Best PTO Generators in 2021: Buying Guide

In today’s market, there are so many different generators to choose from. So many that it can be difficult to find the right generator that can fulfill the needs and desires that you have, in a suitable manner.

Best PTO Generators

Now, let’s get this out of the way; this isn’t a buying guide that is all about all kinds of generators. We’re going to be focusing on one particular type of generator, and that generator is known as a “PTO generator”, which you probably figured out, just by reading the title of this guide.

There are many varieties of the generator on the market, and there are also many varieties of PTO generators on the market. We could take the time to dive into the different models and brands of these generators, but instead of doing that, we’re going to take a different approach to the question of “What is the best PTO generator?”

We’re going to be taking an in-depth look at PTO generators, and what they do, what they are primarily used for, why a PTO generator can be a fantastic purchase and the individual traits and qualities that comprise the best of these generators, and what you need to consider when buying one, so that you will purchase the very best one, for your own needs.

Now, before we dive right into those qualities and traits, we’re going to go through a definition of what a PTO generator is, exactly.

winco pto generator

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Top 3 PTO Generators

A PTO generator is a generator that converts the power output from your tractor, into power that can be used for other things. To use a PTO generator, hook it up to your tractor, and then you can plug in different devices to the PTO generator.

IMDLLC 10011P PTO Generator Package

To start off this guide, we have the IMDLLC 10011P PTO Generator Package. Using this Generator, you are able to harness 10KW of power, from your tractor. This power output is continuous and reliable, due to the design of this PTO generator.

IMDLLC 10011P PTO Generator Package

Just to give you an idea of how much power 10KW is, most large homes use 20KW a day. If you are powering a smaller home, that could be enough power for one entire day. It’s more than enough power for a small heater – or several heaters – a fridge, a vacuum cleaner, and many other devices.

When it comes to accessing this power, there are power outlets on the front of the IMDLLC 10011P PTO Generator Package. Several of these power outlets are 120V, and several of them are 240V. Depending on what it is that you’re going to be powering, you’ll be using the 120V outlet, or the 240V outlet.

On the PTO Generator, there is a four-inch LED meter. By looking at this meter, you’re able to see the volts, amps, and hertz that the PTO generator is producing, as well what’s accessible to you, in that moment. Having access to this meter is very nice, because it gives you clarity over what the PTO generator is doing.

Through the use of the power outlets, you can take the power that the IMDLLC 10011P PTO Generator is accessing, and bring it into your home through an extension cord It’s easy to do this, and it can help provide electricity to cooling or heating systems, if there’s been a black out.

Every component within this PTO generator is incredibly durable. On the outside, the components are made of steel and aluminum, which ensures that this PTO generator is well-protected, but that it’s not too heavy, either. Within the PTO generator, the copper windings are set up in a tidy manner, and protected by the steel and aluminum housing.

If you’re looking for a PTO generator that is able to access a significant amount of power from your tractor, you can’t go wrong with the IMDLLC 10011P PTO Generator Package.

IMDLLC 16002P PTO Generator

Here, we have the IMDLLC 16002P PTO Generator. In more ways than one, it’s quite similar to the IMDLLC 10011P PTO Generator Package. But, there are a couple of key features that make this PTO Generator different and useful, in its own way.

When it comes to the continuous output of the PTO Generator, it’s 16KW. That is six more KW than the IMDLlC 10011P. What this means if that you need more power than 10KW, then the IMDLLC 16002P is definitely worth considering.

On the front of the PTO Generator, there are a series of different power outlets. Some of these power outlets are 120V, and some of them are 240V. They’re easy to access, and they work well for different kinds of devices that you need to power.

IMDLLC 16002P PTO Generator

Just as with the IMDLLC 10011P, there’s a four-inch LED meter that you can look at. On this meter, you’ll see the same information, which happens to be the volts, hertz, and amps that are flowing through the PTO generator.

In the end, the IMDLLC 16002P PTO Generator doesn’t offer anything that’s particularly distinct from the 10011P model. However, if you would like a PTO generator that is able to harness more power from your tractor, then the IMDLLC 16002P is definitely not a bad choice. However, make sure that your tractor has the HP to support the output that you desire. Because if it doesn’t, then buying a PTO generator with a higher KW output won’t actually do anything.

NorthStar PTO Generator

The NorthStar PTO Generator is a PTO generator that works with tractors that have 24 HP, or more. If your tractor has less than that, then the PTO generator won’t work.

NorthStar PTO Generator

When it comes to the power output of the NorthStar PTO Generator, it’s able to deliver 13,000 Surge Watts, and 12,000 Rated Watts. More specifically, it’s able to deliver 13KW of Surge Watts, and 12 KW of Rated Watts. That’s quite a bit of power for a PTO generator, and this means that you won’t have any issues powering other devices, such as a heating or cooling system.

On this model, there are a series of different power outlets. Only a few of these support 240V; most of them are designed for 120V. What this means is that if you have a lot of devices that are 240V, and you want to power them, that might be a little tricky. But, if you have a lot of 120V devices that need powering, it will be very easy to use this PTO generator for that purpose.

