Best Pressure Washer Guns in 2022

If you need to deep clean house exteriors, patio furniture, or oil marks, a pressure washer gun is a great investment. The gun works by forcing a highly concentrated amount of water through a nozzle with a small opening. This significantly increases the pressure of the water exiting the nozzle, which effectively cleans surfaces or even the most stubborn dirt. The spray gun is often connected to a pressure washer powered either by electricity or gas.

As there are so many gun kits available, it can make the prospect of finding the right one quite daunting. That’s what this article is here to help you with! We’ll look at key features of the best pressure water guns and help you make your decision with ease.

Pressure washer guns – who needs them?

If you already own a pressure washer gun, you’re likely to need a new one eventually as eventually, it will be all wear and tear, and no function! Just think, great volumes of water flow, at pressure, through these guns, so they’re going to wear down. After all, the Colorado River made the Grand Canyon!

It’s always good to have a spare gun – you don’t want to need one and realize you don’t have one.

That said, even if the one you own still works, there are many reasons why buying another would be beneficial.

Frugal individuals will have multiple pressure washer guns being used on the same washer. This is so they have multiple options and shapes to choose from. Commercial pressure washers can also employ different PSI ratings, as well as different settings.

Boiling it down, if you’re using low pressures, a shorter gun will be fine. It will be easy to use, and you can control where you are shooting the water with ease. With greater pressure, you may want a better grip on the gun or a firmer trigger.

All of this will depend on your experience as well as what you normally clean.

What if I don’t have a pressure washer gun? Can I still use my pressure washer?


Pressurized water can cause serious injuries. Although using the hose without the gun might seem like a good idea, it isn’t. The hose isn’t made to contain the immense pressure of the water and you will have no control of it. That is what the gun is built for.



  • Electric pressure washers for use at home – get consumer electric.
  • Gas pressure washers for use at home – get consumer gas.
  • Commercial gas pressure washer for use at work – get a commercial spray gun.


There are usually multiple settings on the best pressure water guns. They will have an adjustable length, which gives you better versatility for those hard-to-reach places.

The gun will sometimes come with several nozzles which will help with which areas you’re cleaning in. Single-nozzle guns do exist but that will impact your cleaning ability.


Two standard attachments will come in a kit for washer guns. These are spray nozzles/tips (these vary the water pattern) and wands (these vary the length between the nozzle and the handle).
Other attachments are available, such as undercarriage cleaners or surface cleaners, but you need to make sure you buy a model that includes a quick connector that is industry-standard, ¼ inch.

Power Rating

There are two ratings for a pressure washer, GPM and PSI.

GPM is gallons per minute. This measures the rate of flow of the water, i.e., its rinsing power. You can rinse surfaces quicker if you have a higher GPM.

PSI is pounds per square inch. This unit is a measure of the efficiency of the gun, i.e., with a higher PSI, you’ll be able to get that stubborn stain off!

Be careful! Higher PSI measurements aren’t always better. A gas pressure washer with a very high PSI could damage the surface that is being cleaned. This is especially true of paintwork.


Simply put, the lighter the pressure washer is, the easier you’ll be able to move it around.

Nozzle Width

You don’t need to worry about nozzle length, but nozzle width is important. It needs to be matched with the right PSI to get the best results. A nozzle with an opening that is too small will limit water flow, which could cause the washer unit to overload. On the other hand, a nozzle with an opening that is too large can result in reduced operating pressure.

You will be able to find many guides that can help you match up the correct nozzle to the correct PSI you need.

Water Temperature

Depending on the pressure washer, you may need to regulate the water temperature. Most pressure washers will enable you to use water up to 140°F, but it is worth checking.

If you know you will be using hot water, make sure you look for a gun that can work with higher temperatures. These guns often have grips and/or a thicker body that will ensure you do not burn yourself.


Safety features aren’t prevalent on water pressure guns, so you need to be careful with pets and kids in the area to avoid injury.
That said, there should be a safety lock on the gun that should prevent pets or kids from accidentally operating it.

Pressure Washer Gun FAQ

Is my garden hose good enough to attach to a pressure washer gun?

There are a few wands that can be used with a hose, but they will be low pressure because the water flow will be solely based on your water flow from your pipes. Otherwise, the answer is no. Pressure washer guns are specifically designed to fit with a gas or electric pressure washer and not just a hose.

Are a pressure washer and a power washer the same thing?

Often, the terms will be used interchangeably and would mean the same thing. While they do share many similarities, the difference is in the water temperature. Specifically, power washers use hot water, and pressure washers use unheated water.

What about the pressure washer lance, trigger gun, wand, and gun? Are they all the same too?

Annoyingly, yes and no. A trigger gun and a pressure washer gun are the same things. A lance (which can also be called a wand) can be further broken down to ‘a pressure washer/trigger gun with an output nozzle that is longer’.

When do I need to buy another pressure washer gun?

If you used our guide to replace your pressure washer gun, then we can help you out. If you are new to the world of pressure water guns, it can be difficult to spot when a pressure washer gun is worn out. We’ve included some things you should keep an eye on:

Leakage – wherever the leak is, it will cause the pressure washer to give a sub-par performance. If there is a leak the PSI and GPM will be negatively affected, and this will mean the dirt will be harder to remove.

Performance drops – If the pressure looks like it’s dropping on the gauge, the water pressure gun has a fault.

Failed connectors – if the gun starts to randomly disconnect, this is a sign that marks danger. You should look to buy a new pressure washer gun immediately.

What about hot water? Can I use it with my pressure washer gun?

As we said further up in this article, it depends on the specific gun you have. It’s an important point to clarify though, so we’ll state it again.

Several trigger guns will work with hot water, but there are also several that won’t. You need to check which model of gun you have and whether this is something that you can use. Average guns can work with water up to 140°F.

A very important point is this: Models that can work with heated water are great for colder environments, their performance isn’t affected, but THE OPPOSITE IS NOT TRUE.

The best thing to do is make sure you look at the specs for the device you own and follow them accordingly – after all, you don’t want to break your gun as soon as you get it!

Does my pressure washer gun have to be the same make as my pressure washer?

This option is the most logical and the safest choice as the items will have been tested together before going on the market, so you can safely assume they will work well.

That said, there is no reason why the brands should be different if the connectors are correct. Most guns use 1/4” or 3/8” connector gauges, but this is something you need to check before purchasing.

Connector adapters also exist, so look into that if your connector doesn’t immediately fit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve purchased the wrong model.

That’s it!

Everything that you could ever want to know about pressure washer guns and which ones are worth buying. A lot of people give up on pressure washer guns after the trigger malfunctions, but with the right equipment, pressure washers can be a great asset to either your home or work life.

Thank you for reading this guide. We’ve tried to cover all bases, but do remember to do your research if you’re concerned. You may also contact us, and we’ll help you out as soon as possible.

Enjoy your washing experience!

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