Best Quiet Lawn Mower in 2021: Buying Guide

A study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that 12% of American Children suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. This loss happens in either one or both ears and is caused by exposure to different sound sources, including lawnmowers.

Continuous exposure to these sounds can cause health-related problems and even inhibit a child’s learning abilities. The WHO Guidelines for Community Noise reflect that noise-induced trauma’s effects stretch further than merely hearing loss. Nonauditory effects include increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, insomnia, difficulty breathing, and a change in the brain’s chemistry. 

If you have children, plan to have children, or have children living around you who may be exposed to the effects of noise pollution, then investing in a quiet lawnmower is an excellent idea! 

If you feel stuck on where to start, read through our guide below. It highlights the importance of having a quiet lawnmower and lists the different types for your convenience. 

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The Benefits of a Quiet Lawnmower
Besides the first listed reason regarding noise pollution, you might be wondering why you need a quiet lawnmower and how it will benefit you. 

Not contributing to the weekend morning buzz of lawnmowers in the neighborhood is a great reason to invest in a quieter model, but it’s not the only one. 

Quiet lawnmowers generally have less maintenance since you don’t have to struggle with getting them to start and worry about sparkplugs, oil, or gas. 

Having a quiet lawnmower also allows you to ditch those earmuffs and mow your lawn in a more relaxed environment. The bonus is a knowledge of knowing that your lawnmower is environmentally friendly too. 

The Different Types of Quiet Lawnmowers

Different lawnmowers exist for various reasons. Besides the method of operation, many people prefer different sources of energy, size, and capabilities. Although some lawnmowers listed below fall in more than one category simultaneously, the basic features are described to help you decide which type will be best for you. 

Electric Lawnmowers

As per the name, electric mowers are powered by electricity either via a cord or cordless. Those with cords are connected to an electric source, and usage is limited to the cord’s length, although extender cords can be purchased. Cordless electric mowers use rechargeable batteries, which usually lasts between 30 – 70 minutes after a full charge. 

Electric Lawnmowers are considered the best choice when it comes to silent mowers. They produce a very low level of noise and don’t pollute the air. If your house runs on solar power, it adds to this mower’s environmentally friendly factor. 

Although they work fine in big spaces (land size not bigger than a quarter of an acre), they’re not the right choice if you have many trees or shrubs. 

Walk-Behind Power Lawnmowers

Walk-behind lawnmowers are one of the most popular choices. They can be powered by gas or electricity and can be reel or rotary. When powered by electricity, the mower can either be corded or cordless. 

Between the two types, the rotary is more common. It’s also easier to maintain than the reel type and generally more affordable. If you have tall weeds and grasses, the rotary will work better too. 

Push Reel Lawn Mowers

Although this is an older type, it’s comfortable and straightforward to use. A push-reel lawnmower works by way of 5-8 blades that spin with a gear’s help when the lawnmower is pushed. It slices off the grass into a trimmed surface, and although you can use it in large areas if the person driving it has the strength, it won’t do well on uneven or rough surfaces. 

Because this type of lawnmower runs on human effort, it’s environmentally friendly in several ways. 

Ride-on Lawnmowers

Ride-on mowers are an excellent choice if you have a large area to cover. Different from manual lawnmowers, a ride-on requires no pushing and is the ultimate choice for comfort. Operating like small tractors, these lawnmowers are driven around, and although most have a manual transmission, a few are made with hydrostatic transmission. The latter is usually more expensive but delivers more power and is easier to manage. Although there are also electric powered ride-on mowers, they aren’t as common.

Robotic Lawnmowers

Powered by artificial intelligence and requiring nothing but human supervision, robotic lawnmowers are the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. Robotic lawnmowers work within a defined space, whether fenced, wired, or walled. After turning the machine on, it will move around this predefined space and cut grass before returning to its charging block once done or if the power runs out. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Lawnmower

Lawnmowers have many features that should be kept in mind. Besides deciding on the type of lawnmower and the fuel it will run on, the following is also essential to consider:

Area Size. Depending on the area that needs to be cut, you’ll be able to choose the deck size of your mower. Deck size refers to the area that the blade will cut, and a larger deck size will use less time to cut more grass. Smaller deck sizes suit small cutting areas better, whereas large areas require a larger deck size for a quick job.

Adjustment Options. Not everyone wants their lawn cut the same length. A lawnmower with adjustment options will give you the freedom to determine the length on which your lawn should be cut, and many such models include an adjustment for the handle height as well to fit every handler. This way, no one will have an excuse not to use the lawnmower!

Maintenance. Different lawnmowers have different maintenance requirements, and if you plan to have your lawnmower for long, this is important to know beforehand. Generally, electric lawnmowers have less maintenance than those operated by gas since gas mowers often need their oil changed, filters replaced, and users have reported spilling issues as well. 

Mulching. A mulching function allows the lawnmower to cut the grass very finely, which adds nutrients to the soil. This is an excellent way to encourage plant growth without doing something extra!

Corded vs Cordless. Buying a lawnmower with a cord restricts your movement, so make sure that the cord is either long enough for you to comfortably cover your entire area that needs mowing or purchase an extension cord. When you use a cordless lawnmower, check the battery’s quality, how long it lasts, and whether a charger is included. If the lawnmower doesn’t come with an extra battery, purchasing one is a good idea. 

Handle type. Handles differ to support each person’s preferences. Some handles are straight, while others are designed ergonomically. Added grip on a handle also makes it more convenient to use. If you get your hands on a model with foldable handles, storage will be much easier since these make a lawnmower more compact. 

Quiet lawnmowers come in different makes and sizes to accommodate your every need. When you have a basic idea of what type you want and which features you’re looking for, your search to find the perfect lawnmower will be easier. 

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Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16'' Cordless Lawn Mower with...
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