those which are made of plastic material. They tend to be lighter and more controllable than their metal counterparts which makes dusting off snow easier and less taxing.

But if you’re after durability and longevity, metal roof rakes would be a better investment in the long run. Just be careful where you keep it as it is prone to rust.

Garant GPRR24U Snow Roof Rake

Garant GPRR24U Snow Roof Rake

Do snow roof rakes come in different sizes?

Yes. Snow roof rakes differ in sizes when it comes to the length of the pole and the width of the blade. For example, a roof rake that’s 21’ x 25” means that the rake has a 21-foot long pole and a snow removal blade that is 25 inches wide.

Other common sizes are 20’ x 24”, 16’ x 22” and 25’ x 25”. Pick one that would best accommodate the height of your roof and how wide you want your blade to be for faster cleaning jobs. You can also buy extension poles to customize the length of your roof rake.

True Temper Snow Roof Rake

True Temper Snow Roof Rake

Will using a roof rake damage my roof?

Not really as long as your snow roof rake has plastic blades and in-built wheels so as not to scrape your shingles and roofs. The wheels would also help you glide smoothly to rake snow off your roof without hassle.

But more importantly, remember to be careful and to take your time when you take the snow from your roof to prevent damages.

Top 5 Snow Roof Rakes

Here are five of the best snow roof rakes we found after hours of research and comparing. See if any of our recommendations fit your needs and roof height.

5 Snow Joe RJ204M Snow Shovel Roof Rake

The Snow Joe RJ204M is a lightweight snow roof rake with a convenient twist and lock telescoping handle. Easily remove snow or other debris from your roof while standing on the stable ground with this roof rake which can be modified from as short as 6.2 feet to an extra long 21 feet. With a handle this long, you’ll find no trouble trying to reach the higher parts of your roof.

It also has a 25” blade which is wide enough to clear more surface area in less time. What more, this Snow Joe roof rake is pretty lightweight coming in at just 4.8 pounds.

Snow Joe RJ204M Snow Shovel Roof Rake

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4 Extreme Max 5600.3207 Roof Snow Rake

Dubbed as the ‘shingle saver’, this snow roof rake from Extreme Max is equipped with blade rollers to protect your roof from damage. It also got an angled blade so you can reach those corner spots easily while still getting a ‘close shave’.

The Extreme Max 5600.3207 measures 21’ x 24”. The long pole/handle is ideal for two storey homes which have higher roofs. The length can be easily controlled by a snap-button found on the handle. Meanwhile, its 24” blade is wide enough to clear a large surface area in a short amount of time. The entire snow roof rake is made of aluminum which makes it lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Extreme Max 5600.3207 Roof Snow Rake

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3 True Temper Snow Roof Rake – 193055510

If you have a bungalow, the True Temper Snow Roof Rake with a 17-foot long telescoping handle may be your best pick. Its telescoping handle is made from lightweight but sturdy aluminum material making your snow clearing job easier and less taxing. The handle’s height is controlled by a push-button feature which locks and releases the handle according to your preference.

On the other hand, this True Temper Snow Roof Rake has a 24-inch poly material blade which is reinforced with a “wear strip” to increase its durability.

True Temper Snow Roof Rake

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2 Garant GPRR24U Snow Roof Rake

This Garant Yukon snow roof rake is your best choice for clearing a roof with uneven surfaces. With a 24-inch hard plastic poly blade and a flexible and ultralight aluminum pole, you can easily get a ton of snow off your roof in no time. It particularly works best when clearing low roof lines.

Another great thing about this Garant Yukon roof rake is its non-slip handle feature which would definitely make the task at hand less troublesome. What more, it’s only 4.21 pounds so you can use it with optimal comfort.

Garant GPRR24U Snow Roof Rake

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1 Garelick 89421 Roof Rake

Here we have another shingle saver snow roof rake. The Garelick 89421 roof rake got this nickname because of its built-in blade rollers which protect your rake and roof from the damages caused by friction. It’s angled pole also helps in reaching corners and clearing sloping surfaces.

Prevent ice dams from forming in your roof with this roof rake’s 21-foot long lightweight aluminum handle and 24 inches by 7 inches blade which efficiently removes snow off your roof. You can modify the rake’s handle length by removing or adding its four “easy to snap together” sections to accommodate your roof’s height.

Garelick 89421 Roof Rake

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A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Snow Roof Rake

Still unsure which snow roof rake to getHere are some factors to keep in mind when shopping around. Take these things into consideration and see which snow roof rake from our recommendations would best fit your needs.

Extreme Max 5600.3207 Roof Snow Rake

Extreme Max 5600.3207 Roof Snow Rake

Things to consider

Material: Roof rakes are made of a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, and aluminum. Some are solely made of a single material while some roof rakes are made of a mix of two. For example, there are roof rakes that have handles made of metal while its blade is purely plastic.

Each material offers different advantages. Plastic is lightweight and therefore would be easier to use. Meanwhile, metal is definitely more sturdy but is prone to rust. Aluminum rakes may be a great compromise as it is relatively lightweight and offers the same durability that metal rakes have.

Size: As mentioned in our FAQ, snow roof rakes come in a variety of sizes. As a general rule, we recommend that you pick rakes with long handles as they are useful in more situations than shorter ones. Meanwhile, the width of the blade you’ll need will depend on the structure of your roof. If you have a relatively flat roof with minimal bends and corners, a wider blade will get the job done faster.

Bending vs straight handle: Snow roof rakes with a bending handle are best to use on a roof that is downward sloping. It’s also useful for reaching into corners of the roof which may be unreachable with a straight-handled one.

Snow Joe RJ204M Snow Shovel Roof Rake

Snow Joe RJ204M

Telescoping vs fixed handle: A snow roof rake with a telescoping handle gives you versatility as you can easily modify the length of your rake depending on the height of the roof you want to clear snow off of.

Blades, rollers, and bumpers: These built-in features are great ones to have in a snow roof rake. They are usually placed near the blade in order to prevent the roof and rake from scratching each other. Having rollers and wheels would also make it easier for you to control and move your rake around when dusting off the snow.

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