Best Pool Fountains in 2021: Buying Guide

If you want to improve your pool’s aesthetics, then a pool fountain is a great choice! Not only are they highly under-rated in the aesthetics department, but they also have benefits that you might not know of.

Read on below to see why adding a pool fountain to your outdoor oasis is such a good idea!

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Benefits of Having a Pool Fountain
Besides the fact that installing a pool fountain can improve your pool’s overall look, they have many great benefits that homeowners will love.

Cooling. If you live in a scorching area or your pool is generally exposed to the sun all day, installing a pool fountain will help cool your pool’s temperature. Water that gets blasted into the air aerates. This circulation of water keeps the pool water refreshed and cool without any effort from your side.

White noise. It’s a proven fact that white noise reduces stress and pool fountains offer plenty of this. The calming sound will also eliminate neighborhood noise, which is rampant during summer times.

Lighting. Many pool fountains, whether floating or attached, have lighting options. This feature adds to its aesthetic value and is a definite benefit for those who like to take a dip at night.

Costs of Pool Fountains
An initial thought when it comes to pool fountains is that they’re expensive. Even though they can cost a good fortune, there are many budget-friendly options. Shopping around to look at different options will be the best way to determine which pool fountain is affordable for you.

Different Kind of Pool Fountains
The most commonly known pool fountains are above the ground, although underwater options are available. You can choose between floating or poolside fountains, and the price range for these is usually between $25-$35.

Floating fountains can simply be put into your pool to float around, while poolside fountains can be installed wherever you prefer. Installing a fountain with clamps is the most budget-friendly option and doesn’t require any tools.

To install a poolside fountain, you attach an adapter to one of the return jets. A pipe gets attached to the adapter and then a fountain nozzle to the pipe. By doing this installation, water will push into the fountain instead of the pool.

Installing a floating fountain is just as easy! For this type, an adapter is also attached to one of the return jets, but no pipe is attached to the adapter. Here, you use a hose that should be connected to the fountain nozzle to allow the fountain to float around.

Fountain Features
When you want more than just spraying water, you can purchase a pool fountain with some additional features.

If you want to run your pool fountain during the night, you can opt for one with integrated lights. Choose between single and multicolored lights to set a mood according to your preferences.

Using a pool with a pattern feature is an excellent choice if you want to add to your outdoor area’s uniqueness. Pattern fountains come with adjustable nozzles. These allow the water spray to be adjusted to different strengths and directions.

To really customize your fountain, you can even add some music to it by choosing a fountain with a built-in theme song selector.
Installing a pool fountain is an affordable way to spice up your pool’s look without the hassle of remodeling the entire area. The calming effects and fun that it adds is a definite bonus!

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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