As with most PTO generators, there’s a meter that you can read. On this meter, you’re able to see the different stats regarding the power that’s being conducted through the generator. These are all of the conventional stats, such as volts, hertz, and amps. Having this information is useful, because it gives you a good idea of how much power is being used.

NorthStar PTO Generator Review

What’s nice about this PTO Generator is that it’s not very big. Setting it up is easy, due to its small size, and it’s also not that expensive. If you want a PTO generator that is relatively mobile, easy to set up, and affordable, then the NorthStar PTO Generator might be for you.

What Is a PTO Generator?

Let’s start with what the phrase “PTO” stands for. “PTO” stands for “Power Take Off”, and this defines the essence of what this generator does.

small pto generator

Using a tractor, you can produce a significant amount of power. More often than not, this power is used to power the tractor, and to allow it to move and to mow, or to do whatever that particular tractor is designed to do. However, using this generator, you can turn on the tractor, and then connect the generator to it, and this serves as the fuel source for that generator, harnessing that unused power – the power of the tractor – and using it to power the generator, and the devices that the generator is connected to.

Every generator has to rely on some kind of energy source. For a lot of generators, it’s propane gas. And, for other generators, it can be solar energy. But, for a PTO generator, it is the energy that a tractor produces, and tractors often run on gasoline. So, as far as generators go, these are one of the more interesting and unique generators on the market.

Most people who use PTO generators, and own tractors, live and work on farms. Having an additional power source, of any kind, when living/working on a farm is important. Farms rely on electricity for a lot of things, and without it, the entire farm can be disrupted and turn into chaos. But, with a generator, that can be prevented quite easily, and this is one of the best generators for farms, for reasons that we’re about to describe.

john deere pto generator

What Are The Unique Benefits Of Owning A PTO Generator?

With a tractor and a PTO generator, you can take this generator and the power that it produces, to a variety of different places around the farm. Most generators lack this portability and mobility, which means that they need to be stationed in one spot. This is advantageous, to an extent, but it’s also a somewhat large disadvantage, as well, because if you live on a big farm with lots of individual spaces that need to be powered, then it will be harder to power those spaces.

Unlike all of the other generators on the market, these generators require little maintenance and work. This is because they don’t have their motor. Instead, the tractor has the motor, and these generators rely on that motor for the power. This means that the generator is not only easier to run and use, but it’s also smaller and more lightweight, which ties in with the advantage we mentioned above.

Finally, the last aspect that needs to be mentioned is that, in terms of costs, PTO generators are some of the cheapest generators out there, when it comes to the initial investment and even the investments that come afterward.

For these reasons, these are some of the best generators on the market!

What Do I Need To Look For?

In this section of the buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the individual traits and features that you’re going to notice when searching for PTO generators.

pto generator for subcompact tractor

How Much Power Does The Generator Deliver?

Let’s start with the most important feature of them all: the amount of power that the generator delivers. This is incredibly important because if you have a generator that does not deliver the ideal amount of power that you need, then it isn’t a good generator and it won’t fulfill the needs that you have.

When looking at generators, though, you also need to consider your own power needs. What do you intend to power, with this generatorYour homeA houseTwo housesThe entire farmA barnHow much power do these appliances require?

Sometimes, it’s a little tricky to determine the power needs of certain appliances, so here are a couple of general rules.

If you buy a generator that offers 16,000 continuous watts of power, this is enough power to power the entire farm, which means that you can power every single appliance on that farm. If you have a generator that can deliver 8,000 continuous watts of power, you will be able to power a house. The bare minimum should be about 5,000 watts of power, and that might not power your home unless it is a smaller home with fewer devices.

You also need to consider if you need single-phase electricity, or three-phase electricity. Single-phase is just like the electricity that comes out of wall sockets and is fine for most people. But, three-phase is for heavy equipment, which has its own unique power needs.

homemade pto generator

How Big Is The Generator?

The next thing you are going to need to consider is the size, and weight, of the generator. You’ll find generators of all different sizes, and some of them are big, way too big actually to move around with any degree of ease. However, the power that some of these large PTO generators offer is impressive.

Ideally, the generator that you buy will weigh around 200 pounds, because that is going to be a bit easier to lug around and to attach to the tractor. Anything larger than that, and things are going to be more difficult.

When you have a bigger generator, it is also a bit more difficult to mount, which makes it harder to set up. With a smaller generator, it isn’t as hard to mount it, making the process easier.

How Good Is The Warranty?

PTO generators are strong and durable devices, that’s for sure. But accidents do happen, and this means that having a good warranty is an absolute necessity. Without a good warranty, you run the risk of having the generator become damaged, and needing to spend a significant amount of money on repairs, or having to purchase a new generator.

When looking at generators, make sure to buy one that has a warranty of at least one year, but three-to-five years is ideal. If more than that, that’s even better.

30kw pto generator


Many types of generators exist, and one of the best generators that you can find, today, is that of a PTO generator. By using this guide, and considering the individual elements we brought up, along with whether or not this is a good generator for you, you won’t have any problems finding the best one!

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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