Best Snow Chains for Lawn Tractors in 2021: Buying Guide

White Christmases. Winter wonderlands. A lawn filled with snow. Winter is that time of the year which many look forward to because of the magical feeling that comes with each snowfall, However, when you live in a place where snowfall is at an extreme, winter can stop being magical but instead, become quite inconvenient Lawns and gardens can be quite difficult to maintain during winter.

Sometimes, their maintenance may even require the use of tractors. In places with harsh winters, not only are tractors needed. Snow chains as well are a must for these tractors which you use. Snow chains though are of value not only for tractors. They can be used for atv’s and lawn mowers as well. In heavy snow, snow chains are needed for extra traction. Snow can be quite difficult to manage for anything on wheels as snow can be quite slippery. The right snow chain can help you overcome this difficulty.

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Snow Chains for Lawn Tractor | Bestseller

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Choosing the Correct Snow Chain Size
Choosing the right size of snow chain for a tractor or lawnmower shouldn’t be too difficult since the method for selecting the correct chain size is pretty standard.

The size of the chain depends on these tire dimensions: the tire height, tire width and rim size.

The rim size can be taken by measuring the rim from top to bottom or from one side to another.

Tires have numbers that indicate the width of the tire. However, if you must measure the tire’s width, you can do so by measuring from one side wall of the tire to the the other side wall. You can also check out the site to get more basic information regarding snow tire dimensions.

Types of Tire Chains
There are many variations of snow chains to choose from. They may vary according to their thickness as well as the patterns that they have. Regardless of the patterns that these tire chains may have, all these tire chains will ultimately have one result and that is traction.

The Difference Between 2-Link and 4-Link Chains
What do the terms 2-link and 4-link stand for? These numbers simply refer to the number of spaces between side links of the chain that have been skipped.

2-link chains have cross chains etween ever two side-link chains. In 4-link chains, the cross chains are placed every 4-link chains.
2-Link or 4_link? Which is better?

Whether 2-link or 4-link, both chains will provide traction with 2-link chains providing a bit more traction than 4-link chains. 2-link chains also provide a smoother ride as compared to 4-link chains. If these two considerations count for much, then it will be better to go for 2-link chains.

Price, however, is still another factor which you will have to consider. In terms of pricing, 4-link chains are definitely less expensive as compared to 2-link chains.

What Chain Size Should I Get?
There are many chain sizes to choose from that can be used for a variety of garden and lawn tractors. Some chain sets that are sold are meant to accommodate more than one tire size. There are some that have link that have to be adjusted by using bolt cutters to remove chain links or by using pliers to bend connecting links.

In order to know which one to get, check the dimension taken from one side of the tire wall to another as this should be the same as the chain size.

How Do You Install Tire Chains on Tractors?
Before installing tire chains on tractor tires, make sure that you have the following ready:
1. The tire chain set
2. An air compressor
3. A pair of bolt cutters or heavy-duty pliers
4. A flat and level area where you can work
Once you have all of these ready, deflate the tires of your tractor to about 25% less pressure than the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.

Arrange the chains flat on the ground, making sure that all tangles have been removed. Place the chain over the tire. See to it that the ross chain hook faces upward and the fastener faces outward. When this is done, insert the first cross chain in the space between the front of the tire and the pavement. Start moving the tractor forward until it reaches a point where the end fasteners reach the level of the tractor’s axle. Hook in the inside fastener first, making sure that the chain is taut. Hook the outside fastener next. You will want to make sure that the chain is taut enough for you to be able to pull the chain by hand without the use of any tools. This helps in extending chain life.

After making sure that the chain is taut, you can now start inflating the tires back to the recommended PSI using your air compressor. This adjustment will the tire chains to their proper tension as well. Excess chains can be adjusted by removing cross sections of the chain. This is done by using pliers or bolt cutters on the connecting links. You can use pliers on the connecting links to open them up or you can cut them using bolt cutters.

Operating machines such as tractors during heavy snow may be quite difficult to manage. Without snow, these kinds of equipment are already difficult to manage, much more so during the thick of winter. The right solution is always needed in order to manage these kinds of situation. Choosing the right tire chain is one of them. Having basic knowledge is a must in this case so that you can make proper decisions since the right tire chain will definitely make a huge difference in the management of this equipment during the winter season.

Snow Chains for Lawn Tractor | Bestseller

Set of Two Chain Fits Tire Size 20x7x12,...
OakTen Tire Chain- Sell from DIY Parts Depot exclusively on Amazon channel; Fit Tire size: 20x7x12, 20x8.00x8, 20x8.00x10, 20x9.00x8, 21x7x10

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